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0:06 OK, good morning, guys, We have a special set of guest...

OK, good morning, guys, We have a special set of guests with us this morning. I've told you guys for the last week that we're going to be bringing you a new brokerage account to work with.
And I want to formally introduce the CEO of Caleb and Brown, Jackson zing, as well as Jeff Zylstra who is the Senior Broker there who have been working with. And now, if you would guess, please just Salem, these guys.
Orange, it's so good to have you have also on your show that says, hey, this is just yeah, it's really good native things.
Fantastic, thanks guys.
So, guys, I've been talking to you for about a week on this and Jackson agreed to come on with Jeff here so you guys can hear it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, but these guys, I'm gonna let real quick before I jump into a few things with Jeff. I'm going to let Jackson go ahead and just explain to you guys a little bit about Caleb around what they're up to over in Australia, what kind of size broker they are and that kind of thing. So, Jackson, If you don't mind, just take it away there and tell us all about Caleb and Brown.
Yeah, awesome. So we're currently Australia's largest crypto brokerage where kind of a personal broke a business model where we service the retail to high net worth band of clients and make sure they're fully taken care of with all of their crypto transactions.
This means where the fastest point of liquidity in Australia and we do the highest volume in terms of OTC trades with, with kind of high net worth and retail individuals.
Perfect. And if I'm not mistaken, didn't you? Weren't you guys involved in some type of Fintech company of the year or something last year, this year something?
Yeah. So, a couple of months ago, I think it was around mid, mid this year We went to a stockbroker and financial advisors conference, and we won the fintech startup of the year.
So, that's a, that is a kind of traditional financial services associations and sponsors in there include, like, the Australian Stock Exchange and Commonwealth Bank Securities, which is kind of the Bloomberg of ..., of Australia.
Right. Man, that's perfect. And I know that you guys, obviously, have some pretty good liquidity.
Because Jackson, you even set up for me with one of my institutional accounts You set up with me, I think, up to upwards of five or $10 million in liquidity per day. And that's just me, and that's not all your clients. And so, you guys have pretty good liquidity there yet.
Yeah, that's correct. You were not really going to have any of the liquidity issues that you're going to experience with exchanges because we deal directly with us.
And, yeah, basically, one day settlement times, you know, whether you're in the US or Australia.
That's perfect. Well, Jackson, listen, I know, you're busy. You're welcome to hang around with me and Jeff, a little bit, if you've gotta get back to something, I just appreciate you coming on and sharing with the folks a little bit. I have certainly enjoyed working with Jackson. Just so you guys know, Jackson and I have had a relationship going now for, I guess, somewhere around 6 to 8 months.
And we've done some transactions together. And in fact, we did one transaction together that stands out to me, where I specifically kinda disappeared for a couple of days. And these guys called me non-stop, hey, we owe you some money. We owe you some money.
And so, that was kind of a nice feeling to get from them. That they were anxious to get me paid when they knew they owed me something. that's kind of the way I do business.
And so, I was really appreciative of that, Jackson.
No HJ, thank you so much for having me on the show, I'll leave it to Jeff, OK, Buddy, have a great day!
Yeah, let's go through a series of some questions here. I just want these guys to hear from you, they've already heard from me.
Thank you, Also, Jeff Geoff's been Assigned to not just me, but also all of you guys, to be the Senior Broker, and one of the large advantages of that, is you're not just going to be calling in to some desk.
Nevermind the fact that you're even going to have a person to text with e-mail with, or call with, Because right now, most of you are dealing with Gemini.
Most of you are on ramping your Fiat dollars with Coinbase.
And you're not even having that opportunity much less to even work with a senior broker, not a desk. So Jeff, thank you so much for the service you've been giving me, and I know you're going to extend that also to all of our members.
Yeah, absolutely. It's something that we try to provide here, we find that, especially in the crypto space, everything's moving so quickly towards, you know, everything's being, it's all online, you know. Where do you go when you need support, when you need someone to speak to.
When you need that extra help, you need another opinion, where do you go. And we want to provide that extra service, considering there is a huge knowledge gap in this space.
At the moment anyway, so being able to hold all the hands of our clients. Now from the Fillet gone with gray hair that wants to know what Bitcoin is, doesn't know what a wallet is. All the way to your, to your seasoned Veterans, Friday like yourself, it wouldn't be able to help everybody.
That's perfect.
And listen, you know, the other thing I think that's worth noting along that regard is there are so many crypto companies coming online and all of them are offering the most high tech you can get.
But none of them are offering high touch.
And I've been the internet space now for probably a good good part of 10 years.
And what I've always tried to do in every business I've had is to offer a little bit of high touch with your high-tech. Because let's face it, we don't have the brick and mortar, many times we're not seeing each other face-to-face.
And so that high touch that you've been giving me, I know these members are going to enjoy So it's gonna be a lot of fun. But we just ask you real quickly Just to make sure I'm clear on this, and for all the folks. So these guys, if they're if they're sending in, just to just to get clear If they're wiring in Fiat dollars from their country, whatever it happens to be.
You guys can on ramp that money straight into all 2000 plus coins right now.
Yes, absolutely, So the beauty of what we do, is there is no opportunity cost to our client, or a way requires a proof of wire, so just the photo that you said, it's on its way. We then use company liquidity to lock your trading, obviously, with the clients blessing on the spot, if they want. So they have zero opportunity cost.
And yes, to answer your question, yes, pretty much. You actually done a lot of that for me, in the last week, and now I can just express to these guys that it's phenomenal.
I can either be on text with Jeff, my, my objective is not to suck up all his time. He's got other clients other than us.
But it can be on the phone with him, I can be on texts with him and say, Hey, can I get a live quote on this one?
And understand this, guys, when they give you a live quote, sometimes on the screen, you might be looking at a quote, and it's the buy price.
And these guys are going to be looking at the sell price, because that's where they have to buy it, is for the sale price. So, you may see a little difference there. But just understand that, where all of you don't have to come back and go, Hey, why the difference here like I did?
And, And he's going to be quoting you, You know, what?
What it would take for you to be able to buy it right then, and so if you say Baia, like, I have many times they buy it, they send you over a What would you call that that you're sending me Jeff? Is it just kind of a slip of sale, what would you call them? What are you guys call?
We call it an invoice, so details OVC who who placed tried US. Dollar writes, the Satoshi writes all the relevant details I just feel efficient tax tracking at the end of the financial year.
Yes, perfect. And, so, then from there, guys, you're going to want to, you know, provide Jeff with an address.
I think it's always a good business practice for them to send a test amount, and then send the rest. So, guys, be, be available. If you're making an order, make yourself available, that you can also get those points and over to you.
You can see that test, and then you can go ahead and get the rest of it. Because, again, Jeff has more people to service than just us, but he is going to, has, already told me, he's gonna give us a fair amount of attention here.
And he's already done that with me. He's gone over and beyond. He's given me five star service. And he tends to be one of those people that goes the extra mile, so it's a It's a great relationship. I'm sure you guys will experience the same thing. Now. Talk to me about slippage a little bit.
Jeff, you kind of explain this to me, one time before, but when these guys call in and they get a quote, that quote, it includes slippage, everything. I mean, it's all inclusive in the price correct?
That is correct. So what we find is, you know a lot. a lot of other brokerages, they may try and make a few extra bucks here and there.
But everything that we have is inclusive in our brokerage fee so what that means for the client is if we quote A price OK, we include the slippage in that process. So if it's if it slips against us, we wear that cost decline.
And that's fantastic and Also to you guys are not going to have there won't be any limits. I mean, Obviously within reason, but there's no limits. Like there's No you know you can only buy 100,000 a day of 10 different coins or you can only sell $100,000 a day.
I mean, these guys will pretty much, I mean, I know most of their portfolios, and they're not as big as mine. And I'm doing fine with you guys. So. yeah. Pretty much gonna be limitless correct for right now.
Absolutely, absolutely.
So we did generally deal with figures from 2000 US and it goes up to 100 million OTC, you know, so the sky's the limit pretty much really. And we can move funds anywhere in the world without any issues. And yeah. So they won't be kept the issue. The issue is we wanted to take out the whole opportunity costs for client. The font clients using Coinbase they are limited to 5000, 10000 a week, things like that.
That's not good, by the time you invest in your acid, it could have moved 20%, so we want to be able to take that full opportunity cost out to clients.
Man, that's perfect. I know people are gonna love that. Also, they can set up with you.
They can set up a business account, a trust account, or an individual account. And if you don't mind me saying, and you can just correct me if I'm wrong.
If these folks want to set up with you and start making a trade right away, for example, why are you five or $10000?
It would be in their best interest to just set it up as a personal because through the personal they can get their KYC done.
You know usually in minutes, and then if they want to come back and set up a trust or set up a corporation and have have multiple outlets there. Then they can take the time to do that. Where that might take a little more time with KYC. Is that is that an accurate statement, or is there something I need to be corrected on there?
That is, that, is, that is an accurate statement. Yes, registering with us as an individualist the quickest, simplest and easiest process, although we can onboard you, trust your self directed IRA.
Your company, whatever, whatever structure it makes sense to you, tax was. We channel on board, but, yes, in short, the individual is the quickest and easiest.
Perfect. And then, the last thing I guess I wanted you to cover with these guys is something that you've recently covered with me.
You know, you you went the extra Mile, and you called over to the Bank that you guys work with which Bank was that.
Again, remind me of that Bank, Westpac, Westpac, and I'm assuming Because I don't know much about banking in Australia, that's a fairly good sized bank.
Yes, it's pretty much the largest bank we have out here in Australia, and it's, and it's obviously a crypto friendly bank, or they wouldn't be doing business with you guys. Absolutely!
So, we've found Westpac to be the quickest, most reliable, just easy to work with. Actually did. A bit of due diligence for yourself on behalf of another client in Thailand? Yeah. You can open up accounts, over here.
The only thing is, you need, you need to go into the branch with a passport show ID and person, then you can have an account with them.
Sorry, that's perfect. And from there, basically to give the clients an idea, if you, for example, we're selling off, you know, let's just say $100,000 worth of crypto for our client and you notify them, hey, we sold all that bitcoin. We've got your 100 grand here. What shall we do with it?
They can literally say to you look, Send 80,000 to my Westpac there in Australia and send me 20,000 here in the US. Is that correct?
So, in, we can pretty much send funds anywhere in the world, as long as the account is held in the client's tonight.
If it's not how the name is telling. His wife's name is Paul nine? She just needs to follow a KYC as well. That's it.
OK, that actually brings up a question you and I haven't covered.
Do you offer?
Let's say that there's a couple, but, you know, like, in some standards, a couple might just be somebody who has a life partner or maybe it's his wife and she has her money, and he has his, they can set up totally separate accounts, as well as joint accounts Correct, with you guys.
Absolutely. Absolutely. You can. You can. Yeah. There's no limit to what accounts? What else?
So typically, if somebody opens up like a trust account, they automatically get an individual account anyway.
I gotcha. And that's so great. Well, listen, I mean, that's kind of all the things. I think I was just trying to cover some of the perks. I just want to run down with you guys, some of the things that this is gonna free up for you, and then we're gonna let Jeff get back to work over there.
The first thing is this guys right now on Coinbase, on Gemini, which are the two biggest states, there are the two biggest in the world.
I think, um, right now you've got limits.
In fact, I just saw today on, on Gemini that they're putting up to a $60,000 limit when you go to buy thorium and so I mean there are there are going to be things like that coming where you're going to have limits of which you can get into a limit to.
what you can get out of So Caliban Brown fixes that problem you've already heard that it's going to be limitless Also right now with those different exchanges and the even best case scenario six months from now.
You probably only have the ability to on ramp and fiat.
You know, roughly. 5, 6, 7, 10 coins, maybe 15 coins right here right now You can on ramp fiat into 2000 different coins.
Here's the other great thing. You are your money over.
one of the things I've done with Jeff is I've wired money over there and said, hey, when I call you, you just dip into my account, and five for me. And he said, no problem. We're ready at any moment.
And, that is exactly what has taken place.
So, that, that's a big, Huge, I mean, having the ability to be riding in your car, and you look at your, you know, your block folio, and you go? Oh my God, I can't believe Bitcoin, just dip to 3500. Let me get, Jeff on the phone.
You don't have to run home, You don't have to call, you, don't have to come home and see if Coinbase is giving you your limits back. Yeah, You don't have to do any of that.
You've got a real live broecker here who will help you guys do that.
And one of the things that I want to tell you is that in dealing with Caleb and Brown, you're going to have so many more abilities that you just don't have with the other exchanges, and I'm not trying to oversell it.
But I have been frustrated myself over the last year trying to get hundreds of thousands of dollars into cryptocurrency, and this album for me has just been a godsend. Now, the last thing we're going to cover with you guys is this. So, Caleb and Brown typically charge depending on the client side.
They typically charge four to 4.5% When they're making a purchase or they're making a sell for you, so in and out in and out.
44.5% both ways They have worked out a special deal for us. We're all going to be locked in at 3.5%.
In addition to that, Caleb and Brown, a lot of times will charge up to 1% when an alt coin is being purchased.
So if you weren't purchasing bitcoin, Ethereum, or litecoin being the three majors, you are paying another 1%. For the Alt coin they have agreed to in most scenarios to waive that.
If there's a scenario, for example, recently, they were buying me some ..., and it was taking days, and, you know, if there's an example there, where there are no person running, the desk is having to spend hours and hours, and hours, you'll be notified ahead of time. Hey, we're going to have to charge a little more for this, but, I mean, Jeff told me that's very, very seldom.
And how I want you guys to look at that, is not just as a comparison. So typically, 4.5% plus one puts you at 5.5% at the max.
And what they've got us locked in a S 3.5, which is about a percent and a half larger than you're going to see everywhere else. However.
However, and this is where I want you guys to understand the opportunity cost here, not just the hard cost.
You have a live broker. You can call from anywhere, anytime.
Number two, there's no slippage. You guys do understand when you buy litecoin, and your chart shows you 52 dollars and 12%. By the time you get to Coinbase, it's 53 dollars and 9%. You're paying a dollar spread of slippage plus your percentage.
Also, don't forget, if you're buying an all coin you go on to Coinbase and buying bitcoin first waiting seven days on my ad then. Your opportunity, Who knows what it is now seven days later, you have to send that, pay a network fee to send that over to Finance? Wait. An hour for biomass to tell you, Oh. Yeah, We got your Bitcoin.
Yeah, you combine out then you pay your fees to buy Then you pay a network fee again to move it out.
So all that adds up, This is one stop shop. And I'm going to tell you something. I find the fee to be worth its weight in gold.
So did I did I get all the numbers, correct, Jeff?
Yes, yes, all the numbers aren't correct, everything is inclusive. There are no hidden costs. We pay for all the theater, received your crypto, it's all, it's all, built into the face.
And, so, what, we, the reason, it's taken us a few days to get all this information to you is because Jeff had a good idea, and his idea was, look, let's just build a link to where all your people? don't have to necessarily dam that I just say all your people, how about all of your members? You're not my people. You are friends of mine and your members. So Basically, what he, what he set up was he built a link, Which I will provide to you guys when I release this video tomorrow morning. And from that link when you click on it?
Be prepared to go through the whole process of setting up your account.
And I'm going to encourage every single one of you even if you're not trying to buy a crypto right now, Even if you're not trying to sell crypto right this minute, get this account set up while it's available to you, And also in preparedness.
Success is one opportunity and preparedness me, you're going to be putting in preparedness for this next run. We're getting crypto where you guys will have a place where if you're sitting there staring at, I know some of your portfolio's 2, 3, $4 million.
And you need to liquidate. Here are going to be months getting that liquidated Gemini. You're going to be months getting that liquidated at Coinbase and not to mention. They also put limits on how much you can send to your bank account every day.
You've already heard Jeff say this is going to be pretty marginal analysts.
So, you know, I'm encouraging you guys to get this account set up now versus later, but with this link, you'll be able to click on the link, run it straight through. Do your KYC. The KYC is very simple. You just go ahead tell you guys, so you're prepared.
You're going to, of course, villains pertinent information but you're also going to need to have a picture of your government ID. Let's say a passport. If you don't have a passport, Jeff, a state driver's license will all work just as good?
Yes, OK, so driver's license or passport. You're gonna need to hold that passport up right by your face or that government ID and have a selfie taken of yourself.
And I'm pretty sure you can upload that as a JPEG.
And then you want to take a utility bill that matches the address that you're putting on your account, snap a picture of that with your cell phone, and just be ready to no send those two documents up as a JPEG.
And literally, I mean, when I did mine, it was less than five minutes. I remember Jeff, I sent it in, I told you it was sent. You said, It's all set up, you're ready to go, what do you want to do next? And it was done.
Yeah, how different is that? So, anyway.
What was that stuff?
It's not always like that. During the December January period, we had to hire an extra falstaff just verifications. So, it is important.
Clients where they can do their due diligence, get verified.
Get through the door so that we'll know.
There won't be any, any, any time delay, if you need us in the future, man, that's such a good point, is, here we are in this down market where things are not crazy the way they're going to be when it starts going up. So again, another reason, guys, to go ahead and get your, get your account set up. I will tell you guys and I just want to say this was just on the line.
He messaged me yesterday and he said, Look, you know, I'll get up at four o'clock in the morning to serve your folks and give them after our service if needed. What I want to impress upon you guys is this.
We are swing traders.
If you have your money already at Caleb in Brown, the way I do.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Jeff, that can I call you up and say, hey, listen. Put me in a lemon order if if Ethereum gets down to 159 that it picks up my order, is that correct?
That's correct, OK, so guys, we are swing traders were non day traders were not going to work chef to death. We're gonna get in our trades and most of those are going to last for weeks, months, and some of them even years.
Some of them you guys know we've been buying that are going to be three year place.
And so, what I'm, what I'm requesting of you guys, is to do your best to no use Jeff. during his business hours, I think he's in the office around 7 0 every morning, which is going to be five o'clock PM, East Coast time.
So wherever you are in the world, note it that way.
five o'clock, East Coast time is 7 0 AM his time, and, you know, he's, he's going to give you guys access to him through what's app.
You'll have all his information tomorrow. I'll give you his personal information. That's OK, right, Jeff?
That's fun. Yes, yeah, But um, guys don't, don't do, do, do what I'm suggesting to you now.
And that is, go through the link I'm going to provide for, you set up your account. And then from there, if you want to make contact or Jeff contacts with you, then you guys proceed from there. But let's still inundate his inbox with well, what about this? What about that, you guys have set up accounts with all kinds of crypto brokers.
So, this is another fantastic, California. And Jeff, I don't know there's not much else to say, but I just want to thank you so much for making this available to this group, to these members. They're pretty special group of guys and gals and, you know, I think that it's gonna be a great relationship for everybody. I think people will love it as much as I do, I love your service. I mean, it's, it's, it's absolutely top of the charts of the of the several different big brokers that I use.
Thank you, Jay. I do appreciate that.
And, you know, we do appreciate working with you know, really, really good people in the industry Who are trying to do really, really good things for for the for the family, for their friends.
You know, we do we do appreciate working with people are similar in the industry to us.
Absolutely. Well, thank you so much again. I'm gonna let you get back to work. Thank you for coming on, and we'll talk person, buddy.
No worries. Thanks for your time, everyone.
And am I'm at?
I am.

Caleb and Brown was founded in 2016 to become an outstanding personal cryptocurrency brokerage firm; a means of accessing large volumes of Cryptocurrency, instantly, at a spot price via a single trusted entity. Since its inception, Caleb and Brown has evolved its service offerings to now become the largest Cryptocurrency Brokerage and consultant firm based in Australia by both trade volume as well as number of clients.

Caleb and Brown has been built on the foundation of cryptocurrency expertise, having been through multiple market cycles of prosperity and correction. Starting as a private crypto-management and consultant firm, the company now provides its resources to its clients through a direct relationship with a personal broker.

We believe that good management of wealth comes through professionalism and understanding of risks. Caleb and Brown prides itself on long lasting relationships with our clients based on accountability and integrity. We pride ourself on being able to navigate this growing industry for our customers and we strive to become the global leading Cryptocurrency Brokerage and advisory management firm.


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Live Stream with Caleb & Brown 

0:05 Good evening, winners. 0:07 How is everyone doing to...

Good evening, winners.
How is everyone doing today?
Happy Sunday to you.
Claus says, First, a big thank you.
Do tell Claus. What is the big thank you.
What is the big thank you? Can you guys hear me OK? I'm assuming you can, since you're talking to me.
We are still waiting on, Jeff.
I sent him a message 10 minutes ago, and he said, Roger, that I'll be there.
But, you guys know how I do it, I like to start sharp.
Exactly, when I say I'm going to be there, I don't think I've ever started a live stream ever late.
Don't plan on doing that day. So we'll just wait on Jeff and I just send them a text.
Great, great, and good volume, great. Happy Sunday, a fine Sunday afternoon. Doing wonderful, Thank you, Jay.
Doing great, yes, Big thank you, George. To George.
Hearing well, Thank you.
To George, yes, thank you to George, 100000000%, 100000000%.
Let me give Jeff a quick call.
See if he'll answer.
Yeah, he didn't sleep much Euro.
Here comes, jif.
Jeff is coming in right now.
Jeff, you just need to turn your microphone on on your end.
On your computer?
Let me give Jeff Colgan.
Hey, buddy, You're in here, You just need to turn your microphone on?
SEC, where it's muted and orange just turn just click it, and it'll should turn green.
On your goto Webinar control panel, down the side of it there'll be a microphone is that orange or green?
Have you got like a headset You can plug in, or?
Mmm hmm.
Yeah, and just so you know, because I've got you in here as an organizer.
If you go to Go if you see goto meeting at the top, if you're are you on an Apple?
PC, so if you go to the the Preferences for goto Webinar while it's launched, it will let you set up your audio.
And then you can use, like. There you go, You're on now, you're on.
Can you hear me? Yes, sir. We can hear you. And you're alive, everybody's here.
So, you're live on the air, Jeff, coming in, live on the air. Fantastic, thanks for having made the big shout-out from Melbourne, Australia, 30 in the morning here. Big shout out to the whole bench. Same.
So thank you for tuning in.
Can you guys hear Jeff, OK?
Let's see what they say here.
Yes, they said they can hear you just fine.
So, Jeff, we were just actually discussing, briefly here, as a group, you know, George, my tech guy, that's been with BIM with me now for a little bit, and he and I partnered up on the bitcoin academy dot net.
And, you know, George was, George was, I forget how many years, 7, 8 years, at Apple, 7, 8 years at Microsoft, and he put together on my website, he put together a, a whole rollout procedure. Or for people to claim their flamengo coins.
On nio, for this week, Do you remember me telling you about that?
Yeah. Yeah. Everyone's been raving about, you know, how hard Georgia has been working. Even though he's been inundated, he's been able to do a phenomenal job from what I hear, sir.
Yeah. Yeah, for sure.
And, you know, I don't, I don't put a whole lot of credence in us, but the flamengo coin on the on the futures market already traded up to $1500 a coin.
So I don't know what the real price will be when it comes out. I've heard a couple numbers thrown around somewhere between 20 and $50 from a couple of big players, but I don't pretend to guess anymore or know. I've heard too many stories too many times And sometimes, it's the, it's the right price, Sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower.
So, I'm not going there, but I will tell you this on the Mint rush, you know, for me, personally, I've already gotten over 4100 coins.
And the Mint Rushville goes till the 30th.
So, today's the 27th, here.
So, we still got three more days a mint rush, and it's going well, man, it's going very well.
That's really good to hear. You know? You're able to get on that early. You even knew about that before we did so.
Did you got, are you guys able to get on?
Know, we weren't, We weren't able to get on with Flamengo, we have too many other things going on at the moment, over here with us. Yeah.
Gotcha, OK. Well, let's just jump in here.
I've got, for those of you guys, who might be a little bit new here, I know that's not too many people, I want to introduce to you, Jeff. Jeff just happens to be my personal broker.
There are a lot of personal brokers over at Caleb and Brown.
Jeff is not the only one.
He is just the only one for me, and when I have a friend or I have a family member wants to come into crypto.
I always do an e-mail introduction to Jeff and make sure that those people are working with the same broker that I am. But Jeff has, as I'm introducing him to you, I just want to give a proper introduction.
I know value, Jef, because Jeff gives me any kind of unbelievable trading advice.
I value, Jeff, because he has built a trust with me, That goes into the millions of dollars, And that is so rare in 20 20.
That I can't even explain that.
And so, to be able to have that kind of trust with somebody who's across an ocean, who's looking out for my well-being, just means the world, to me.
And I'll give you guys a quick story to kind of help you understand.
Just for this, for this one example, guys. I'm going to use a dollar amount. I normally don't use dollar amounts, but I'm going to do that today.
In 20 17, my position in populus grew up to not quite $10 million.
And I went to try and liquidate my populus, can I just tell you that?
Everywhere I went, my wallets are being locked.
Oh my God, you just, I'd get an e-mail after they lock my wallet. I'd get an e-mail that said, Yeah, you just deposited a large amount of money onto our platform.
And we're going to have to do some serious KYC with you, and I'm sitting there answering the e-mail back, and going, Wait a minute!
You did KYC with me to the VIP level, and you tell me that I can do 100 Bitcoin a day worth of transactions on your platform, and yet, you've got my coins locked to you're keeping me from selling my coins.
So, this happened a lot to me, not just with PPT. I'm just using that as an example.
And I tried liquidating, other coins.
There was quite a bit happening at the end of 2017 where I was trying to liquidate, and guys like a lot of you, I was able to get liquidated a fair amount of crypto.
But nowhere near not even 10% of what my kryptos grew up to be by the end of 2017.
And like a lot of you, I had to literally watch my wallets go all the way back.
Now, back to where they started from. I had some, I mean, I had a lot of really great positions.
But, the dollar amount came all the way back, 85, 90%.
And a lot of you think you've lived through a hard bear market And What I don't want you to have to do is I don't want you to see say $50 million show up in your block folio, and then you have to ride it all the way back to five million.
And you don't have an avenue where you can liquidate that crypto.
So, for that reason, I was very excited to bring Caliban Brown to this group.
What is it been, Jeff? Now, two years ago, now, 2.5 years?
Yeah, it's been a close to a solid 2.5 years, working with many of you. So, it's, Yeah, time has flown. It's been phenomenal.
And you know what you're saying about trust, the full People ask me, you know, What do you do as a crypto broker? I go.
I actually no ideal Entrust that's it, that's exactly what we do.
Because, you know, without that foundation, without that relationship, with each and every one of you, we would not be able to do what we do so, No, that's It.
comes down to that fundamental trust and, And, yeah, I don't think I can put any planet. And that really, it's that there's nothing coupling.
There's nothing complicated about it, Sorry, it broke out there Yeah, no worries. But anyway, guys, let me introduce to you, Jeff, Caliban Brown. Jeff, if you don't mind, just take one minute for anybody here that might be new.
And we have had quite a few new folks coming around and just kinda tell them where you guys are, what you do, give them, you know, give them the Reader's Digest version and then we'll jump into some topics after that.
Yeah, absolutely, no problem. So, I am a broker of many of many of you. I work at Calvin Brand as a senior broker and, yeah, we're based out here in Melbourne, Australia. So, we provide liquidity to individuals around the world, you know, starting with small amounts up to executing large transactions for individuals, companies, small institutions, and things like that. And, yeah, we just leverage a lot of liquidity providers from around the world to be able to help people, you know, either onboard and get out of the market and things like that, without crashing the token without all these headaches and things like that.
So, you know, obviously, a lot of you know, you deal direct, know, you're not dealing with a chat box, so you know, opening up support tickets, you're dealing directly with a broker, who's there to be a problem solver. So, yeah, that's essentially what we were headed to. You know, we're here to work for you guys.
Now with you guys to your strategies and things like that, to be impartial as we can and to be.
To give you, to give you good information based on some of our insights that we see as well, and, and things like that.
Yeah. That's, I guess the hard and fast of it, really.
You know, a lot of you know, we, we have some, a lot more access to different tokens as well, because we do use Leverage, a lot of our corporate accounts.
You know, you don't have to have 100 different accounts with exchanges, KYC.
You just have them with us, and that's how, That's how it works.
Yeah, And I want to tell you guys. I recently was going through a KYC process for one of my LLCs with a totally different organization.
This has actually been going on now since July, the 11th, and I'm still not KYC.
And it's a large organization a lot like Caleb and Brown and I'm going through the process.
But because they're right here in the States, they are actually their entire policy and their entire process for setting up is actually dictated to them by a bank.
And let me tell you, I have argued and argued they wanted to see screenshots of my wallets.
They want I mean, they wanted everything for me, of which, by the way, they did not get, because I am no pushover. I don't fold like a cheap suit. So, in essence, I've given them the bare bone minimum, and I've told them I've said, Guys, you can't be in crypto.
And expect that you're asking me for, for something safe, by telling me, you want me to send you screenshots, of my wallets. You now have my address. Your employees have my dress, you know where I live, I said, There's no way I'm sending you screenshots of my wallet. You can forget it. Well, we need to, We need to know that you're wealthy.
I said, Wait a minute, I said you can set up an account with a person using facial recognition and a driver's license or or a passport, and give them 100 Bitcoin of liquidation power all in about 15 minutes and we've been working on this with a corporation since July the 10th Are you kidding me?
And so at this point, I have no clue whether I'll actually get it set up or not. If they keep pushing the edge of the envelope, I'm just going to tell him to ****** off.
I do something like that, only because, and I'm perfectly comfortable talking about this with Jeff and in front of Jeff.
I never believe that a person, when you start having large, large, large, big sums of wealth should have all your eggs in one basket. So, Jeff knows, because sometimes I'll say to him, he'll sell, for example, he might sell, you know, he might sell something for me, let's call it a $50,000 order. Maybe it's $100,000. Or, I know right now, he's holding close to very, getting close, to about a million dollars worth of stuff for me over there right now.
So, some very large numbers.
I don't normally talk numbers with you guys. I'm just being willing to talk a little bit of that with you tonight, because I want you to get the point that I do trust, Jeff!
And so, you know, sometimes I'll say to him, Hey, thanks for selling that for me today.
I also sold 5000 of those, myself, you know, And so I'll let him know that I'm not just using Caliban Brown for every single transaction and MLK talking about that with him, and he's: he's never one time, as my friend, and as my broker.
He realizes that if you get to a certain size, you don't want to have all your eggs in one basket. Certainly, he would love for me to have all my eggs in one basket, but he respects my decision as a business guy. So I'm just trying to say to you guys, I know I'm going overboard, but I trust this guy. He's my number one broker.
And as we continue to build more and more trust, we've had some conversations recently and I'm going to give, I'm going to let that trust continue to build.
And what I mean by build is, you might start out sentence somebody, $10000, and you go, that went well, Then you go to 5000 or $50,000. That went well. And then you go to 500,000, oh, that went well. And then maybe you're going to be one of those people that goes. one day, you send Caliban Brown, $10 million, and you call them up and you say, hey, I just sent you $10 million for the Bitcoin. Can you give me a live cell price for all of it?
And they say, Here's your price, and you say, Like I did last year in June. You say, Sell it.
And they, they go, hang on one second, and they come back to the phone, NaN later and go. Where would you like the money, sir?
Would you like us to hold this for you?
So, I'm just saying to you, as you grow, you grow that trust up kind of, each level at a time, and I'm continuing to do that because, even though I have some other resources for liquidating, crypto, I'm right now, setting up a source with a with a Mining consortium, as well. And, even though I have some other sources cannot tell you, I don't even like any of those people.
Like, I actually liked Jeff, like, I can't wait. You know, 2, 3 times a week. We talk on the phone, and he's, he's a friend of mine. He's become a friend of mine, so I like him. It's not just, it's not just a business relationship, but I actually like the guy and I like crash. I like the whole, the whole team over there.
So, I just can't say enough good things.
I know you guys all feel the same, but I'm just trying to add a little transparency to the conversation. But, anyway, Jeff, quick couple of quick questions, and then we'll, we'll maybe get into a few questions from the folks here. Give us an idea of the size, liquidity.
Because there's a lot of people here.
Right now, we have, no, not that many attendees here on this webinar, but everybody knows I'm gonna post the recording, so, you know, this recording will get 6700 views about tomorrow.
And so here's, here's the question, when a lot of people see a group of 6 or 700 people.
They don't really understand that you're over there servicing maybe 20,000 people, not just this group.
And you've got to have a big amount of liquidity to be able to service people. Everybody's calling and, you know, similar terms go and sell the cell that give you guys an idea of how your liquidity has actually grown, even since, you know you and I came together. I've seen it grown like threefold.
Yeah, it's been. It's been interesting.
Because, you know, when we were at the very start of Caleb and Brown, it was quite hard to get on to get the liquidity that we that we had even to begin with. It was six exceedingly hard, because once again, these people had to trust us. We had to open up the lines of credit with all these different businesses around the world. It was ridiculous. And now, you know, we're becoming more and more recognized through word of mouth. We don't do any advertising, and he paid advertising.
And it's a situation where, know, these liquidity providers, they've come to us to offer it to us, all frost lines of credit and things like that. To give you guys an example, I know that a lot of you took a really big profit on your chain link, you know, a few weeks ago, NASA congratulations. You know, selling it from anywhere between 18 to $21 per token. Phenomenal cold Ajay. In the on that weekend, we liquidated about $140 million worth of chain link across the globe.
You have hundreds of different people, just to give you an idea.
You know, at any, any given single, um, trade, we can service up to $100 million.
You know, So it's, you know, the liquidity is there. And we, and you don't have to see any of the moving parts. You just need to know that when you want to go, you can stick the Kaizen, turn the ignition and the thing starts right. And yeah, we, we take care of all the moving parts. We take care of all, the communication between all the providers and, and things like that. So it's, yeah, just to give you that one price, That's the result. You know, we try and get you the best price we can on the market.
We don't, we don't charge premium pricing like other places. Do we go, hey, this is a better price for our client, let's get that for him, you know, and that's, that's a lot of the value proposition as well.
Yeah, I think, I think a lot of people, one of the things, they don't put the pieces together on, I have had, over the last 2.5, 3 years, Jeff, I'll be totally transparent here.
I've had a number of people say right here on my channel, why in the world would you guys be using Caliban Brown? I can get it done in finance for a quarter of a percent.
And I said fantastic you go ahead and do that you must have a trading account of about 10 or $15,000 because by Nance is not gonna let your group liquid a $20 million for the chain link all at the same time.
Believe me there Wallah would go on Shutdown folks and so what I'm trying to say to you is is I get both sides of it if you got a small fish in the pond, a finance might work perfect for you.
I just happen to know from doing one-on-one Sessions with a whole lot of people here, There's not, there's there's not small fish people.
I mean, I, I've done. the one on ones with you guys. I've looked at your portfolios, and there are people here who have millions and millions of dollars into crypto.
And so I get it. There's two sides to the, to the fence.
So maybe today, maybe today you find that finance can handle all your needs. Fantastic.
No one is telling you you have to go to Caleb and Brown.
What I would tell you though is have a Caliban Brown account because maybe you weren't in crypto.
In 2017, when the whole world was trying to liquidate, and, and the, and the finances, and the coinbase's and all their little algorithmic programs are not letting people login to their website. It wasn't letting people fulfill their orders, they would think their order went through to find out five hours later. Oh, we're so sorry we had to cancel your order. We were letting somebody in the back door, so we couldn't fill your order.
And maybe at that time, you'll go Well, you know, maybe I'll just send it to Caleb and Brown and capture my profit while the prices are still high. Instead of waiting on by Nance for next week to open the Wall it up.
And the price has changed 30% and all of a sudden Caleb and Brown's 3.5% little fee for A for a Boutique service where you can call your broker on the phone, looks unbelievably cheap. And here's another thing folks, let me give you just a little tip.
Caleb, Brown charges 3.5%. Do you think they get to do the transactions for free?
They're not doing it for free.
They're having to pay to do the transaction and then make a margin between what they pay, kinda 3.5% folks.
It's an absolute bargain of a deal and when you get the relationship going with your broker, like I do jef tell these guys when I when I buy stuff now It Because I know you're holding quite a bit of cash.
For me right now, I usually just sell $2 And Jeff holds the cash over there And when I buy some I'll just send Jeff an e-mail in the middle of the day while he's sleeping and I'll say, hey, when you get up go buy this crypto for me.
I don't say, call me, Give me a live price.
I need to know and look at my chart and make sure you're not, you know, messing with the price, any, but you know why?
Because I've actually asked Jeff enough in the past, when I've said to him, Hey, Drop $20,000 on Ripple.
And when I've told him to do that, I get my report, The report comes automated from their system. I go and look at the chart behind the system, and I go, Oh, he got me a better price than what the chart was shown. This is fantastic.
We have, In fact, Jeff, you and I can talk about this, because I don't think Rachel Monn.
Rich is someone that I've recently helped to get set up over at Caleb and Brown, and Rich put together a spreadsheet.
Because Rich recently sold a bunch of his gold.
Because Rich is rich.
And he sold a bunch of gold, and he wanted to put it into crypto.
So, he sent his orders in, and he said, Buy this one below this price. Buy this one below that price.
Buy this one below that price. That's all he did. He said, He didn't give them five orders. He didn't say, buy me a little here, a little here, a little here, a little here. He said, I want to own this for below this price.
And when he got his orders back, his orders were considerably below that price. Do you know what I'm talking about, Jeff?
Yeah, yeah, I know exactly who you're talking about is a pretty sweet Stone guy. He even gave me a full report with a spreadsheet and all the All the calculations and everything. So, he went into quite a bit of detail.
Yes, so, he sent me that same report, and on the report, I was able to see his phill prices on everything he got.
Jeff, tell these guys exactly how that works.
When you guys are working with a client, like, taught, you know, how you know, how, you've told me in the past, about how look, we're trying to build long, term, long thinking, thinking about the future type of relationships. And so, it's in our best interests to do it a certain way, tell these guys about that.
Absolutely, absolutely. So, yeah, as a business, we certainly do have a choice, and the choice is can we lock in the better price for the client? or do we make the profit on it. You know, that's, that's the reality of it. And the situation is, as you know, a lot of cases. Absolutely. Where we can we want to make sure that we're looking after our guys, a lot of you know, I've had you, as a client for every year. Some of you, six months, and I know. a lot of value. You, like, you guys, send me photos, when you're on your holidays. I remember one of you guys recently sent me a photo of the doctor holding your newborn baby while you guys are at the hospital. You're sending me photos, so.
It's a situation where, you know, the relationship really does permit you to actually care about you guys a lot and it's a situation where, you know, you guys are here to make money. Absolutely! You know, that's not beat around the bush and if we can make you more and we can get you a better outcome, why would we not?
And it becomes a situation as well where now as I mentioned before, we don't pay for advertising. We don't have big billboards up you know run ads on YouTube and things like that before you watch your crypto videos. You know, We feel that This is doing right by our people Is enough, and that will grow the course naturally without us even needing to think about it. So, you know, we feel really good about it, You know? We're being honest, and you know, hopefully you, guys, And I really feel that and understand that as well. And I must say it's not always a situation where we can get the better price. But, whenever we get an opportunity to, we certainly will.
You know, and some of you have already had no target orders in, and said, Jeff, know your ... or failed fisher, whoever your broker is.
Gonna get me this price and then you might wake up in the morning, and you might see that it was executed a couple of cents below, that price. So, you know where we can, we certainly will.
And guys, also, too, I can't say enough good things about the fact that, you know, you're not dealing with an algorithmic e-mail for your contact. So let me expand on that just a minute.
While Jeff and I have had hundreds and hundreds of all laughs all smile conversations. Jeff and I have also had a couple of tens conversations.
But let me just tell you something, where two mature adults come together and have a communication, even if it's tense, even if it's not exactly what you wanted to have, even if it's maybe not on a topic where you're having to go. Oh, man, I was totally wrong on that, and I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I even brought it up.
Or whatever it happens to be.
I can tell you I can't speak for all of Caleb and Brown, but I can tell you that Jeff has been more than professional with me and I have done my best to offer back to him.
Only professionalism. It does nobody any good when you're over emotional, about money, and you call up and you go, hey, I thought this was going to be this way and then you just start yelling at somebody, or you start, maybe, cussing or you start whatever.
Jeff has not only been unbelievably professional, but he's also always remained calm.
He's always said to me, Hey, look, We're gonna look at it, If we find that we're wrong, We will fix it, and we will fix it immediately. And he's told me that before he even went look.
And I'm not saying that's happened a lot. That's happened a couple of times where we had a disagreement on a price or on this, or on something, or whatever. And guess what? A couple of those times, it was my fault.
It was my records.
My records were off, and I had to go.
I thought it was so cool because I didn't have to actually apologize to Jeff and go, wow, I'm so sorry, I'll talk to you that way.
Or, I'm so sorry that.
I raised my voice because I actually gave him just as much professionalism as he was offering me.
And, um, no, I just want you guys to know it's not always peaches and roses when everybody's money is involved, people are more emotional about money than any other topic on the planet.
And so, I would encourage you guys, I'm working with Caledon Brown.
Is it 99.9% of the time. It's going to be all peaches and roses. Right?
But if it ever gets to a point where it's not, give these guys an opportunity to be just as professional as you're willing to offer to them.
I think that Jeff can probably back me up on that.
Yeah, absolutely!
I feel that, you know, everybody, Everybody just wants a good outcome, Whether it's your broker or whether it's yourself, You just want a good outcome, right?
And if it's not the outcome that you're expected, give us the opportunity to make it that outcome.
You know, give it, Give us the opportunity to show us, to show you, know, how good we can be. You know, it's a situation where everything's, everything is rosy when things are good, right?
But when things aren't so good, how, look at the next steps after that will really define that relationship? You know, so, and.
It's interesting, you know, because, you know, we A lot of people, It's so funny, because I speak to, some people, like, you'd be a great dad, Jeff, because just outpatient. I really do, try to me, because it's a situation where the Unfortunate fact, for us, as brokers, is, You know, we're one of, the, only businesses crypto businesses. In the world. That You can pick up the phone, and you can speak with, somebody on the, downside for that is whenever this problem. Whether it's your problem, or not, you're gonna hear about it, so, so. Yeah, Obviously, working towards the best situation.
Possible is always an owl it within our Realm of, of, our role to and our responsibility towards you. Even if it isn't, you know, we deal with a lot of wallets support issues. And things like that are just, You know, instead of buying from, you guys aren't bought from here, and, and now I have a problem getting it out, you know. So, yeah, We help with a lot of things that are sort of, outside of the realm of our scope, but, you know, like I said, we're all about positive outcomes, and whenever we can render assistance, and, and, yeah, help you guys out on a lot, Why would we not?
Yeah. Let me, let me even go a step further than that, And then I'll ask you a couple more questions, and we'll take a couple of questions from the folks here.
Um, last weekend, guys.
I told you guys, I was selling some more of my neo.
I told you, I was going to hold onto my big stack of Neo, but I was going to sell all of my short stack, and 25% of my long stack, if we got up to the $2627 price point.
So probably many of you, and I'm sure Jeff can tell me, if this was the case. I'm pretty sure it was.
All of you sent your neo to Caleb and Brown. You put your orders in place.
And then on that Sunday, I've found out about FLN.
And I said, wait a minute, I don't think I want to sell this neo, I think I want to go for more F, L, M, And the more Neo I have, the more FLN might get, because it's all percentage based.
And, so, I actually called up Jeff to offer him kind of a light apology to say, man, I know it's your weekend.
And I know you had, you know, your trader had to put the order, and you had to receive the coins. We had to go back and forth.
You know what Jeff said to me, he said, Jay, that's what we're here to do.
And he said, You know, we work. We work 6, 7 days a week, most weeks.
We work till 10 or 11 o'clock at night, all of us, the whole staff.
And he said, And we don't complain if you decide that, you know, you wanted to sell it, now, you don't. We're not asking any questions, We just send your your crypto back to you.
And Know, doing it that way is one thing. Doing it. that way with a good attitude is something else. Even if behind the coin, somebody at the organization could have possibly been rolling their eyes going, Are you kidding me? We gotta send all this back now. And so my point to you is this.
Everything you're hearing me talk about are the reasons why Caleb and Brown and Jeff are my number-one broker.
And because they're my number one broker, I extend more and more trust to them than I have the last time, because I want to be able to use them for almost everything.
I mean, I want to be able to do that.
But, at the same time, a person has to have a certain amount of rules, that, anything you're doing, when you're dealing with your wealth, And, you know, if it was 50 grand, I'd be like, OK, I use Callum Brown for everything.
Nobody else, but it's not 50 grand guys, It's a lot more than that.
And so, from there, you know, there just has to be a trust bill. And Caleb and Brown have done it for me.
So, anyway, Thank you, Jeff, for answering those questions. Thank you for for all all the 2.5, 3 years of service you've given to me personally, and also to the binge team. I know you've served these guys, unbelievably, you, and the whole staff over there, Jake.
B, I don't know. All their names.
But, thank you for that. And I just had a couple of quick questions for you.
Kind of all along the path we're on, but then we'll just go to a couple of questions folks have here and we'll let you get onto your busy day.
Yeah, so, one of the questions that I had was this, um, when it comes to us, giving you an order.
Obviously, for example, if I sent you, for example, let's just hypothetically say, I was sending you 10000 coins of any cryptocurrency.
And I had an idea in my head that it was going to go between, say, 20 and $22.
Does that work out best for you guys?
If we just send you the 10000 coins and say look we think it's going between 20 and 22, so get us the best price you can get once it starts going over 20 and just let it rip or is it OK for us to give you an order? Where it's you know sell sell 2500 of them at 20 bucks.
sell 2500 it 20 dollars and 50%, so 2500 at $21 and blah, blah blah tarragon or is it OK to do both based on each individual scenario?
Yeah, I do feel either role is completely fine. It just depends on the individual strategy. The idea of selling, though, You want to get as much bang for your buck when you're selling for. Sure. So, I do, I do think that, you know, saying, that, you know, you'd like to sell at a certain price, or better. That would be ideal. Because he, that we all know that the crypto market is so volatile, and things don't plant exactly the way that, we, that, we think they will.
So it's a situation where if it hits $21, and then somebody drops a $100 million in the market, that thing goes to 28, know, you want to be able to try and get that 28 right, So. Yeah, so if you can, the language definitely should be around, you know, Get this price all better, good till cancel, because our audits do stay in the system until someone cancels them. So being mindful that you still have open target audits, as well, when you are buying things, is important.
OK, and the last question I have, and then we'll go to the folks here.
Recently there were a number of exchanges in Korea that were raided by government entities, IE the police of whatever that entity is.
I know that I have gotten to where I trust you more and more, if I sell a position, and I feel like in my mind, I'm going to be going back into a position fairly quickly.
Let's call it 30 days, 45 days, I have traditionally just left that money with you. I haven't said, hey, hey, Jeff, Sell it to stable coins and send it back to me.
I haven't said, You know, like, I sent you a fair amount of ethereum recently, and it's just been sitting with you now for 3, 4 weeks.
And We either sell it, or we don't.
Right, and so, in the meantime, though, it is in your care, and I'm not insured to have that in your care.
And so my question revolves around, um, if something like what happened in Australia, or excuse me, in Korea, happened at Caliban Brown?
Where where does that leave the trader's here?
I guess what I'm trying to, I guess what I want to hope to maybe build a case for is, you know, maybe it's OK from time to time when you need to leave funds with Caleb and Brown and here's why. Right, and maybe we find out through the conversation. Hey, you should never leave your phones here. You should never leave your crypto here, but just talk to us about that. A minute. From your perspective, I only have my perspective, which isn't on the other side of an ocean.
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So what what happened with bit humble was the CEO was actually committing securities fraud, selling, unlicensed securities and things like that, and obviously share trading it through his own exchange.
So, our employees individually, every three months go through security audits.
You know, just to make sure that, you know, like my trades get looked over, you know, by our compliance team, personally, just to make sure I'm not doing anything That shouldn't be done, know. We, we constantly go through, you know, record checks and things like that as well and it's, yeah, with us, as employees, we are scrutinized, down to the T you know, we get, is quite a lot of things that we need to jump through all the time just to make sure that everything's OK and that that one link in the team is not going to be the downfall. And it's a situation where I can give you a great example at the moment. Coin just over the weekend just got hacked for $150 million.
Coin was considered to be one of the safest exchanges, in terms of the security policies, but the fact still remains that I keep a lot of their coins in hot wallets. What that means for a lot of people who don't know what a hot wallet is, is that it's essentially an exchange wallet. So it's a situation where somebody, internally or externally, can actually train the wallets. Caleb, Brown J You know your, your Ethereum.
Whenever you try this completed, your assets moved to an unknown cold storage device. It's annoying biosecurity team and developers but it's not known by individuals like myself.
So, it's a situation where those funds, you know, quite hard to hack that already under lock and key and a vault that has 24 hour security On top of that. It's away from the internet.
So we'd like to think that we've learnt from the armies of the past to try and make sure that there is no, um, little to no risk of actual breach there. And, us as a business, we actually duty to have quite a lot of liquidity in cash and in cryptocurrency to actually hold, to have a custodial solution the way that we have. Because you can't just have a custody solution, will not have anything to back it up with. Obviously, regulators aren't really like that. You want to make sure that you have some sort of, float, you know, some, some way that you can recover funds, as well.
So, I'd like to think that we're pretty robust, and I personally keep some assets with Calvin Brown as well. So, but it just comes down to the individual's preference. You know, like, I'll give you a scenario. Let's say that your middle of your work day, to run a business, you're pretty pretty busy guy.
And let's say that all of a sudden, all your assets all-time high, and J gives you a call to sell, you're gonna drive home furiously, might take you half an hour. You're gonna get your ledger out, that you haven't taken out, 3 or 6 months, you're gonna have to do a ledger update. You know, you're gonna have, you're gonna be so stressed out during the entire time, you're gonna be trying to get onto your broker in Australia, trying to get your assets across. And maybe you don't have the opportunity to go straight home and do that. Maybe you need to wait six hours before you can, maybe you've missed your opportunity. It certainly does allow for faster market access now, to be able to far from the hip. Just pick up the phone on your work break and say, you know, Jeff Jacoby or whoever your brokerage. This is what I need, Don. Can you do it for me now? Certainly does allow.
Yeah. Just that convenience. And like I said, that fast. market access to be agile and nimble in the market. But, you know, as I mentioned, it depends on your personal situation. You know, some people prefer to have the Queensland that wallet and look at them, and that is completely fine. And as you mentioned, the four J, you know, we think we talked about 20, 23 million US. Dollars of Neo that weekend. And it's a situation where obviously, if people want the back like that your assets, they're not our assets, you know. So it's a situation where, as a byproduct of you taking profit and you making money, then yeah. That's great. We take a backseat to that went on first and foremost when it comes to that. So. Any questions? Sorry. No questions asked when it comes to having your assets back. You can just have it. That's not a problem with us.
So I hope that answers a few of your questions. Does, and, just, let me do Part B of that, too.
And, then, we'll get onto the folks here.
a couple of years ago, I needed an option to be able to, when I first got set up with you guys, it was basically a scenario of, Hey, if you sell to US dollars, you got to, you know, get with us within 10 days and get your money out of here.
And so, you guys, so graciously set up a holding company in Australia on my behalf.
And you said, hey, when you want to sell crypto, we'll hold it for you right here. And you held a very big, large, lump sum of money for me last year in June for about 60 days.
And until I was ready to put the money back in, but talk to these guys a little bit about the fact that you know, it wasn't long after that. Maybe a year later you open that up to this whole team here of people.
and just kind of give them an idea of what they have access to as far as when they sell off their USD when they sell off kryptos to USD.
Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. It took a little bit of pushing to the operations team to get that feature.
Didn't see the need for white people. Could hold the US dollars with us, and obviously, the benefits are endless. You know, You don't have to wait, you know, the amount of time to get a while back, and then when you want to walk back again, it's just like this whole.
Yeah. This whole painful Act, but, you know, we ended up opening up, you know, the holding company account to retail guys as well, you know, to our other clients. So it gives them the convenience, to say, Hey, I'd like to sell it to USD. Please hold it until further notice. You may be waiting for a retry, something better price, deploy that capital now. So once again, it's just another convenient features, to make sure that, that you guys can deploy strategies, and in a more effective way, than leading to, to receive funds, and then why funds back? Because to us, you know, that's not, you know, that's not really acceptable.
We need to be able to improve the service over time, and make it easy, and more convenient than than not, so to speak, So, yeah.
Yeah, we're still, and we're still, I'm still getting reports from people.
There's a gentleman here in this group who is a very large fish, in the end, the whole scope of crypto, And my understanding is, the way I got the story is he's recently wired to you guys through multiple times, acquiring about $600,000.
And his bank sent him a letter Last week saying, we're going to shut your account down Who is Caleb and Brown, or are you buying crypto?
I mean, they had this long dissertation letter and tell them they're going to shut him down and who's Caleb and Brown, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so, guys, know, in my opinion, if you if you must hold your US. Dollars yourself and, you know, I'm an advocate of that, like I'm not against that.
Then don't sell it to US. dollars.
Sell it to a stable coin and get it back in your wallet.
The stable coin industry has grown by billions. I mean, over 10 billion in just USD T in USD See alone in the last six months has grown by over 10 billion. So if you must hold your own, your own money.
I suggest, you know, don't sell it the dollars, sell it to stable coin and you know, get your stable coin back in your wallet. And now it's just a feature of you sending it back and forth on the blockchain, which is nowhere near like it is to have to wire back and forth and get your, your bank account shut down.
That's happened to me four times. Before I got with Kale, that happened to me one time since I've been with Caleb where I sent them multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in one transfer, and my bank shut me down.
And, you know, Jeff, and the guys at Caleb tried to set up a different account tour. It doesn't look like it's crypto.
But what, for whatever reason, the banks are smart, and they figured some of that out, So, No. I would just say to you guys, be smart about what you're doing there.
And, you know, to a certain number, I trust Caleb and Brown, and then that number keeps expanding as we move forward and do more business together.
So, anyway, at this point, thanks, Jeff, for taking some of my questions. I think we'll take a few questions from the crowd here. There is a few, I'll just read a few comments as well. This one says question for Jeff.
When trading opens tonight, Jef trading is opening at I think it's 1 0 PM East Coast Time. It's trading.
It's opening on by Nance for people to be a little X. You start trading their F L M. Will you will you guys be able to do that?
SLM, let's have a look at that token hostname is this full mango. That's the flamingo from the. Yeah.
So, if it does open up on, on larger markets, I can put in A are requests now.
Just to make sure that we can try and get it at a later pause, our security checks. But yeah, if it's if it's all good, Danielle will suddenly listed as well. Problems.
And most, most people here are going to want to sell, not by, so they're just going to want to sell to the market.
But what's happening is tonight at one o'clock, you can claim them off your vault even though the the Meant Russia is not done until the 30th You know everybody has a lot of coins already and you're going to be able to claim them supposedly You're going to be able to move them to buy Nance. And there'll be open for trading. So that's at 1 0 PM East Coast time tonight. So six hours for 6.5 hours from now.
Yeah, no problems, no, problems, or, certainly, get our team to have a look at that and see if we can line up and and meet that deadline, as well, OK, So there's another one asking about FOM.
OK, I'm just going through, guys, I don't need to read all the comments. I'm just looking for some questions here.
Jeff, is my broker as well and I'm extremely satisfied with his services.
I can't give Jeff enough praises he is an awesome professional broker. He is quick as a whip whenever I want to buy and sell.
We have a blast going back and forth. Fun stuff, too. Here's somebody. That's not happy, Jeff, and so I think you always want to address somebody that's not happy, because you're always absolutely. Anyone who's happy, please get in touch with me, please contact me. I'd be happy to answer your questions.
Here's what this person says, and I think it's a little bit I think they place their question in the wrong air, but we'll just say it anyway and let you address it.
How can Jeff talk about trust when he and I agreed to use my proton account instead of my hacked?
Yahoo yet when I send an e-mail from my proton the reply goes to my Yahoo account.
So this person is saying that they're sending you start from their their proton account and they're getting replies back to their Yahoo account and they're saying that that means that you can't be trusted.
Yeah, look, that's, uh. That's a definite concern. You know, that is a concern for me.
I did receive comments on our Google reviews about this, but unfortunately it was an anonymous name. There were no details left. So please send me an e-mail. My e-mail is Jeff Kyle of inbound dot com, I'd like to get this rectified as soon as possible. To my knowledge every single time that this has happened, this has only happened maybe twice in the past. I've been able to, to fix it.
So, yeah, please just come forward and let me know or send me an e-mail from your proton e-mail and we'll, we'll get the steps in place to get it sorted. You know, falls aware of this than it would have been done immediately? So yeah, please just get in touch with me. I'll be happy to help you.
Yeah. I'll just say to the group here, I'm not sure that that opens the door for you to question somebody's trust just because your e-mails functions not working correctly. And I would say to you, rather than coming in a public forum and questioning somebody's trust, that maybe you just call them up on the phone. He just said to you earlier, we're the only broker on the planet. You can call us. So, pick up your stupid phone and column and go, hey, I'm having a problem here and fix it, Like, take responsibility as an adult and fix it. Instead of coming in a forum like this and go, And how can you possibly talk about trust?
Look, he just said to you a few minutes ago, that 30 something million Neo were sent to him from this group a week ago.
I call that trust, I call that trust, and I'm pretty sure everybody got their neo back.
Anyway, that kind of irks me, that you would place that that way, and maybe you could come here and say, hey, I'm having a problem with my e-mail, how do I get it fixed?
Instead of saying, I don't know how Jeff can talk about trust, that's just really ridiculous.
I think it's been an ongoing issue, and I think that it probably doesn't really come from a place of malice. I think it's just a place of please help me, so I'd be happy to. So please, just e-mail me.
Well, I'll read the comment, because I wanted the opportunity to comment about it, too.
We're all supposed to be adults here where you take responsibility for your own actions And what you're doing is playing the blame game and saying, these guys can't be trusted when all you have to do is pick up your telephone and call them and go, dude, how do I fix this? I've done this with Jeff a number of times where I've had something that not happening the way I wanted it to happen. And I call him up on the phone, and I said, Jeff, here's my issue. How can we fix this?
And he goes, Hey, give me five minutes, I'll get that fixed, and he fixes it.
Simple as that.
Anyway, moving on, hi Jay and Jeff. I am a Minnow growing up to be a whale.
And thanks to Jeff who dealt with me like a wail, helping me along the way with what would be considered smaller transactions? Also, Jeff, I have an LLC in the states.
But I'm wondering what is the advantage of having an LLC with Caleb and Brown? I appreciate how you give such individual treatment to us all smaller or larger accounts.
Yeah, thank you. That's a really nice. Well, yeah, when it comes to individual, you know, LLC. trust accounts, things like that, even corporations will Foundations It really does depend on what your personal financial situation is and what your goals are. I do know that we have a good friend, John, Jay, Singleton, who has been helping a lot of people with their structures, and I would I would mention maybe speaking with him, just so that he can get an understanding of your situation to outline the advantages or disadvantages for you and having an LLC.
Yeah, and I'll add to that as the general basis of having an LLC or a trust to operate in, is just from the perspective that you can bring funds, back here, to the states in that structure.
And once it send that structure, it buys you time, It buys you time to figure out, do I want to spend this money today?
And if I don't, because it's in a pass through structure, you can defer, even having to file taxes on it at that moment, right? So it gives you a structure of deferment until you decide how and when you're going to use those finances. But if you bring it back in your personal name, that year, they're going to be asking you to follow it on your taxes.
So I'll kind of give you the answer to that one from my perspective.
Can Caliban Brown help us with forks such as BCH coming up?
So in relation to forks and airdrops, I don't think we and things like staking a swamp. I don't think that we have the ability to offer things like this. We are looking at ways that we can do this for you in the future. And many of you already know that we do perform token swaps for free. So, if your coins going main net, all you needed to do was deposited, and we'll just, we'll just swap it for you know, problems. When it comes to forks, I'll have to have a look into that specific situation. You know what, what what the outcome of the folk will be. Just so that we can, yes, I'll be able to comment on it right now. But whoever that is, if you don't mind maybe sending me an e-mail about it, or maybe I can look into it, that would be great so we can prepare for it if there's anything that needs to be done.
My first trade with Jake was that weekend. I felt awful asking for my neo bag. He told me, not a problem. Jake took care of me. Thanks, Jake. You're very welcome. I'm sure Jake would be saying the same thing. Jeff, I have open both a personal and trust account of Calama Brown about two years ago, however, I have no activity in these accounts, I'm waiting for my targets to sell.
All my accounts are my accounts up to date and ready to go, even though they haven't had any activity in the last 24 months.
Yeah, so a lot of people have opened up what we call sleeper accounts. So, they can use them in the future, and they haven't really had any trading activity. As long as it's verified, as, obviously, verified, back then, it would still be verified on our system today. So, yeah, this. As long as you completed your registration, then it's then it's fine. If you would like to find out, if you did, or if you're unsure, just feel free to e-mail your broker, oh, you know, myself, and I'll be happy to just have a look on our system. It takes me two moments, and I can say, yeah, you know, verified you're ready to use this whenever you need to.
So Jeff, this next question I'm gonna paraphrase it for you: This person's wanting to know, at the time that they liquidate crypto. They're wanting to get money, wired back to them, let's say, it's going back to their trust, OK, To their trust bank account. And they're wondering, Is there an option for you guys to send the money back to their trust bank account? Let's say it's in the United States.
And you send it from, for example, the holding company versus sending it from Caleb and Brown kinda the same way. Now, they can send you money over wire and it doesn't necessarily go to Caleb and Brown because to a different consulting company. Do you have the ability to reverse that and send it back to them as a consulting company? Or is it going to show is it going to actually show up? This came from a crypto company.
So, so, we do have multiple accounts in similar consulting names. Just to make sure that we have a degree of anonymity in the market, so that we can receive funds and send funds to you safely as well. And that is also why sometimes we do change our account details, and things like that. Just to make sure that we can still operate. To appoint them. Efficiency, and not not have any issues, so to speak, but the answer is, you know, Yes.
Any any cut bank account that you'd like to liquidate your funds into that hold? A corresponding name? So for example, you liquidated funds in your trust and trust bank or bank account in any country in the world.
We can wire the funds there, from Outcome Consulting company, and not KLM and Brown funds typically take 2 to 3 business days to clear. So we literally have the funds sent out within the hour of the liquidation being completed.
Perfect. Thank you, buddy. This person says Jeff, do you prefer that?
We call e-mail or Telegram you when we need to contact you, I would ask you to go a step further.
Um, Certainly, just to contact Jeff, I think you could do any of those. Are we talking about placing an order?
Are we talking about, Jeff, do you want to just maybe run through that? Like the difference between someone contacting you with an order versus somebody that's just wanting to contact you to ask a few questions?
Yeah, I guess I guess it just depends on the situation.
I don't actually use telegram anymore. I'm more prone to using signal at the moment.
So anybody who is not using signal already, please Invite you to do so.
No, I know a lot of you speak with me my whatsapp It's it's got another security layer, which which is encrypted and adds another layer of protection and anonymity, but when it comes to communication, let's look to give you an understanding. If it's just a general question, then yeah, and e-mail is fine.
It's something a bit more time sensitive that requires yeah, that's that's sort of like an order or something like that or you know, you need to talk about strategy then? Yeah. You know coal through or just?
Make it abundantly clear that you'd like to be contacted. And yeah, we'll definitely get back to them as possible. So what people usually do, is I will send an e-mail, and I'll send a follow up. That text message, or IM, or Whatsapp, because obviously us brokers as well, we are dealing with hundreds of streams of information at any given time.
So yeah, it is good to make sure that if it is time sensitive, so please do not reach out and another form besides e-mail, just so that we can prioritize your request as well.
Thanks, Jeff, for that. Guys, I'll tell you this.
Jeff has assured me that he will wake up in the middle of the night.
When I call, I said Jeff, certainly you turn your ringer off. He said, Yes, yes, I do turn my ringer off to sleep.
But I've got it set to where, If you call, it's going to rain.
And so I guess I'm going through this scenario with you guys, to say this. I have never done that.
I don't think I ever will do that. Maybe there might come a time where I'll say, hey, Jeff, this is, you know, this is, this is so much money. I have to call you and get you out of bed, I mean, but other than that, I just don't want to do that. I want Jeff to sleep.
And so most recently, and I think he'll tell you this most recently, what I've been trying to do myself even myself, is just to when I have an order that I want to place, I don't bother with calling him, getting him on the phone. Hey, I'm going to send you this, OK, great, Send it to me.
I just literally send it to him on e-mail and wait for his response.
If he, if I know I hear from Jeff in 10, 15 minutes, I might text him and say, Hey, just letting you know. I sent you something on e-mail, but that's so rare, so rare.
And so for me, I'm just trying to be the level five client. Jeff is already being the level five broecker, I'm trying to be the level five client.
And so with me saying that, I'll also go to the next question where someone says, how can we best communicate with Caleb and Brown on their weekends so we don't compromise their personal weekend time.
Yeah, that's a really good question. So, just so that everybody is aware, we are available for trades seven days a week.
So if your question, you want to ask on a, on a Saturday night, your time, or a Sunday day, our time. If it can wait till Monday, then sure, you're more than welcome to e-mail it across.
And most of our brokers anyway, they sort of tentatively reply. You might get a reply a little bit later than you usually would if it was during the week. But typically, we are available, you know, it just depends if you have a question.
And you've left six missed calls. three text messages to Whatsapp. Then yeah, I guess you kind of stretching their friendship. A little bit there. But you know.
Just just being mindful, I think, is fun, a lot of the guys from the pinch team, like I said, we've worked with for a very long time, so we are quite friendly with a lot of you anyway. But, yeah, there's some people's concerns are as well.
You know, what do I do if I need to get a hold of you guys outside of no usual hours?
You know, I think your group situation Js a little bit different, because you guys work towards strategy You guys aren't knee jerk reaction trading. You guys aren't trading on emotion. You guys have a clear plan? A lot, and a lot of times, And a lot of times, you know, when you're within that band, when, when, you're like, OK, we're going to hit this region, we better contact that broker, you know what I mean?
So, strategy definitely does help with communication. Then, yeah, just just communicating that.
If you ever need something on the weekends, or you may foresee that you may need the assistance of your broker, definitely just reach out and say, Hey, you know, Jake, you know, for example.
I'm I'm thinking of doing this on the weekend, or, you know, I might be away on the weekend, Can you setup set a target over for me, or something like that? It's all just based around communication. I feel so.
OK, well, do you have just a couple more? There's probably 15 more questions, but we'll just do a couple more here. The idea wasn't keep Jeff, He's got work, He's gotta get to.
Thank you, Jeff, or even coming and taking these questions. Thank you. Thanks for having me. It's been, it's been really nice. This guy says here and this is a great question.
Is there any plans on the future for Caleb and Brown having a United states?
Are no not United States, but an Australian night Tom cruise so like people available at night.
Yes, yes, absolutely. So, just to give you guys an idea of what we've been working on, we are actually moving pretty soon. I can't confirm when 2, 24 offer 24 hour operations.
So, you'll have a desk, or after hours broker, that you can contact. I can't confirm a date on this yet. At the moment, which we currently have about an uptime of about 16 hours a day, 716 to 18 hours, depending on how much deal flow we have. But we are, that's definitely something that's on our radar that we want to be able to do. And, to be honest, you know, a lot of our Brokers instead of starting at 7 or 8 o'clock.
I'll start time now is 4 35 0 AM. So we are trying our best with the bandwidth that we have, but we are looking to open up shop in places like London, places like New York as well, just so that we can. Yeah, definitely make sure that we have all Alice covered.
That's fantastic.
Let's see here.
I'm gonna break this guy's question up, and kinda ask it a different way, Jeff. I think it's a pretty good question. They're basically asking.
Um, as far as government agencies go, and I think there are specific hearing this around US. Government agencies.
How much regulation of stuff does Caleb and Brown have to deal with as far as the US. Regulation type agencies? I don't think you deal with any of you.
Know, we said we don't deal with any, so it's a situation where we deal with our own local agencies.
OK, and I think as mentioned in the past, the some people, you know, the only reason we data give information about anyone to your local agency would be is if you're under investigation for anything that would fall under our anti money laundering policy.
Which is obviously money laundering, terrorism funding and things like that.
As long as you are not within that era, know, within that realm, you're pretty much OK, but when it comes to reporting, was that was the other question? Was answered correctly, I think. Yeah. I think that's exactly what they're looking for. I mean, they had multiple questions here. But I think that just stating that you really don't, you're not required to work with any of the agencies here in the US. Only in Australia is probably the answer that they're looking for, based on their question.
Will also answer the question a bit more, bit more straight down the narrow.
We're not like Gemini and Coinbase where we just literally hand it over without even any, any sort of intent that they are because they're on US Soil. They must give up information. That's just a given.
So, on our end, obviously, it's all up to you and where you are, you know, a domicile to pay taxes and things like that.
So, it's up to you to do your reporting and up to you to make sure that you're up to date with your local laws and regulations. We are not, it's not our responsibility to set up.
Good, good, let me read this one here.
OK, so, I'm gonna just handle this one, and then we're gonna do one more question for Jeff and then we're gonna call it a day. It says, here, I understand that, I have, and do use an LLC of my own.
I just do not understand why I need an LLC formed at Kayla Brown.
In addition to my own heeren states, I do not use a personal account.
Um, no one's telling you First of all that, you have to do anything. That's the first thing I'll state.
Um, if you have an LLC in the United States and that's what you're stating that you do have one. All you have to do is send your paperwork to Caleb and Brown and they will form the account in a matter of hours.
And you'll be operating in your LLC doing your crypto. If you want to understand more about that, there are all milion tax breaks.
And if the, if the laws ever change and you're to be required to pay taxes on your crypto, you're going to wish you had them in a trust or an LLC, versus just your own self.
So I don't know how to answer that, but that's my answer.
This last question for Jeff is this, assuming that I come to Australia, can Kayla, Ben Brown, still assist with me getting a bank account set up there? That's actually a really great question. I mean, that hasn't changed, has a Jeff.
Now, that hasn't changed, you know, just let me know when you when you're in.
We'll definitely take you out for for beer. And this in a steak. But we've we've had about six people from crypto trickles, sci-fi come and visit us, come and see our office come and meet the team. You know? I call it my personal banker. We go down to the west bank and we created a bank account. for you.
So, so, yeah, you know, whenever you are, whenever you are in town to do that, obviously let us know when you plan on coming, and we'll be happy to yeah. to help create a bank account for you here in Australia.
Obviously, for the people that don't know, the, one of, the benefits of doing that is we can actually liquidate your funds into a bank account that's held in your name. And you have 100% agency over instead of using one of our holding accounts, for example. So it's, once again, it's just one of those convenience things. If that's what you feel happy with doing, then Yeah, we'll be happy to help accommodate.
Jeff, want to, when you guys open a bank account, in Australia, you basically just use a Government ID, right? There's, you guys don't have Social Security numbers there.
We don't have Social Security numbers. So the process pretty much is, is that the individual needs to attend a branch in person. They just need to show a Form of ID, like a passport. And that's all they need to open an account. There are no other questions asked about it. And yeah, within within three days, you have your debit card sent out to you, your account details setup almost instantly. And away you go.
And another couple other questions about that account.
Is that account in fact setup with an address there in Australia, Or can we set that up with an address here in the states. How's it done?
So there does need to be a fixed address in Australia, and we typically just use our office.
OK, so for your clients who use your office, and then the last question on that account would be, let's say someone is liquidating, their crypto. Let's just say, you know, obviously, if you're liquidating it, you're liquidating it to Caleb and Brown. and then you're just moving the funds over to my account.
At the same bank. Because we obviously will be banking at the same bank.
Do I have the ability if I'm in the states, or let's say I'm in the Bahamas or whatever it is.
Do I have the ability online to move that money back to Caleb and Brown when I'm ready to buy crypto Again, do I have to do it online? Do I call into their office?
Well, how's the process?
So once your account is created, you are the one that has the sole custody of it. So, your broker won't have access. We won't have access to that account. It will just be an account that we have on file, that we send funds to. It will work just like any other bank account, you can login online, move funds around, and receive things like that, and you can also have a phone application. So, it's just like a normal bank.
OK, so, just so you know, here in the states, unless you have a certain amount of net worth or wealth, you can't move a lot of money around from your app, on your phone or from the online. And, really, you can even call in and do it. I mean, once you get a certain amount of wealth, like, I have some accounts that they give me full access.
I can do whatever I want to move the money. However much it is it doesn't matter, but most bank accounts here in the states don't work that way.
So, if it's a Westpac account, and let's just say you liquidated 500 K for me, put it in my bank account.
I have the ability via the web to move that 500 K right back to Caleb, say, six months from now. Just via the web.
Yeah, we had a client, I'll give you an example at the start of the year, liquidates close to $950,000 into their Australian bank account. It was a USDA currency account held up there for a couple of weeks, and decided that they wanted the funds back in their account.
So, there there are no issues there. We don't have limits.
If there are limits all you need to do is just kindly ask your bank to to release those limits. And, a lot of cases, you can do that. So, on our end, we, it depends on who you bank with. Some places do have limitations. But, I know that Westpac a really good so, so everybody will have direct access to the funds, that they won't put 500 K in their account, and can only send 10 Canada. That won't happen.
And, if you want, if a person has that account there, and they wanted to say, wire, you had 500 K there, and you wanted to wire 150 K back to a state bank account.
They don't have to be present to do that because here in the States, you must go into the bank to make a wire transfer of any amount.
And that, again, is unless you have some kind of a big liquidity account. Like, for example, JP Morgan has some of these accounts at Chase, where they give you what's called. A lot of them call it royalty banking and so, then you can go on your computer and you can make a wire transfer anytime you want but that's not the masses. Is that kinda how it is at Westpac?
Yeah. So, I think as long as you make it clear that you what?
you're wanting to hold a large balance, um.
To your banker and say, Hey, you know, I'm looking to hold anywhere between 500 K to a million US dollars in this account.
Makes sure that I don't have any any withdrawal issues or any or any caveats on my account, or make it hard for me to, to get my, to get my funds, you know, because I may want them to, to my bank account in the United States, sir.
Yeah, make it reasonably clear. They can make sure that they, that they put certain things on your account, or take away certain limits, to make sure that they can accommodate you as a customer.
Yeah, and I don't mean to beat a dead horse here with all these questions.
The last one I have on it is, if you, if you're, if we go into the bank to meet your bank or to set the account up, are we actually telling the banker that were from another country? Or are we just giving them the Caleb and Brown office address and keeping our mouth shut.
Oh, so they know that you are from another country because obviously you will have an American Accent and and they'll be talking directly with you. So it'll be it'll be abundantly clear that you know, But you know, as I asked you what it's for I'll be like yeah, this is my client. We do international commodities trading together and that's exactly what we're doing cryptocurrency as a form of commodity and that's kind of where we leave it at that point.
So yeah, Yeah, nice, OK, perfect, Well Jeff, thank you, thank you, thank you, let's do one bonus round question Jeff, how many different crypto I mean, how many different E fiat currencies can people actually liquidate their kryptos into?
That's a great question so we used to be able to liquidate a lot more, but we found that people just weren't using them. So we do liquidate into Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, great British pound. Obviously US dollars And Euro There are main ones, anything outside of that.
That's, that's literally like 98% of what people would want you'd need to ask and we'd need to sort of leverage one of our four X providers to see if we can get you the outcome that, that you'd want.
So, Perfect, perfect, Thank you, Jeff. Jeff. I'm gonna give you the last word, Buddy, anything you want to tell these guys? You tell them, and then we'll wrap this up.
Yeah, look, I just wanna say, thank you all for tuning in. I know it's probably getting on there and your evening on Sunday, and it's been an absolute pleasure working with all of you and just remember that, you know, that all of you guys have been awesome.
Can I just thank you for your continued support, and, and, yeah, we just really appreciate everything you guys do for us.
And, yeah, looking forward to, To this bull market, you know, it's been, it's been quite an interesting time. Especially last year and the year before. But Certainly, things are looking on the up and up. And I'm glad that we're all here together, sir.
Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. Jeff, I just want to openly in front of everybody, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being my broker.
And building that trust you've built with me.
And the time or two, where we've had a issue be at accounting, or whatever it is, how quickly you just handled it. I mean, you just said, Look, I don't sweat it. I'll get to the bottom of it. And if it's something we've done wrong, we will fix it immediately. And one time, you might remember, We thought it was like a several hundred thousand dollar thing. And it was just, it was just simply a data entry error and that we were, you and I were both so thrilled and excited, but I just want to thank you, man. I really appreciate what you do for me. Personally.
It means a lot to my whole family. I can guarantee that.
And I want to thank you for serving this whole team of people here and I'll ask this team of people here to just keep giving a level five client to Caleb Brown. I think he'll be one of the first to tell you that these guys love working with the bench team.
Must say that whenever we get a new inquiry, and it says, crypto trade calls as the tag people, the brokers and my team literally fight over it. You know why, because the binge team, people from crypto Trey calls are so easy to deal with, you know, you guys are so understanding.
So, polite, so helpful, and most of you are so crypto savvy, which really helps as well, we deal with multiple other groups as well.
And I'm telling you you guys, are the, the cherry on the top because at the best. So thank you so much.
Jeff. Thank you for being here, buddy.
Thank you, Jay. Appreciate you. All right, guys. Listen. 2020 is your year. We've got a lot more common this week.
I'm probably going to pose to you guys tomorrow and not on Tuesday, and we'll, we'll be carrying on with our flamengo this week. Everybody. have a great week.
2020 is your year, guys.