Live stream with Andy Schectman and Rich.

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  1. How come no comments?
    Im investigating the metals more. I know J has mentioned platinum .

    Someone from another co , is contacting me. This post is almost : 2 years old. Relistening now.
    I know people have been referred to this interview several times over the last few months in AMA’s
    I need to confirm that my memory is correct that this guy (company) is highly recommended if taking metals.
    I wont have a giant pile of money when I’m out. Even more reason to protect it.

    I am on disability for serious health issue i no longer have active employer sponsored plan for investment.

    Maybe putting 5-10% in metals would be an idea. Let me finish this interview again. We will be converting a life term policy to IBC that we started end of 2020 to get in in case the rules changed over C vid

    Thanks J an G the wealth of topics and knowledge i have been rxposed to is phenomenal!!!

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