Saturday Tech Only Live Stream with George

0:30 Good morning everybody. I guess it would help if I unm...

Good morning everybody. I guess it would help if I unmuted myself.
But happy Saturday, everybody, thank you for joining me to chit chat a little bit about crypto technology. Hopefully, we can solve some issues.
We can ask some questions if anybody would like to come on and come on air. Enable your microphone. And I would love to talk to you. It's, it's kind of boring When it's just me talking, because I then have to talk constantly.
And Dan, know, there's really no dead time to master of my ..., but we will. We will. Move on. I have a couple of things that I want to talk about. There are one thing that I well, there are a couple of things. But there's one thing I wanted to try, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to.
And I wanted to talk a little bit about the, the VPN stuff.
I may have to share my screen, and I've closed everything up, but I'm not sure if you're going to see the drop-down.
So we'll experiment with that a little bit in a second. But I'm going to share this, and there we go. So there is one comment that we'll go over.
And see if we can answer those questions.
You can add your questions as we go this morning, Good ..., good morning, Mark.
Good morning, Crypto RA.
I see we have Let me get this up. I know Elaine is joining us. Elaine seems to always do on this. Or maybe I just or we see Elaine's name in here.
But, let me do this this around.
OK, the the first question and this kind of goes into what I wanted to talk about was it says Tim.
F says, Hey George, could you do a run-down of which coins need to be converted? I have not been paying attention well enough and I'm afraid I might miss. What I should be doing. would appreciate it. So, Tim, that is such a broad question because there, you could go back to, know, years or months.
Because there are a few that, that need to be converted.
Well, that can be converted at nio should be converted.
just because it's really easy right now, because I did talk to Jake and I said, hey Jake.
I heard through the grapevine that we can have things converted, three you guys? And at first he said, Well, no, it ended June 30th with, which was the day that I contacted him. And then I said, I've thought it was the 31st. And he came back and said, Yep, you are correct.
It's the 31st of July, so you have that time to send your coins two, Calle, ...
Brown, and then set up a new wallet to receive your coins.
It's basically, it really depends on, you know what, you're, what you're doing.
I may just do a quick, short video sometime this weekend or next week, showing people how to create a new wallet address for the, the latest Blockchain, neo 3 0 when you send your coins.
What you're going to need to do is contact your broker, and say, hey, I have some nio, some gas, and some FLN, that I want to convert over, and they will convert it over for you. You'll send it to them in a format, and then Neo to zero. And then they will send it back to you when you request it to the neo three. Now, just be aware if you're traveling, and I know there was one person that I, that I am friendly with, and she was going to be traveling, and not in the area. But you don't have to worry about taking the coins back.
You can send them to Kim Brown did they can do the conversion and then you can get them back when your, Back from vacation, when you're, you know ready to receive them.
So, get them converted now because it is a little complex to do it on your own.
But if you're holding and this goes back to Tim's question.
If you're holding Neo two gas two, FL M two then you will need to have those converted but there are also some other coins.
Let me get this brought up because I was texting with Jay Um, And he had some things that he needed to take care of and he had a coin that he was talking about. I'm like, Oh, yeah. I totally forgot about this one. That's BT. You need to go from the old blockchain to the new blockchain.
So, there's, there's BGT, there's also Mete Block, there's, you know, there's so many that are way back. So, it really depends on which ones you might be referring to, and which coins. you have some of them.
If you haven't converted, like, this list, you know, depends on how long you've been here.
But if you had wax as an ERC 20, there's no way to convert that, going forward.
So, staying up to date on this stuff is kind of important. At least, you know, brushing through the headlines and you know, because I tried to do the transcripts to, to find the information easier that might help.
But I haven't gone way back to, to do a lot of historical stuff.
But Tim, you can contact me directly using the help link down there.
If you have some points that you're just not sure about, but that goes back to, yeah, there's PTT, but then there's bova and so anybody that has not taken advantage of converting, sorry, they're not converting, but claiming your boba. There is a way, and I don't have it set up today, because actually, Jay reminded me of this, this morning, It's like, Hey, can I, can I get, my bulb is still, and I said, Let me check.
And it looks like we have until, um.
Moved on to L two, before November 12th, 2022. So that's coming up. I would not wait that long, I would take care of it. Now, who knows what's going to happen. This Fall.
Things may run, You may want to get out but just know that when you do it, you're gonna need to move it to the Blockchain, sorry, the Layer two chain.
And it's gonna be locked on the boba Network for 30 days so you will put your OMG up to Layer two.
You let it sit there for 30 days and then you'll bring it back. And it kinda is a scary process. To be honest, if it's probably one of the scariest are ones that I've done.
And you can ask Jeddah Red, too because it is going to a different layer to claim. And sometimes there's a little bit of a hiccup, at least in the beginning.
And so you would see things disappear, and you'd have to wait.
And if there was enough liquidity, then you were OK, but if you have a ton, like J, no.
You look at it, and you say, is it worth me claiming this with to leave, feeling like I'm gonna lose it? I have not heard of anybody losing it. But that's why I didn't do it in the beginning, because back in my younger days, I didn't mind being on the bleeding edge, but as I've matured and my portfolio has increased, I don't like to risk a lot on something that may just give me a short-term gain.
So if you haven't done your bova, try to do it.
There is a way to check, to connect your wallet.
I'll see if I can connect to mine in a video.
If you look back at the videos that I did put out about bulba, when you connect to the layer two it will show you that if you connect with your wallet that had the the, the OMG in it when the snapshot was taken. Then it'll show you that you potentially have X amount of boba and it may or may not be worth it. You gotta know that you have each fees on both sides and sometimes they can be really expensive. So, if you have quite a few, it may be worth it. If not mm, you know, who knows what Baba is going to go to in this next run, I did claim mine.
I should have sold mine when I was like four bucks. I don't know what it is today. Let's take a look.
Yeah, 32%.
Let's see what it was.
Yeah. So, you know, back here, this is when people would have claimed at First thing, this was also when we kinda had a high that people might have gotten out, so just know that that's still there.
But it looks like you only have a year to claim it, And so if you feel that it's worth your time and effort, go ahead and do it.
Jedda is around, I'm around, things are really slow this summer with people needing help support.
And that's OK, 'cause I am working on and looking at some other things that I think are rather exciting.
So, definitely stay tuned for that, you know, when things kind of flow the way that they're gonna flow, in September. Just make sure that you keep in contact with either black lab dot net, or the data IO site, just because who knows what we may be able to find on other resources of getting out of crypto.
Maybe going from Crip toe directly to a precious metal, we're I'm still looking at that and kind of excited.
So we'll seek so, Tim, hopefully that's answered your question the neo question of, you know, just contact your broker and see, and then there's Boba, and there's B TT. There is a document on B TT.
On the site, that shows you how to convert, basically, you're going to a new contract on PTT.
So, let's go to, um, well, let's go to one other thing, because this, this is in relationship to neo. Let's see. what neo stealing today, too.
Yeah, it's doing what Neo does. But people were having issues. Let me see if I can share the screen.
This is brought to us by Matt AJ. Matt AJ, thank you so much. And you know, I don't like to talk about Telegram because the telegram channel really got ugly.
And Jay decided to walk away from that because it was just a, it just got to be people complaining and being really negative.
And not supporting one another. I don't really there's some things I just don't talk about on the Thursday livestream, because if people are interested, they'll dig and find it.
But there is a telegram channel for if you go to black lab dot net, I'll show you that. And this is a telegram channel it looks like there's about 250 members. And it's tech only.
If you start to talk about politics, if you start to talk about jib, jabs whatever I don't want to talk about that. There are many other telegram channels that you can go ahead and talk to about those things.
But not here.
This is this is a place where I wanted to create a community and we can help each other. Like, I have not like I think I was in about a week ago catching up and Jeddah, you know, kind of nudge me. It's like, man. You've been busy in the telegram channel. I'm like, Yeah, I've had some free time. So I decided to jump in there and really help some people, because he's, he's been in, there a lot.
supporting people and posting different things, and you know, we have people like Matt who have said, I came across this issue, and This is what I found, and this is how you resolve it. That's what I wanted this channel to be about people helping people because you know, I'm getting rusty if I don't have some of the coins that are doing certain things, like I haven't used the O three wallet in awhile.
And Matt had an issue which someone that I, a long term client that was having the same issue.
And it was an issue with Neo earlier, not on the O three wallet, but on the Neon wallet that I knew about.
And that was connecting too, a faulty node and a faulty node. Meaning, you know, you have to have the data fed into any wallet from a blockchain. And if you connect to a faulty node which is, you know, holds data, you're going to get bad data or no data.
And that's what happen.
And so with the O three wallet, they were connected into a faulty wallet getting bad data, which means no data.
And it was failing. And people were thinking, oh my gosh. Where are my coins? I sent them.
I see them on the block chain, but I don't see them in my wallet, so I will post this information below this, uh, this live stream, But this is all you need to do, and yeah, on the O.
three wallet, I'm not sure if you can change it.
But the neon wallet, you go to settings, network configuration, and node selection, So I know that that happened, you know, in the neon wallet, I don't know what's going on with our three, but you haven't lusher coins. You just haven't connected to a good, good note. So, Matt, thank you once again for sharing that, and that's, you know, I would love to hear more solutions for people that they found to just share with the group.
So let's go back and let's go to your questions.
Let me see if I can do this and see if that will, I don't think I'm showing a thing. Let me see if this will pop down OK?
So we'll we'll do some some web stuff with this and let's go to your questions. I don't think you're gonna see the questions that come up OK?
Let's see. Oh Tim is here.
I was thinking PTT and the Neo family and wondering if there are more there are really just depends on what coins you're in B TT For sure, Neo for sure Depends on any conversions.
I mean I can kinda go back in and Scratch my head a little bit, but part of it is when I do a video. It's kind of in and out and you know I am going to be helping Jay.
Um, I think we have it set up for tomorrow morning, and some of these, I haven't done there, why I'm like, Oh, yeah, I need to go back in and see exactly how to do it, because when I do a video, when I'm active in it, boy, I know what, like the back of my hand. But I just get rusty. So let me think about that, and I'll see if there's any that I can think about. I'll look through some of the videos, and see, if any run off the top my head, I have. In fact, I was just doing this yesterday.
I have all the originals for the videos that I've posted either on Black Lab or the dot net site or the dot IO site on the tech side.
And just looking at the titles, I'll look and see if there's any that I look at and say, Oh, yeah, there we should do it.
Maybe because you know there's there's swap, there's airdrops, Maybe I'll make a list of drops to that that might run out of time.
So Mark, I don't think OMG is locked up for 30 days. Only the boat is locked for 30, if I recall. Yes. You are correct.
I think.
Yeah I think you can bring it up and bring it back to the big issue is that when you bring it back, depending on the liquidity and how much Bobo sorry OMG There is that's when it gets a little scary because I was able to, I believe when I did it.
I had to wait seven days. I don't remember because I've helped so many people.
But if there's not enough of liquidity on the other side of the the the gateway basically you have to wait seven days for your OMG to come back. It's kinda just a weird process but I understand why they do it.
If there's enough liquidity then you'll be able to do it on the fast, um, side of it and if not, then you have to wait those those seven days.
D Max says claiming Baba was a bot cleansing, punchy and experience, I'm glad I had jet help. I'm tiny. It's not that it's not fun. Not like the others, because it's kind of instant gratification on the others.
And Mark says, If I recall, my OMG was moved in and out the same day. Yep, if you could do, if there was enough liquidity you could do it, I'm afraid someone like Jade, there's not going to be enough liquidity. one of the issues that I found on the boba network.
Let me see if I can get into that.
Oh, hey, I'm gonna.
I'll get into Boba, but I'll get into some of VPN first since I had my desktop.
And I had to clean that up, Kay?
This is her Leto, hi, George, did you change the icon for the Crypto Lab? Telegram Channel, I was looking to connect.
But I don't see the dog's face.
I know. Well, let me show you.
Since that's OK, I'm going to go from main screen to browser.
And let's go back, two, looking at things. You could do Lab.
And so, I'll cover some of the VPN stuff. I cannot connect to a VPN while I'm on air. Because it'll disconnect everything, because that's just how things work. But if you go to Black Lab and.
Oh, yeah, Let me do this. I'm going to stop sharing.
For just a second chefs does I need to login and I don't know what might come up?
Of course, I don't have much.
Well done.
I'm I'm logging into my LastPass I may have to take like a quick break and get my UB key. I don't know if I'm logged in for 30 days. Hold on just a SEC.
OK, good.
I am fine there Do you love my UB key though?
I am using it in more and more places.
Login, OK?
Go back to show, OK, so when you're logged in To Black lab, I believe you have to be logged in I don't know for sure.
Under aye connect or contact Let's see telegram channel So if you go to the telegram channel here.
And, you can click on this and yeah, the dog's face should be there.
Um, and if not, then you may be on the wrong one. But take a look. There's 250 members.
And and see on your end, you know, sometimes because I'm logged in because I'm admin because of all this, that, and the other, cancel, I don't want to be Well, I see things differently than you do.
And, you know, you see: up here at the top, when I'm logged in as an admin on the WordPress site, you know, I get to see all these buttons, I hate showing them, but it's just the way things are.
And I just don't want it Take the time to do other things, but that's Yeah. See, if you can Login. If you can't, if you can't get to the right channel, let me know and I'll verify that things are OK.
OK, and he said Disregard Giorgia connected through your Black Lab site. All good.
So let me go over, uh, a couple of things with the VPN, and if you guys can think of any more questions, that would be great. And if not, that's OK, too. And if anybody wants to come online, just let me know, and we'll get you on here to to chitchat.
So let me go back to main screen.
And I had a couple people write in, um, there's, there's one person, and I need to get back to that.
It's been a busy morning, it's that they have the old files, and they don't necessarily know how to get rid of the old files. And it's that it's pretty basic and simple.
When you are connected to your, ah, your your VPN using Wire Gard, you'll see a little serpent icon up here. If this serpent icon isn't up there, then you'll need to go into your applications, whether it be Windows or Mac, and turn that on. Because right down here, you'll see that I have Wire Guard, and if I click that, it's really still on if I quit out of it, let me do this, I'm going to.
Ooh, OK.
There we go, So it's locked into my doc.
So if I quit out of it up here, it'll still be down here.
And so you saw, I know it's really hard, Um, because I can't zoom in the way I'd like to right now.
Let's, one of the reasons why it's hard to do stuff live.
But right up here, the icon disappeared and like, Oh, my gosh, how do I get back on the Wire Guard? Well, you just have to start it up from wherever, whether it be the ear in your doc, your favorites, your alias. Just click it, It'll start Wired Guard.
And it shows the Icahn backed up at the top.
And it also has managing my tunnels.
And these look like the old tunnels. I shot updated this one yet because these are 2000 Series, and the new one start with the 4000 Series.
So what I can do, I can go through and delete some. I could go to Toronto. It's very similar on the Windows side of things and Mac side of things.
If you're on Linux, good luck.
They haven't made a really easy GUI unless they've just changed things on the Linux side and unless, you know what you're doing. Some other stuff is really nice and easy.
Uh, and some of it is really not easy at all. And wire gird on Linux is not an easy beast.
So, you know, if you're on Linux, using that, you should know what you're doing. And, I'm not going to go over that. I do have video about that. But we're just gonna go through Windows and Mac, this interface. I can't go through the interface on the cell phone, just because there's really no wait.
I didn't go to meeting, but I do have directions on how to do that in the documentation area. And so, the reason why, I don't think in the video, because I was looking at that briefly. I was not talking on those videos, maybe I have to redo them. It was in the days of, I don't want people to know who I am, I'm kinda nervous coming on air. I don't want anybody to hear my voice. So it was just music playing in the background. And I don't think there was that much talking.
I'd have to go back and look for sure, but if you want to delete something like I'm gonna delete Mumbai, I would just highlight Mumbai and write down here.
I would just click minus and it would say are you sure you want to delete? And I'd say delete.
So it is really super easy to delete the the older VPN connection files.
And if you wanted to add, I don't have them pulled down here. You would just click on the plus sign.
You're not going to add an empty tunnel. That means you're going to have to do everything by hand. You're gonna import tunnels from a file. So you to click on that.
And then it would pull up this, and you would select.
The appropriate.
Dot. Com. files. Because the dot Com is the text, It's the configuration file that you would install here that the configuration file is a text file that tells the computer what to do, the PNG.
You would use your camera to get all that information into either your iPad, your Android, your i-phone, anything that has a camera that you can easily pull that information in.
But that's how easy Wire Guard is, is to use.
No, there is down at the bottom. Let's go there now.
So, does anybody have questions on wire gaard and how they might be able to use that?
I'm going to wait just a SEC to see.
OK, and I hope everybody's having a good fourth.
It doesn't look like anybody has some questions on White Guard. So, I'm gonna go back to.
Brave Browser.
That's the main one and there is.
Under VPN information, VPN documentation.
And, you know, here are the different Videos that you can go through and see how to do things. And I think down towards the bottom right, I put that.
No, I put it somewhere else.
There is a video See?
It'd be under the Info.
Are VPNs a waste of your money.
I would just watch that because there's so many times that I've spoken with people.
I think this is the most talked about question that is, you know, kind of goes back to, know what actually a VPN does for you. What doesn't it do and the marketing that VPN companies have about, oh, it's going to do this, that, and the other. It's going to keep your anonymous. It's gonna keep you this the, it's total bull.
It's not true.
You do need a VPN for certain things, but there are tracking cookies that will track you from site to site and you know, I have a pie hole which started to or I used for blocking purposes. And I have my own DNS server as part of that.
And the reason why that's important for me is because the tracking cookies are blocked, I can block certain websites, like Facebook, Instagram, and other things that in Google Analytics, that you just go from page to page to page, and that's how they know where you're, you're going to the tracking cookies. Some browsers will block them, Some won't, you're not exactly sure what they're blocking because they're doing it. I'm Pi whole is blocking the DNS itself.
So, any known Facebook URLs, or Instagram or Twitter or that type of thing, it will be blocked, and they're updated, You know, I think daily on some of them, and it's a weird technology, It's, it's really kinda fun. But, let me just show you something, because I'm gonna get a URL.
And, let's see.
Well, yeah, I don't want that.
Can't be, so, yeah, here is the example. If you can see up here.
That this is the URL, and most people think, well, I need to have the whole URL, right.
I need to.
I have the correct URL to land on the exact page.
Yeah, you do. Most of the time. But you, there are other things that are happening.
This is a good example of how you're being tracked without Cookie's necessarily.
And so, what happens is that all of this text.
After the final slash kinda says where you came from, where you're going, it could also send, do multiple sites to track you before you actually get to the site that you're ending up on. And the reason why I know that for sure is because we'll do an example.
Most of the time in the olden days, I don't know when the olden days were but, there was a question mark after. And the question mark, it was really easy to spot and say, OK, anything after this? This is just tracking this hossain where it came from. It could be for Google Analytics. It could be from, you know, a variety of companies that Google Bot to track where you're going well.
They change things, and they are, depending on what's happening, where you're going, You could click on a link that looks legit, and it is legit. But you could be bouncing through 2 or 3 different websites before you actually get to the final destination.
And that's how they are kind of tracking you now. So, it's the cat and mouse game.
And so, when you see this long, long URL, you don't, and I know it's hard to see, because it's, it's little, you don't need to have anything attention after the last slash. Sometimes, you may need the so-called the pound sign, but hash.
But you can go take all that information away.
You can hit Return to get to the same page.
It's just, you're not being tracked.
You're not having that information of, oh, you came from Google when you did a Google search, because then it gives Google more information about where you're going. But the thing that you have to remember is when you're logged into anything. I don't know what I'm logged into here.
But if you're logged into Google page or a Facebook page, I don T have Facebook. I don't have Instagram.
Haven't had it for years, that it's not going to track me. But I still have to use Google. I still use YouTube. I still use a couple Google things, because other people in my life use it, and I can't fully get away with away from it.
But, when you're logged into Google, it's going to track, You can page to page page, So, it's really hard to get away from that, but if you can remove, you know, some of this tracking up here that helps. But just note that you're never really stepping away the only way you're stepping away.
In this environment is to not use the technology. Just don't do stupid things and keep up to date on how things are being tracked. That, that's one thing.
What else can I talk about?
OK, I do have a question from Mark.
Good morning, George, thank you for holding this tech live stream. It's been awhile since I've listened in live as I try to catch your replays I wanted to thank you for posting those confirmative YouTube videos about Privacy Bones.
It did make me think about getting a separate phone for business crypto banking and Another for pleasure social media counselors. I am so happy that You've said that it. I've I've done that in my life because I can just separate things and when you need a phone number in You know Basically my my work phone. I never answer.
Um, because, you know, most of the time, Well, just about all the time, I am making outbound calls and it just really simplifies things.
The one thing that I would, um, put in food for thought.
Is that because I am a transplant from California to where I am now.
I, I have california based cell phone numbers.
And, I've decided not to change them, There's no reason to.
Well, there is, but, I, I would lose people, that I haven't had A phone call with yellow, and then six years, seven years, eight years, whatever, because, you know, I'd have a new phone number, and frankly, it's impossible to find me. Well, not impossible.
It's just really hard. I'm using joined delete me dot com. I'm not plugin it for any other reason than, it really has helped me remove my life from online. I'm just on one social media, that's not even under my name, and that is a one that I just keep in. contact with professionals in my.
In my vertical market.
So, that's where I am.
But I can reach out to people, but they can't necessarily reach out to me, because it's not who I say I am, or who I was, when I worked with them.
So, you know, changing those numbers will eliminate people from finding me, unless they have family members that they know, because I'm not anywhere to be to be contacted.
So, where was I going with this? So, yeah, it's a great idea, too, to do that. Oh, yeah, back to the the area codes.
So, because I'm not in the same area code, not in the same state, not in the same region.
When I get a call on my personal line or my business line from the same area code, and they're not in my contacts list. I know it's a BS call.
It's AT&T coleen because I've been selected to get cable TV at a reduced rate or satellite, or whatever, and so, you know, in my contacts list. If you're not there and you're calling me and you're in that area code or California. I know that it's a spammer just trying to do that.
Try to try to get ahold of me When I am not in that area, and I'm in the area that I am now, and that area code that I'm in now pops up in my phone. I know that it could be a contractor. It could be Home Depot calling me that, my orders.
So it makes it a lot easier, too, to find the spammers really quickly, because I can just look at my phone, like, that's not the article that I know and I don't know that person. And why would they be calling me?
I haven't lived in Californian X number of years, quite a few years now.
But one thing that did come up was I was contacting Kale and Brown, and they needed to get ahold of me and usually Jeff. But now it's Jake. Jeff would call me with A and Australia number.
Um, I know it's not 41.
But it would maybe 81. It would come up on my phone. I'm like, OK. Usually no one ever calls me from out of country, and I would pick up because I wouldn't know that it's Jeff or someone over there.
But this last time, they called from a 2, 3 1, and they called twice, and they did leave a message. But there, there was no way, I was gonna pick up on a 2, 3 1, because I don't know anybody there, and most of the time, no one's really calling me.
So, you know, thinking about, when you get a different number, when you get a work number, add into your life or something like that.
Think about getting an out of area code number, because nowadays, it doesn't matter. People move so much, and they keep their, their old phone number, that it's not odd to have a different area code than the region that you're in. And I know Jay did that when he swapped years ago, and it just makes it appear.
Also, that you're in one place, Then, you're not I mean, I know I said that I'm in the Eastern time zone on air, I'll give everybody that much. And when I talk to people, they're like, Oh, your ear in Pacific time. I'm like, No, no, no. Even though my phone says, You know, I'm in California. I'm not in California. I'm not on that coast. So, it, you know, it's something to play with, but there is a downside to that.
Because some of the older technology, and I know this was with Verizon, when I would call in to get support from Verizon, that would be based on my area code, and not the region that I was calling in, which would drive me nuts.
I don't know if I had changed my billing, to reflect that, but just know there is time sensitive, things that when you call using the certain area code, You'll get the time zone from that area code Unless they've changed things on the backend, and they're using your billing information instead of your time zone. So, that's the only little caveat, if you're gonna get it different.
Area code, maybe do one that's in the same time zone, or one time zone off, you know, having it from one coast to the other is kind of a pain because I know that I've had issues Coleen, uh, Verizon before.
And because they think I'm on the West Coast, and I'm not, I'm on the coast that I'm on, OK.
Well, I think we are getting close. Well, let's see, does anybody want to come on before we all enjoy a wonderful fourth of July, because we are at the end of the questions, and I'll just let it go for a SEC if anybody has anything to ask or add.
And if not, then we will kinda end early. I am going to try to do these more on a regular basis, just because it's fun for me. And, it's good to keep in contact with you guys, because I know things are boring. Jay isn't posting as much, and so there's not as much that's going on. And I, I really like this group and I'd like to make sure that everybody kinda keeps in contact.
OK thank you Tim. Well everybody thank you once again. We may get Jetta Red joining us next time.
And everybody have a great fourth of July.
And oh here we go cut the raw katja just in time. I purchased a MacBook Pro, 13 inch and 1 13 inch and 1 year 20 20.
Could you recommend a tango to use with the USB C port? Let me look that up really quick.
Because I'd been really redoing everything of mine, the window.
Because I know that there's.
Second looking?
Because you're just looking crypto, right?
You're just looking for a, An Expander, correct?
So that you can toggle, OK.
Used for cable, I do not want to use Wi-Fi. You know the one, I've used a couple different ones, and it's this the one that I like now.
I've used 1 1 failed, and then I got another one, and I like the one that I have.
Uh, I can't easily find it, but you know what, I will post the one that I like underneath. It kinda gives some expansion, And it's changed over the years to the first one I got. Didn't have as much on it as as I wanted.
Um, but, yeah, let me see what I have. I got one that I didn't like. I sent it back. I still have one that's being used in the house.
And, you know, with the, uh, with the MacBook Air and some others, where you're limited to the number of ports, it really is important, especially if you want to do an external monitor, I am on a new 16 inch, which I love, but it has 1 2. 3 USB sees, it has an HDMI. It has a SD card, and it also has its own power where the earlier versions did not have that.
But I will, I will get that out to you.
You know, I do have the new Mac studio, which I love and I can't wait to get off the horrible monitor because I'm waiting for monitored. Come in. And I, my husband asked me he's like why are you getting a new computer? You're i-max doing great and well it's a 2017 iMac.
It's time to upgrade because it's not worth risking any type of downtime if you need it in a pinch.
So just keep that in mind when you have older hardware, just make sure you're keeping it up to date.
They know, this is my life. So I need to use the latest and greatest. I was hoping the Apple would have a 32 inch iMac. And that was my friend at Apple.
Is not there anymore but he still has keeps Pulse on that, Told me, it's not going to happen and in my wildest dreams, so I just decided to get a new desktop and a monitor to connect and one more question.
This is from partito, one more question, what would you recommend for a lower price laptop?
This would not B for kryptos just surfing the Internet.
two things on that, I mean, I am an Apple guy. I had a conversation and actually some fun conversations in the last couple of weeks. And I geeked out with a group of people.
And we were talking about, it's kinda the stuff that I'm a little bit, that keep in touch, and, you know, when, when we exit crypto and other things longer term.
But, I was kicking out on the phone with with a guy, and we both agreed that I've never had an Apple product die on me.
I've always had to get rid of my Apple products and pass them down, um, To someone else because I really think that quite well. The quality used to be really high. When Steve Jobs was there, I'm not in love with mister Cook.
um, but, You know what, we have what we have.
But Apple seems to, for me, really lasts a long time, So you didn't say whether or not you wanted Windows or Mac, I've had, and you'll laugh for anybody that's old like me, because on this conversation, I said, I remember, you know, I'd have to shiba's, that would go bad.
And the guy on the other end of the phone was like, Man, I have not heard of that type of laptop in a longtime, and, and that was, you know, a popular one with the IBM power. What was it?
I could see the design of it, and they would die. I had Dalles, that laptops that would die there, the Dell towers seem to be fine.
I still have a couple of those.
Then I'm using but it really depends what you want Windows. That is not my environment. Switched, iMac.
You know, ah, I don't know because here's the thing and it's, um, low price. The, the, the issue that you have is when you're buying really low price.
I guess you just surfing, so you're not, you know, putting that much money in. I can't recommend a really good, low priced Windows device, because I haven't purchased a Windows device in quite awhile. I won't carry a Windows laptop, because I don't need to I barely need to carry a Mac laptop.
He says, I guess I'll switch to Mac.
Well, you know, um, mm.
Do what you feel comfortable with.
I do like, OK, we still have supposed.
Wasn't going to go into this, but maybe we will, because one of the things that I've looked at, and I've spent some time now that cryptos as, I joked back and forth with that with Jeddah Read. And we jump back and forth saying crypto suck right now. So what do you do with both doing other things in life? But one of the things that I've done is really kind of taken this time.
And the last day or two, I've gotten rid of three hard drives, and I combine things. And I've put them on to solid state drives.
Because solid state drives will not fail as quickly. Potentially. as things that have a platter and spin around and take up a lot more power and produce a lot more heat.
And so when I've moved my data now to solid state drives, they are, let me see.
So first, mmm. Hmm.
OK, this is not if this is one.
This is I think the older generation of solid state this little device.
I have a two terabyte and I wouldn't buy it directly from Western Digital. I'd go to Amazon.
I'm just afraid to login to Amazon because it might show a little bit more of my delivery instructions, but I've kinda upgraded my current SSD.
That's this one to the newer faster throughput two terabyte because I've already filled up one of these with, with information and how I've changed my work environment.
Is that I now, let's see. If people are even interested.
We have people are still joining, I do all my data, not on the hard drive of whatever computer that I'm on because I could be on this laptop because I'm out in my backyard in the patio enough to hear truck going by.
Or I me, maybe on my desktop.
Um, and I don't want to send files back and forth through at Dropbox through any device, on my network.
I put it all on the solid state drive.
So sure, I'll have the applications on my computer. But all my data is stored on this solid state drive that then I could take, with me.
if I felt, um, let's say my house is on fire, Instead of grabbing all my computer, I could just grab this hard drive and I would have all the data that I need.
I also back up my hard drive by buying two of whatever, and keeping one plugged into the back of my computer.
And then putting another one in a safe place a safe or safe place and you know, away from prying eyes and that type of thing. So, if, for some reason, I was going on vacation and stepping away, instead of feeling vulnerable that my computer might be stolen with my data.
Well, I could either take this drive with me, which, most likely, I would, unless I was going overseas or just going on a real vacation, which I haven't had since our son. And I plan to, in the future, we plan to in the future.
But this is where, instead of trying to put a computer into, a safe, to keep it secure, I can put this hard drive into a safe, and know that it's secure.
I can also duplicate it.
So I don't know if you guys have done this, but I've been around way too long and any backup, I just, I can't stand because it's not a easy, quick backup.
So what I do is, you know, once a week or so, or, you know, if I'm doing a lot of work, like a lot of video stuff, I might backup my My Drive every couple of days. But I will keep two of these. one is and I label them with a label maker.
I'm kind of OCD about that so that everything is labeled. So I know where things are and what they are.
And I'll put this is, you know, the master one, and then this is the backup of it. That I will copy everything over directly, and sometimes it will take awhile. I, in fact, that's why I got the faster access drive, because it was literally taking about an hour with a solid state drive. But it also depends on the computer that you're connecting to. And the USB, if you're connecting to an older USB AB, that will take a lot longer than USB C, and, you know, and the connectors. But it was taking too long for me to back up one to the other.
And so, that's why I decided to go with the newer generation me, see if I can find no SSD.
It's harder to do on their site, then.
Let me do this. I'm going to turn.
I'm going to stop showing my screen real quick, and I'm gonna go back to Amazon.
Yeah, OK, Well done.
Let's see if that works.
OK, yeah, well, go to San Francisco area. Code. Or SSD.
OK, now I can.
This is, Nope, that is not the one because that's Gen two, and it's only 10, 50.
Oh, come on.
Oh, here we go.
This is purchased two times.
So this is the drive that I have. The speed on it has almost doubled.
You're really not going to get 2000 megabytes per second but you're gonna get much faster.
Then you well on the earlier one and it was taking me way too long to back.
I also needed a larger harddrive.
So I went from one terabyte to two terabyte.
I think I got the first one terabyte solid state drive from SanDisk at Costco and they were on sale for $119 for one terabyte and now I'm spending quite a bit more but it's quite a bit faster. And just for me, time is important to me.
And I don't like the idea of having to leave something on my desktop that exposes me outside of, let's say, for a safe place for too long, because sometimes, frankly, I just forget, and I left stuff copying last night. And I got up this morning, and I put it in my safe place.
So, you know, think about just different ways, I know this is way into the weeds from, you know, getting a new computer.
But, one of the things that you can do, I like this solid state drive, is encrypted.
So I can take it with me, and if I lose it, I would really be upset. And I'd be a little bit worried, but it's encrypted, and it's a long password. It's not simple.
I'm not going to worry about losing my data. But it's backed up for sure in two places, And when, when I go away to our hidey Hole, I have a backup of this.
I'll have to get another two terabyte to back it up. So at least I have it in multiple places. In case anything happens. I don't have to worry about losing my data.
Knock on wood. I don't have any word here, but I've never really lost anything to something like that. So something to think about, and it's just a conversation that you should have with yourself on what works best.
I know I'm a geek, I'm OK being called a geek. But I think about this stuff all the time. And there we have it!
Let's see, OK, Lesli Black says, yes, very interested.
This is, Per Dito, very good weekend. I also keep all my files on a portable hard drive as well.
I just need to take it a step further and get an SSD and back it up with another.
Yes, I would get off of anything that spins because we just don't know what the failure rate is on that. And, you know, it's just not worth losing anything because it really stresses you out. And, yeah, backing up to multiple places, I even thought of, you know, getting another one.
Not that I want to spend a lot of money on this stuff, I don't, but I also, I don't worry about it.
If my laptop goes missing because someone breaks into my house and it takes it, well, they have some files, but they don't really have anything that's going to identify me.
There, they don't have anything that is going to be of value to them because I keep my data on an external drive and I just make sure that that to be in a safe or a safe place.
And this is from Trina.
Thank you, George, for all your passion and knowledge. Enjoy your weekend.
Thank you. You are a guru, not a geek. Thanks for data. And, Tim, do you use Sync app for your backup? Very fast. All the updates, New stuff. Tim. No, I don't, I Let me back up.
I have multiple backups on my desktop upstairs.
I have an older five terabyte drive that has a platter and spins and that's where I have my.
My backups that happen before basically for time machine.
And so can't say that I I don't, but one of the things that I don't like about Time Machine is when I've been looking for files at times, it's like, OK, well, what version and having to go in, and it's it's kind of difficult to find.
So it really depends on what is best for, or what you, as an end user feel comfortable with.
I like backing everything up to a another drive, because it's easy for me to find.
But the other part is, I've never had to go back to that drive to find something that I overwrote or went missing or became corrupt.
It's there just to make me feel good.
But, you know, I think I started way back in the nineties on setting up backups, they were tapes, would take them off site, put them in. Iron Mountain, was the company.
And there were a few times where we had to to get things back and honestly, like, you know, half the time, it seemed like the backup didn't work. And it really kind of meshed me on why it was even backing something up. Because either the tape didn't do it or the application didn't do it. And it was kind of a pain.
So, I've, I've stayed away because, you know, my experiences back in the day said, Oh, this may or may not work, it's, it was a crapshoot.
And so, that's why I've done things the way I have and I've I've actually consolidated things, too.
It's just, you know, it's what works best for someone, and that may be working great for you.
Um, and, I know it's the incremental side, the incremental side.
I do use the, the time machine for, that is connected directly to my computer.
But, I do keep a full backup, um, on the same device, or same, sorry, Same type of device, and lock it away.
Because sometimes I'm lazy about backing up to, when I'm doing big projects, not that I've done within one hour of backup more frequently than I do now.
Tim, I will take a look at that URL.
This from Elaine. Can you explain the difference between solid state and a hard drive? Thanks, yes.
Solid state, you know, back in the day there were lots of different types of hard drives, removable drives for anybody that's been around wau. Remember the zip drive.
What was the other one, the bigger one I think that they got to a gig and these were removable hard drives that were not as reliable as a hard drive. But there's, there's really now two types part drives. There is the traditional hard drive that we think about.
And that comes in different speeds.
When you get a lower priced computer, you get a lower priced set of components meaning, you may get a hard drive that has a spindle rate, which means the speed that the platter turns around a 5400. When you spend a little bit more, you get a platter speed of this is back in the day of 7200 RPMs.
And so, X is the reason why Spindel speed really counts and I'm gonna go a little bit into the weeds on this. Because this is older information.
Is that the Spindle Speed determined how fast you can access data on that hard drive.
So, when you got a cheaper computer, Costco which is great and you're like why is my computer so slow?
Well, it's not necessarily your computer, your processor, your graphics card, your internet connection but it could be the spindle speed of your hard drive.
So, there's you know, slower spindel speeds which were around 5400 rotations per minute or RPMs.
And your access time was kinda slow then if you got a better hard drive.
It was 7200 and then if you got some really good ones which typically were found in servers because that's kind of what I was dealing with for awhile.
You'd want to get 15,000 K spindel speeds because you want it really fast access to the data on there.
So, the hard drive H D D, would have a spindle, and it would spin around and it would read that you'd have a head reader that would read the data off of these platters. And platters were no physical component. They would spin around.
And one of the reasons why laptops would want to get away from having a hard drive is that you're using a lot of the battery for a mechanical, uh, drive.
Basically, something that's fun, the platter to to gain access to it and sell.
It would use a lot of battery power for that. Nowadays, I don't think you can get any. I know you can't get any Mac laptop. That's not a solid state drive.
Uh, I don't know if they have anything, maybe some of their bigger Tower, you can get something maybe.
Nowadays, solid state drive is, Let me do this. Oh, you know what, though, they had it.
Back here.
This is your Harddrive now, looks like a memory card, doesn't it? Well, this is a solid state drive.
There's nothing that spins. It is solid. It doesn't put off as much heat. It doesn't put off as much. noise, you don't have to have a fan in your computer now because you're not having a thing that spins around and creating heat from a little engine or motor that's in there.
So, this is what a hard drive is, a solid state drive.
And so, yeah. We're not gonna get into all of these like N V M E, because there's like a variety of them, and they fit into particular things. But when you buy, and I'm only going to talk about Mac, sorry, Windows users, because, you know, Windows, there's a variety of providers on the Mac side of things.
When you buy a new laptop, or frankly, a new desktop, the M one chip comes with the CPU central processing unit, which is the brains, the GPU, which is the graphical processing and memory.
And memory is not a hard drive. Memory is active or ram, random access memory. There's DRAM and there's, there's others. But it's, it's basically when the computer turns on Information is written into The Ram and it's accessed. And that's where you put your app, where, that's where your computer puts applications, storage, so, that it can run properly. This solid state drive is where you store your files like your Excel files, your photos, your videos, that type of thing. And, they've gotten much faster. But, even though, they've gotten much faster is sometimes you need it even faster when you're copying a terabyte of information, that's a lot!
But, what they've done, some of the newer computers is, they've soldered the hard drive onto the logic board. I don't even know if they're calling it a logic board anymore but on the main motherboard. And so, you can't do an upgrade.
So, what you purchase nowadays is what you get, and there's really no way to expand, But if you put a drive like this on there, you can expand it to whatever you want.
now, that the bus or the speed, the data rate between the hard drive and the computer logic board or motherboard fast. You really can't notice the difference. In, back in the day, you wanted to get faster connections that was scuzzy. There was ... and a longtime that. that was the first way to get really some fast data rates between a hard drive.
one thing I, oh, I love this little case right here for storing my drive, because I can take it with me, I can put it in my safe place, and I don't have to worry about something necessarily dropping on it and damage it. OK? We will go back, so hopefully, Elaine, just to sum it up, let me go back to a picture.
This is your solid state drive. Nothing spins, it's just all electric.
And let's go to H D D and this is your hard drive, that is your traditional harddrive, in fact, this Western Digital purple, which is 18 terabytes, 18 terabytes, that's a lot of data.
This, I have in my network.
So all my cameras that are on my house feed back to a hard drive like this.
It doesn't necessarily have to be fast, it has to be a lot of data because the number of cameras that I have around my house, all that information is stored on here. And I think I can store, ah, about 45, to 60 days of data.
That's a conversation for another day if anybody's interested.
But, you know, when you have a ring camera as a doorbell, when you have an arlo camera, all that information is going back to a central place which can be accessed on the ubiquity.
The unify stuff that I have is all stored in my house behind my lock and key. It's my data. I get to keep it.
And I feel much better, I did have an arlo system for awhile when we thought we're going to be here just temporarily, which we still may only be here temporarily as we're looking at things.
But this is the old-fashioned hard drive that spins that puts out a bit more heat and takes considerably more.
Yeah, intake process tried to do. That was when I bought it. So, that's the difference.
See, that isn't what it is. It keeps an exact copy of the drive, OK.
You know, Tim, I'm going to have to take a look at that and, and see what it is, and what might be running in the backyard part of what, I have an issue with this, when I'm doing large files with, I don't necessarily want those backed up when I'm working on them, and sometimes, if stuff is running in the background, it copies it like, I just threw that stuff away. I don't really need it.
OK, Leslie Black, I have a seagate, external hard drive, and a passport.
Do these rely on something that spins? Yes, you can't. I mean they're they're much better than they, they were back in the day but unless it is small, it is a drive that has a spindle.
You'd have to look at the back of it and see what if there's a part number or something that says HDD.
Then it does have a little spin to it. If it says SDD, solid state drive than than it is solid state but they try to get them as small as possible. I know the passport on it.
Because I had one.
Let's see.
H D, D, Yes, so the, It's hard to know with some of their branding. Like, they may have a passport, that's now a solid State drive. But, I have a passport like this. It's not 12. It's, too, that I use for certain things.
But yeah, these are, these are hard drives and they have spindles and they are not a solid state.
And the reason why it's sometimes hard to know is just because it's in this square box doesn't necessarily mean that it is A Um, a hard drive with a spindle because some of the earlier versions of a solid state drive would use this form factor because they could put it in place of a hard drive and a laptop.
Where, when we're transitioning as a technology from a spindle, hard drive to a solid state drive they put the first solid state drives in boxes that were looked.
just like a silence a irregular svindal drive Let me show you.
Because if you look at some of these like well that 1 this 1 looks like a little box and it would replace a hard drive that spun in a laptop because of these connectors right here.
It looks just like a regular harddrive but instead of you know being that stick of memory with a different type of connector a very fast connector as compared to this. So it's it's hard to tell but if it does say HDD or HDD then you know it's one where the spindle.
They both say HDD. But I don't know what that means, it basically means a hard drive with a spend on, all right, that spins around. So it's not solid state. It will fail probably quicker than a solid state drive.
You know, if you when you get something in the future, get a solid state.
If you do a lot of stuff like I do, where you're moving a ton of data, whether it be videos or other things.
solid state, by far we'll beat the pants off of any heart HDD drive. Just because accessing the data when a platter spins around, even though there's probably multiple platters in there. It's just it's not as fast. So it can't write and read as fast.
This is from Bart Partito, what is your opinion about Best Buy's Geek Squad for tech support regarding security and sabotage?
I've used them in the past many, many times and typically gives them sharing access to my computer when they provide technical support. Should this be concerning?
I can't say, No, It really depends on really the personality that someone's there, You gotta remember, and I'm not getting political, but, no Hunter Biden's laptop, you know. He left it there, whatever, I don't know the real story, but the data was taken off, because he didn't do the things that he should have.
So, just know, this is another reason why I use an external solid state drive on whatever I do.
So, if my, Uh.
Yup. I guess I have to go back.
Sorry, if that's making it dizzy, San SSD. That's one reason why?
Put an external hard drive Which I would never have done in the past or even thought of because the speeds would be different. Off the back of my laptop or my desktop.
Because if my desktop dies, I can take my desktop in and be like Here you go. Yeah, here's my password that you can get into, and you can, you know, make sure everything's OK, but they have none of my data. They may see some of the apps that I have, they may see like a wallet or so.
But they're not going to see my data, my Excel spreadsheets, and that type of thing, because it's just not present there.
So it really depends on, like, I mean, there's Jeddah.
And I both agree that I'm not necessarily worried about someone a hacker breaking into a place. I'm always more concerned about things being an inside job. And they're examples that we've kept them before where we've asked people to we had somebody that had some stuff stuck in a wallet.
And you had to have a minor go through it and basically access that way. Jeddah Read set this all up.
And we contacted what we thought was a legit mining company that needed to add a certain thing into the block, blockchain.
Well, we asked them, and just so happens within two weeks or a week, all this stuff was stolen and it kinda gets a little technical. I wouldn't worry about it with someone that, it's not a normal thing, but it was something that was lost.
And, you know, we ask someone that is a big name and we we Jetter went back to them and said, hey look, someone puts a little crypto in and then that gave them the ability to take it.
Why did you guys do that?
Or like, oh no, it was not, so, it may not have been the company, but it was absolutely positively someone at the company. You know, bad actor there. Just like back in the day, Verizon and AT&T, I don't know about T-Mobile. There were bad actors at Verizon that we're allowing people to do a sim swap.
And, you know, they've, they've beefed up their, their security on that. But, you know, I'm always more afraid of an inside job than anything else. I wouldn't be that worried.
But I would worry if you're not a gray man and you drive into, uh, Best Buy in a Lamborghini or a Bentley. And someone looks out and they're like, oh wow.
I only make minimum wage.
Maybe I can get something off this guy, because I'm not feeling really good about myself, so that's what you have to worry about.
But I would say they're OK, I've never used them. I've never had to use them. I know that my neighbors across the way have, but, not be.
Tim, don't the SS D comma S have right limit before failure. Yeah, all the SSDS do have a right limit. Before failure. All drives have a failure.
The solid state, though, do a better job of securing things.
They also, if you're using them for a server where you're constantly writing things back and forth, access, no access, access, no access, You know, you're going to wear out that device because it's a wear out instead of how a hard drive that spins kinda dies. Your hard drive that spins, if the motor stops spinning or had a read had kinda goes bad, you're not gonna be able to get that data. Solid state drive, same thing, it will fail.
But, if I am using my day to day, drive, that's in my computer, where it's writing to and from applications, it's writing data, cookies from browsers, you know, that's where the majority of the hard drive is being accessed and used. My external drive. Sure, I'm copying at least once a week or so, where it'll copy everything over and it's being used.
You know, I'd have to look up what the, the, the failure rate is on that.
But, yes, it does have a failure rate, just like everything, and that's why back things up, um, but it's not being accessed all the time, like the solid state drive in my computer is.
Thanks for bringing that up to him. That's, that's really good to know. ...
says, just wondering, your opinion on how bad sun stops will effect electronics Internet. I've noticed really bad connections on all computers phones in my area. Thank you.
Yeah, you know, a CME coronal mass ejection, um, will affect things.
You know, back in the day, I think there was a big release of energy from the sun, and this was before no real electronics, and it hit a spot on the earth. I think it was out west, and it seemed from what I remember. And I'd have to look this up. But, the telegraph wires caught on fire because of, you know, how much energy was being released if we get a big CME pointed to the Earth? Good luck.
I hope that it does not happen in my life.
But if you have enough energy coming from space, and it is not reflected off the, the atmosphere, you're going to have issues with your electronics.
I know, it may be local. And sometimes it's just weirdness.
But yeah, you do have to, I was going to say you do have to worry about I don't worry about it.
But, yes, that can cause things they've lost.
Space-x, I think they lost like 7 or 8 satellites when there was high energy particles released from the Sun. And so yeah, that's something we're always going to have to worry about. Hopefully it doesn't hit us down here. But it has in the past and it probably will. And I know that there was something going on in the sun a little while ago. And hopefully we just won't experienced that here. But, yes, that is a possibility.
OK, Tim, gotta take off, thank you.
Leslie, thank you.
Um, this is from Leslie, while we're on.
While we are on the support topics, do you have a recommended portable phone charger battery pack for your i-phone?
Let me see, it depends on your i-phone.
So I do all my charging wirelessly. Let me do something.
I'm going to take myself, let's stop showing the screen because I'm gonna login someplace else.
I do have a little battery pack that I love, and I think I got it on Amazon.
But, let me see.
Come on.
Let's see.
There's something I got from Costco. They don't have an online. I don't even know if they had it in the store.
That is, kind of a, a, pad.
That we can put three i-phones on and they don't have it online.
They have A charger for car, online, though.
Yeah, it's a pad, and it was at Costco The first one, I got. It was a pain. It didn't turn the lights on.
But let me see about Amazon because I do like one. I've gone through multiple battery backup charger things so if I'm out and about with my i-phone, I can just connect to it.
The one thing that I found the last time we were out, was the laptop was needed a charge, and I'm like, oh, well, we'll just plug it into the battery.
Well, it didn't have a USB C connector, so the one that I have has Battery.
As a variety of Connectors, And it may, I may have gotten this a while ago, so they may not have the exact one, um, mmm hmm.
Let me just look at one other thing.
Sure, Sure.
OK, here we go.
Show, OK, this is what I, yeah, I guess, I gotten back in February. You're gonna see everything that I've done.
That it has different connectors. So, this one has Q C three output, which basically just means the amount of energy put out and then we have you know, a 5 volt 2.4 and 5 volt to zero point four. This one is a.
They're just all different types of the older USB, which is fine, but then they have.
Well, here is the older one, where it's the, kinda the micro USB that you can connect to it.
But then we have, uh, USB see, if I jump, if I jump here, this is a USB C, that you can connect to it in a lightning port. So, do they have an example of all these?
So you can connect many things to it, um, and, you know, not have to worry about, oh, do I have the right connector?
Do I have the, right this, or that, you can charge it with a variety of connectors. And, I've found it, it's a little bit bigger than I want, but, you know, you gotta have size, size, doesn't during this, for charging capabilities, but I like this one.
On, on that, let me try. You know what?
Now that that, um, I'm going to have to get the other one crypto raw. I'm not gonna look it up because it will, I think I got it away last year. Some tiny leverages. Take a little bit of time.
So, that's the one that I do like, and I think that is, that's it for now. Yeah.
I, I, do you like doing this stuff and, you know, it's not just all about, it's not all just about crypto tech.
But, tech in general, I like to cover, if there any last questions, I think the last time, they're not stimulated everybody to to ask more. I love to talk about it. Oh, you know what, I wasn't going to talk about it, and I'll talk about it next time.
Because it was talking about, I was going to get into.
Kinda the Apple universe.
And how, you know, it's nice to have your laptop being easily able to share files through airdropped with your cell phone, and how air tags play into my life.
Now, I'm trying to track things, and, you know, it's, I know it's convenient. I'm not that concerned about big government, tracking me, because if they tracked my cell phone well, that's what I carry around with me all the time. Although, I have forgotten it quite a few times this week.
And that has been Nice, But OK, everybody, have a great fourth of July. I really appreciate all the great questions, I mean, this is great. I love to talking about this stuff.
So, you know, next time, if you have any tech support questions, please bring him in.
If I know about it, I'll talk about it. If I don't, I won't pretend that. I know Windows, hardware, I really don't. I've kind of gotten away from that. Because I don't really deal with it that much. I barely pay attention to Apple hardware.
But everybody, thanks again. Have a great fourth, and we will talk soon.

BOBA airdrop deadline to claim is before November 12th, 2022.


“In order to claim BOBA tokens, user must have held their OMG in a non-custodial wallet on either L1 or L2. Any OMG tokens that are bridged from L1 to Boba Network after the snapshot date will still qualify for the BOBA airdrop if they have not already received the airdrop on a participating exchange and are moved onto L2 before November 12th, 2022.”

Swapping your NEO, GAS & FLM from v2.0 to v3.0 can be done through your broker at C&B. Contact them directly for more details. This offer expires on July 31, 2022. Do not wait until the last minute!

If you are going to get a SSD (Solid State Drive), spend the money on a faster one.

SanDisk 2TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD – Up to 2000MB/s – USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 – External Solid State Drive – SDSSDE81-2T00-G25


When shopping for an SSD, look for the faster speed “Up to 2000MB/s – USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2″

Power Delivery Power Bank 26800mAh, PD Power Bank, Charmast 18W USB C Portable Charger Quick Charge 3.0 Battery Pack

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I resolved the issue. The issue was the following if anyone gets the same issue:

“you are using a faulty node in your O3 wallet that does not have the correct data from the blockchain”

“try neon or neoline, as i don’t think you can change the node in O3? if you can change it, try that first”

I used neon wallet and changed the node from automatic to some other node and immediately all my claimed FLM appeared in my wallet and I could restate it.

In the NEON wallet you go to “Settings” —> “Network Configuration” —> “Node Selection”

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