How to update credit card & pay past invoice

0:01 Hi, everybody. 0:02 I wanted to go over a couple of ...

Hi, everybody.
I wanted to go over a couple of things that might be helpful to you, because we are going month to month, credit cards expire, credit cards fail, things need to be updated, that type of thing. And I wanted to give you the tools, so that you could do it yourself.
So this is an order that failed, because the credit card failed. For some reason, it doesn't really matter.
And I will show you how you can just go in on your own, and update the credit card.
And then, since it's failed, it needs to be paid. So the first thing you'll do is you'll login.
And you'll go to Account, pull down menu right there. And then you'll get into this area. And what you can do, if you need to change or update your credit card. You can click on payment methods.
You go here, it'll show this Visa, it may expire, it may not, you can delete it, you can add another payment. And then once you get to, to that point, what you want to do is go back into?
Your subscriptions.
And you'll see that here is the subscription, and that this one went through.
This one went through this one, for some reason. November 15th failed, so all you need to do is when your credit card is updated.
You can view it if you want, but or which makes it a lot easier. Just click on Pay.
If you want to be added to the e-mails or whatever. you can click on that. You need to agree to the terms and then renew your subscription. You will not have to purchase that again.
All you need to do is make sure that you pay that particular invoice. That was outstanding.
So, we're gonna just click renew.
And there you go.
You are all set to go.
If you have any questions, please put it in the comments below. I will pin this one on the right-hand side, so that I will be pointing people to this when they have questions about how to renew or how to change their credit card, That type of thing. Excellent, great day.

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