Is Your VPN Provider Spying On You?

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  1. Trying to find info on how to pay for the trust class for someone else, I know George has put the info out. Haven’t found it yet, please remind me where the information is, yes I did use the search function. Thanks guys

  2. Hey George ,
    Couple of things , are you saying cancel express vpn, and choose another based on this report you just gave ?..but you didn’t say who ?..proton would be a logical choice….also please check the help desk for my response to forward to as requested. thanks Joey d

  3. Thank you George,
    I’ve got Cyber Ghost VPN that was recomended to me. Wnen my year was up I told them that I did not want to renew. Well they billed me anyway. I guess next time they want me to renew, and I tell them to cancel (and if they still bill me), I’ll do a screen shot of the request, and show it to my credit card company, and get them to reverse the transaction.

  4. Thanks George! I am using the free VPN that came with Protonmail, and was thinking about upgrading to their paid service. Do you think it would make a difference since it is the same company, paid or free?

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