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0:05 Good morning. Happy Thursday, to all you winners. 0:1...

Good morning. Happy Thursday, to all you winners.
Guess what guys, in case you hadn't heard it lately 2022 is your year.
I'm gonna tell you right now, 20, 22, definitely my year, I've decided that before started. And it is my constitution. That is the direction I'm headed.
So George, good morning, I hear you clicking around back there. Yeah, it's my cable drop, and good morning, Jay. It's a beautiful sunny, morning here.
So I cannot complain.
That was fantastic.
Well, I am.
I have moved from the East a little.
Just a little bit west and so the sun's just coming up, where I'm at, and uh, but it's going to be a beautiful sunny day, two day, 55 degrees.
And so it'll be nice.
Yeah, I don't think I'm getting above freezing today, But, you know, it still can be nice if that sun, and I have a big window in front of me looking out on my back yard, which I love, I'm no longer trapped in the basement, which I will never, ever go back to.
And so, yeah, like, life is good, beauty.
Why don't you go first today?
I will do, I have a bunch of things to cover. And, the first one, as you can kinda see, because people have had this question. Let me move something else over my notes about, T, Bill, you know, why haven't you gotten D on the line D? And I've been talking a little bit, but he has been really busy. So, we're going to schedule something, but, it's just not happening. Yet, I did do a video yesterday that I just, I can't as, like, Ah, I'm just going to do it live today.
But, I will do a video later. There's a couple of things and I'm going to be doing videos so, I will be busy.
Next week will be a lot easier for me. I'll have a little bit more time. But, theta cash or T bill was released on G pool for for Staking basically and T Bill.
You can read through this article. It's pretty good.
You know, idea of what T Bill is all about, but T Bill is not a stable coin, but I like to call it. It's a stable ish coin, so they try to keep it between 95% in the dollar five.
Let me Let me get this up a little bit so that you can see, you know, what they changed.
You Increase that because it used to work hold on view zoom in. It's the equal sign now.
OK, There we go.
So it's a stable ish coin, they're trying to keep it between 95% in the dollar five, and there will be many uses for this, they, um, you can kind of read through this a little bit, but let's go to G Pool and you can see, let's do a refresh because it might have changed. I think the first day I looked at this, it was about $17 million.
And right now, it is over 58 million.
And so, you're basically staking.
Your T bill and your T fuel.
And you can transfer some, or swap some T fuel into T bill and put a stake on.
And the APR is 50%, and really, the APY is 64%, which sounds really good, but it really depends on what your idea of the future of T fuel will be. And I don't wanna get too far into this, because we don't have a lot of time. But if you think, because right now, if you look, T fuel is 19%.
Let's just call it 20%, if you think tea fuel, and this is not trading advice, because I don't do trading advice, I just do tech and the crypto space.
But if you think that T fuel is going to go back to its all-time high, 60%, so that's going to be a three X from here.
If you take half of your T fuel and turn it into T bill and steak that pair.
Well, you've lost half your tea fuel, and put it into a stable ish coin. That's really not going to fluctuate that much.
So, you'll earn an APR or an AP, why, but you're not going to earn the appreciation on T fuel.
So if you're in a market that I look at and things are going sideways, like they've been, that's the time where you can, kind of steak things, sorry, Add liquidity to Where you have two coins. And one is a stable coin or established coin, and the other is a coin that that varies a bit.
So just something to think about, I know people are, are all about jumping in.
They look at this 50% APR But that's 50% and the APY is 64%, but if T fuel goes back up to its all-time high, Well, that's three times.
So, you gotta look at what, what your strategy is. Because everybody has a different strategy, and, and this is D, phi, and more, and more people are getting into D phi, and let me tell you, because I've had a lot of people in the family contact me, and we'll, we'll talk about that a little bit later. But you gotta just not jump in, you have to do your homework, because I know there are a few people jumping in, because it's the hot topic, and it's the hot words. And it's the place to be, because that's what people on YouTube, and everything like that are talking about. So you gotta do your homework on, what's best for you.
Kinda going through on the status side of things?
It's, I find this curious that Coinbase has an article that says How to Buy Theta.
Well, as of a couple of days ago I haven't seen an announcement where Coinbase is going to hold theta for sale, but it's curious and I'm guessing that an article like this might be a pre-announcement of having data on their platform. I don't know, could be, but I just find that curious. I also find it curious that Gemini has an article about, say, the Network, Next generation video streaming.
Gemini does not yet have Theta on their platform, but I just find that curious that they have an article about it.
So, you know, take that with what you want.
And, you know, put 2 and 2 together or not, and but, you know, there's really not an easy place for the average Joe to go in and purchase data or cheap fuel.
In the United States, you have to go either to index or killed by Brown. Or you know, another another non-standard platform that is not as easy for just the lay person getting into the market.
So along that line is T drop and T drop is where you're going to find, you know, I am not I this is not my, my knowledge of some of these like Joey widths, I don't know who that is.
There's some, also, let's see, way down at the bottom. They have some poker players, but these are ....
The one that I know about is, of course, Katy Perry.
And so let's go in and view some of her stuff.
Now, I am, I have not gone to any of her concerts.
But I guess there was a golden lion.
Let's just get that up, I don't know if it's going to play yesterday. It did not play from either, but.
There's a golden lion in 20 15, uh.
No performance And you can buy a, an N F T of The Golden Lion, I don't know if it will look anything different than this. You're not buying the line itself.
But no, there were 2500 of this particular one, the Iconic Golden Lion and they sold for about $100 each. Then there is mirror motivation. I'm not sure what that is. The younger generation probably knows there were 2500 of those. And those also sold out there's ignite the light. There were 6189 minted, and there were 6189 sold so, I'm guessing that means this one is also sold out.
So, no NF Ts.
Like Jay and I talked about last time, you know, he helped me understand a little bit more, no cover the gamut of what they really mean and what they really mean to you. So, if they mean something good to you, you understand it, then that may be the place to start for your FTE.
I understand certain things in my universe, and I don't understand other things, so, so that that's fine OK, and If you're interested in tea drop if you have uh know the the if you want to participate there's the white paper on their site. Definitely go through. Invest, or put your coins into things that you understand. Not just because someone recommends it, Understand what you're getting into, so that you understand the highs and the lows, and the things to do, and not to do. Don't just throw your money around, or your coins around ***** nilly understand what you're getting into. because I know that there are some people out there that that don't, and then they wonder like, oh, well, what happened? Especially in the D phi space? If you don't know what you're investing in, don't do it, because you could have the rug pulled out from under you.
Moving on to some other things, Sunday swap was released yesterday, and the air, the, the airdrop, or it should be some time today, I checked earlier this morning.
I did not get anything in my Ada Wallet, and so, whether or not it's there or not, I, I'm not sure, but, you know, we'll wait and see. I know a lot of the airdrops. People also had a question on the aqua airdropped where there is the snapshot date.
And then there is the date where the coins will end up in your wallet. The X L M Aqua airdrop.
That is done over time. So, there's a three year window that you can get that airdrop. So there's a time when it shows in your wallet, and then there's a time when it is dropped into your wallet. So, you know, you gotta look at those those timings. I think there is something on the aqua site. You can put your wallet address in there and you can see you know how much you're gonna get based on your quantity of Exelon and what you're getting every month. So they may drop it at the end of the month. They may drop it at the beginning of the month. There may be some delays. I don't know if they have a firm timeframe of when these things are gonna happen.
But just know, you know, Sunday swap happened and this dex is is open. It does say, Does it still say it? When I came here yesterday, they said it was beta.
And let's see if that has kind of changed on a popup, It doesn't, yeah. I think they did change it. Unless I tried to connect my wallet. And it says that, I'm not going to do that right now. Some of these images just are not popping up correctly, so that they're still working on some things. The sea, as part of that, I know people have had some questions like, hey, I I staked on bloom.
And as of two days ago it wasn't 100% saturated, well it's 100% saturated right now.
And so people were wondering, like, Well, can I go onto Bloom 2 or 3? Like well? And the rules says Bloom as the original. one, so, if you go to Bloom to, I don't think you're gonna get the airdrop.
You can go to another platform, another staking platform that is designated as receiving the the airdrop, the Sunday swap airdrop. But it really just depends on what you want to do. I'm not that worried about saturation right now at 100%.
I Will move my coins as soon as I get my airdropped, But you have to just figure out, for yourself, Do you want to know the, the airdrop, or Do you want the earned coins for that short period of time? It's just a personal choice, People ask me, and I'm like, I don't know, what, what do you want? If it's oversaturated, then you're not gonna earn as much, and there's really nothing that you can do, so it has been released.
You can see this deadline on their calendar. That was released, you know, there was an article that I pushed out, the data IO site, about that.
That's where we we have things for Sunday swap.
There is a a Token swapp, basically, for BT, which resides minus residing in my Tron wallet. And so they have a they're needing to go from one contract to another contract.
This will be another video that I am putting out.
There are other ones out there, sometimes people like to wait for mine, because I talk really slow and I try to go through things at a pace that people understand. And some people will turn my videos up to two times, just so they can get through it. So it really just depends. But I do plan on doing something for BGT on showing the migration.
Huge load and they must think that I'm like a hillbilly from. I do have people that say, you know, I turn Jay up to 1.5 times, or 1.75 times, you know, So it just depends on what the timing people have and what they can listen to the sale.
So there we have it.
I was working with someone who's not in this group. I guess they found me just randomly on the Internet, which I'm surprised, because I don't know if I would trust anybody randomly on the Internet to talk about crypto.
But they did, because I have a video out there on how you can do H bar without KYC and they set up an appointment and I was like, oh, this is going to be an easy one. When we went through it and it was, I think it about 50 minutes in, we had tried everything, tried to different computers.
Tried different browsers, tried, I mean, we tried everything under the Sun, tried to delete, it, tried to update everything to, to where it was, nothing was working.
And so, then I thought, OK, well, it's the network, and so, you know, this person was using Verizon and there were some issues with, with DNS, but then he said something that was kinda, it's like, Oh, God. He said, well. I said, well, where are you?
And he said, New York. I'm like, Yeah. OK, this could be, so I said, Do you have a VPN? He said, yes.
And I said Terni VPN, and get out of New York altogether.
But he turned on his VPN, and it magically worked, so the issue was for anybody in New York, um, issue was when you were trying to connect to your ...
Wallet under my H bar wallet dot com, you would get to the point where you would put all the information in. And then it would just say, authorizing and just keep clicking and authorizing and keep clicking. And it would never enter into the wallet.
Well, unbeknownst to us, that the reason he could not get in was because he lived in the wonderful state of New York, and so there was no warning, like, you come from a state that you can't do that, and sometimes State of Washington, that you just are blocked. And there's no reason that you would think that where you live in the United States matters, depending on your state. But it does, so if you have problems like that in with other coins, but especially specifically with H bar.
Try connecting to a different state or frankly a different country, and That may be true for for other coins, But also know that some coins are blocking VPN connections because they Want to know where you're coming from.
And they don't want to be attacked because some Blockchains are being attacked by other blockchains because they don't like them and they want them to go away. And so, there's, there's been these, these battles internal that you don't really hear about. But, when you talk to people, and it's, it's just it's such an interesting place to be at times. So, just know that that VPN can help, and VPN can hurt. But if you're in the state of New York and you have H Bar, you can't do it Get out of the state that one way or another.
The other thing that has come across my desk per se, or is that when you are doing, and this is right around flamingo with going from flamingo, version two to version three, if you think you're going to create a wallet really quickly. Sometimes, you do that in meta masks, sometimes you do that in O three.
If you are ever going to create a wallet, please write down the private key, or the 12 words, or the 24 words, or whatever.
Write them on a piece of paper. Save them someplace.
Because there's been two issues that I know of, that someone was just going to do something quickly, something happened, either there was an update, or they started their computer, they lost their private keys, and I don't know of any way to get them back, unless they're truly somewhere in their computer, and they really didn't upgrade and overwrite things. But, if you don't have your private keys written down, if you don't have your 12 words, there is no way to get it back, unless you've documented. So, it's, it's worth the time to document it, even if it's a temporary thing. Because think about it this way.
You think you're gonna get this process done in a day, and something happens. The power goes out, the internet goes out, the wall, it doesn't work correctly.
And you're stuck with it. And you don't have your private keys, and there's no way to recover, and you're, here, you're out of luck.
So document everything, write down the date.
You know, just, be mindful of that.
OK, I think the last thing I wanted to talk about, which I thought was really kind of interesting, and I love people's feedback.
And when I've talked to people lately I've said hey, why don't you check how much you're paying for your house insurance? You're like charged. That's crazy. why would I do that? I had to renew or I will have to renew my homeowner's insurance in March and typically on something like that. It is so consistent that it may go up a dollar or two. but it doesn't go up that much until now. So my homeowner's insurance has increased by 40%.
And I thought, There's something wrong. Like, you know, They had, like, there's a ride around there that I have, or something like that. So I called him up, and I said, Hey, I know there's inflation, but is there really a 40% inflation?
And he said, Well, you know, it could be a variety of things, it could be that your debt ratio, like, well, we paid off the house.
So, so it's not that.
OK, Well, It could be that you have some fraud on your account, I'm in the process of looking at that, I don't think it's the fraud.
I think we're just seeing inflation hit in certain areas. And we know that insurance companies have all these tables. And they have a whole group of people that just sit there and crunch the numbers and say this is what's really going on because this is our business. It's it's not politicized.
It's a business model. Politics is another thing. You know, I don't believe necessarily the numbers that come from the politicians because they will massage them to reflect what they want us to believe, well, this is the real-world. And I went shopping yesterday for, you know, went to Costco. There was plenty of food in Costco, not like my local grocery store. But bananas.
Those went up like I'm looking at everything in the store and seeing the inflation, but I would love to know if people see their homeowner's insurance go up so much. I mean, I was kind of shocked. And, you know, they said, you know, rebuilding a house has increased in price. So, yeah, it went up by $30,000. But that's not 40%.
So we're really seeing the seeds, I think, in different parts of the economy, where we're going to see some potentially, some real inflation, and just be aware, because I know most of us just pay the bill, and we don't know what we paid last year, Because it really has not changed that much.
So just be aware of that and see if if you too are seeing such things, and that's something on the insurance firm. Absolutely.
Um, if you're rich and this is going out to everyone I'm not speaking to you, George, already know you're rich.
If you're rich and your home is paid for you don't have to carry homeowner's insurance.
What I'm saying is if your homes paid for it you don't have to carry homeowner's insurance anyway. You can self insured or not insured.
Because you own it, it's your choice.
And if you're rich, which there's a lot of people here that are rich, in fact, or fiction to hear from a new, rich person in just a minute. He's asked for the mic.
And he's been with us since the very beginning. I trust him to have the mic so I'm going to bring him on the mic here in just a second.
But the point is is that you don't have to have homeowner's insurance.
I've had homeowner's insurance since, Let's see here now. Let me just do some math.
22 years I had homeowner's insurance, and at the time I was living in a area where homeowner's insurance wasn't too bad.
It was about, you know, a few thousand dollars a year to have homeowners insurance Today on a home. I just backed out of, it was gonna cost me $14,000 a year.
Well, in all those years, I had one homeowners' insurance claim.
I had a water bottle leak out on the kitchen floor, and the repair on the entire thing was $7000.
So at that time in that house, I was paying about 3,504,000 a year for homeowners.
Oh, by the way, they raised my insurance when I put the Clayman.
And at that time I still had a mortgage on that house. I paid that house off.
Not completely off, but I paid off three fourths of the home in the first five years.
And I'll put 80,000 down on it when I bought it.
And it was only, at that time, it was only a $500,000 home.
And then once I remodeled it, it came back in at about seven.
Anyway, the point is, is think creatively you can self ensure.
If you're rich, you can take a block of your money.
You can put it in a very high yield investment, and that can be your self insurance on your home.
And you can read about this in a book called Pro Superpower Pro Sumer Power, which, the idea on pro Sumer powers to make money on everything.
You do make money on every single thing you do.
And so, anyway, I just wanted to throw those two since I'm with you.
I currently, you know, I currently am down to one automobile I had 3, 3 months ago.
And all my automobiles are, you know, there are 100,000 plus dollars, and I have no collision insurance on any of them.
But at the same time, let's, let's put it in perspective My wife and I never go anywhere separately.
We are always together.
We bathe together we eat every meal together.
We do everything together, you know, she, she does consults by herself and her office, But otherwise, we're always together. We walk together, We exercise together. We take our vitamins and minerals together.
We laugh and cut up together all day long, all night long.
We have our Friday evening, pizza, imbed date, every single week together. I mean, we're always together.
There's no, Oh, It's like one time a year, maybe two times a year, no stretch of the imagination. That, I might get in a car, and go somewhere without her. Or she might get in a car, and go somewhere without me.
So it just never happens. Now, that's the first thing.
The second thing is, is we only leave our house in a car, about one Tom, to two terms, 1 to two times a week, usually one time a week.
We go get our mail, we go to the grocery store, we go to one of our favorite parks.
We walk, we high. We do our thing. We go back.
Where we live, we can leave on foot, And we've got thousands of acres to go hiking, exploring, or wheeling, whatever it is.
So, my escalate a year, after I bought it has 2700 miles on it, I bought it on February the eighth.
So, 20, 700 miles, um, I put about 1100 miles on the Corvette While I had it.
My Hummer, while I had it, I had it for two years. I put 3000 miles on it in two years.
So, and on top of that, I live in a little very small, teeny, tiny town and I now almost never go to the big city.
When I go to the big city, I get a driver and he takes me to the big city, and I ride in the back of a nice, long Mercedes.
And, then, that driver brings me back from the big city.
So, I'm just telling you, putting things in perspective here.
If you're rich and you own everything, you don't have to abide by their rules. You can make up your own rules.
And so, if you're a calculated risk taker, and if you're in crypto, you're definitely a calculated risk taker.
Once you have some wealth accumulated, self insure, and get out from underneath the tyrannical rain of organizations telling you, you have to do this, and you have to do that.
Anyway, let me go to one of our longtime subscribers. I'm gonna give him a nickname if he wants to give you his name, he can, I recommend, he doesn't do that.
I'm gonna nickname him D, I'm not going to tell you where in the world he is. I happen to know where he is.
He's, he's, he's kind of a nomad these days. He's taken some amazing trips. Maybe he'll tell you guys about that. But let me bring on his Mike.
Just one second, guys. Nickname is Dee.
We're not gonna go with last names.
He wants to tell you then he can tell you.
All right, D I have unmuted your mic. You will need to unmute on your side as well.
There you go.
Morning cake, are we doing Very Good Good.
Join the like.
I just wanted to make a Hey, before you do that. before you do that, you man, if I ask you a couple of questions.
Maybe I'm just kidding. If I ask you anything you don't want to answer, just say I respectfully declined to answer that question.
How long you've been in crypto?
I bought my first crypto in July of 17 how long you've been with with, with crypto trade calls.
Now, Bitcoin Academy, I've been with you since the beginning when you were J Smith ..., J Snip, OK, and you. You are now currently retire.
I am, OK. And you came from an industry in the medical field. So it wasn't like you had a rural small income to replace. So you replace to good sizable income.
and you do that with crypto.
I did, I did, OK, and you reached Millionnaire status plus in crypto.
I'm asking that question.
That would be correct.
Wow. And was that a first time for you going millionaire status in your life?
It was, as a field, No, you have one set of challenges when you're working in corporate America.
And you have another set of challenges when you're retirement and making sure you have something to doing that create meaning in your life.
And it's been great. I've been enjoying every minute of it.
But it's a transition, and no matter what you do in life, whether you have money or not. You still gotta get up every day, and in great naming, and create activity.
And thank God, I worked in the industry. Where was in my home office for years and years.
So, I had to be self motivated ahead, nobody watching me every day.
And I think that's prepared me very well to have a happy retirement.
That is fabulous. And let me ask you this.
Um, I don't ever tell people what to do. I just tell them what I'm doing.
And about a year ago, I guess, I started telling people, Hey, as I sell my positions, I'm bringing some money home. I'm not just leaving it all on the market. Yes, I'm willing to pivot some. Yes, I'm willing to stay in, but it's time to start taking money home. Have you done any of that?
Yeah, I took a lot of that to heart, because, you know, we had those years years of 2018 and 2019. We're just accumulating, and we accumulated some things at some very great prices.
And in the spring of this year, when you were talking about that, and I kinda looked at my X factor, and I said, Well, this, I looked at my portfolio, and I said, Well, we'll take, Take a third off.
And that pretty much gives me a profit.
And takes all the risk out of my crypto holdings.
And I did that in the spring, I can't remember exactly when And then I took another amount off later in the spring and I said, you know what, I want to cake Nepal that I can guarantee a comfortable retirement.
on some level and I left an end to the summer.
I think that was it the fall, somewhere in October, um, late September, October I had a couple I had seen card on or that are really, really inexpensively and then another couple of projects, and I'm like you know what? I've got a nice profit here.
I still have my my chunk in the coins, the top seven coins that had the highest flex factor.
So I brought some more money home to kind of make sure that I did have a comfortable life moving forward and it's allowed me to be a lot more calm in these kind of sideways and uncertain times in crypto.
Wow. Are you doing anything fun in your retirement that you care to talk about?
Well, you know, it's, it's uh.
I've been doing some trips into Central and South America.
Um, I have been doing some road trips around the American West.
And you know, the great thing about being out west is throughout code that it hasn't really limited person's ability to enjoy the great outdoors.
So, I've tried to make my life meaningful, keeping shaped, keep myself, engage mentally, and do some traveling within the realm of what's allowed.
And it kind of reminds me of, oh God, it was probably two years.
A year before Kobe, you started talking about a pandemic that was coming. It didn't say what and where, and what, but you.
You didn't make a bunch, it taught you had a lot of discussions about how that's going to severely effect the way human beings travel around the world.
And, I took that to heart and I did as much traveling as I could before then when the pandemic hit it, it really did and it still is locking up, world travel.
And, no, I'm really glad that I started taking some of that advice early on.
And I thought it was a possibility I've been saying for years to friends that we were way overdue for some kind of pandemic, whether it's a plan, demo, or pandemic, where the **** it is.
I think it's planned demo.
And it has the Connected World Travel to kill the tourism industry and gladder Travel.
And that's what I like doing most.
Wow. Well, share with us what you've got on your mind.
And we, we've enjoyed having you, You've been, you've been a real joy of a student. I know that Georgia has interacted with you as well as I have on many occasions.
I kinda consider you, friend, you and I speak on the phone from time to time.
Probably not like some of my friends I've known 20 years, but So I've never met you. You've never met me, but we've talked a fair amount. And so, whatever you got on your mind, share with these guys.
Well, no.
Recently I think most many people in this group had heard about with Joe Rogan and Robert Malone podcast on Spotify.
And it just immediately, I had a trip back in time, and I think it wasn't early 2018.
And you discuss, and you put out the link to Derren Brown, How to Control a Nation, and First Up, if anybody, if you haven't seen it, it's well worth your time, it's very entertaining.
He's an amazing, amazing, the illusionist, but look, what struck me in it, and we discussed it in the group at the time, is how he had the ability to literally hypnotize people.
We're watching his show, do the TV, and we discussed at the time how that technology is out there and how people corporations are using that. governments could be using it.
And, when Joe Rogan and Robert Malone were discussing mass formation psychosis, it just brought me back to all of that, that we had talked about this in the group years ago.
And it's there, It's, It's totally, we're seeing it play out in real time.
When you look out, those, like, 30%, who showed in that original video, 30% of the viewing audience, where it ties to the TV.
And I want to go into the details, but it's well worth it. I think Derren Brown came out in late 2017.
But when you see what's happening today, you realize these things are being used, and there's like a segment of the population. They're just doing what they're doing, no matter what information could be given.
And just having this knowledge and looking around how corporations may be using this going forward is a very scary thing.
And it, but it's not quite as scary if you understand what's behind it.
and there's been technology behind this for awhile.
That was one thing.
Let me ask you this: before you go to another thing: when you: When you evaluated when you watched Derren Brown video, and you evaluated that data, I was a little bit blown away.
I mean, when I first saw it, which was probably a year, before I shared it in the group, I was kind of blown away, because, even though I had been red pilled, right, mm, and I was awake, there were still, and there still are today.
Things that you learn about what governments are willing to do. What corporations are willing to do.
All for a dollar bill.
I mean, if you, if you, if you ever watched, uh, there's a documentary out there called Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Rousso, it's on YouTube.
And at the beginning of it, he's talking about how our country got sold out by Woodrow Wilson.
And he kinda comes to almost to a pause, and he goes, he's kinda saying something to this nature.
He's saying, And the reason this happens is because human beings will sell their soul for a dollar.
And it's like, Wow. And I'm, I'm seeing that in real-time everywhere. I look.
People will sell, They're sold for a dollar, and I may talk a little bit about that today.
And, and, and I think that when you talk about it, you have to also add in there.
At the same time, it's not about being.
When you're on Planet Earth, it's not about being a superhuman.
It's about being a human that's super.
That's really what it's about. Most people want to be superhuman. But what they should start with is just be a human.
That is super.
Because we have a big lack of that going around Planet Earth, a pig, a lack of that. And I think a great movement is for people to say. I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to be a human that's super in the face of everything happening. I'm going to be a human that's super anyway. I asked you a question and then I talked for three minutes. So were you a little bit blown away by that information when you saw it?
If it was for me it was a WTF moment.
And I watch it a couple of times, as well as other videos, Derren Brown.
And I definitely became a much more aware of the power of hypnosis and how much headache and how powerful it can be and there's a certain segment of the population. They're extremely susceptible to it.
And, I shudder to have, it's like, oh, my God, and so, yeah.
I was, I was definitely taken aback. I got my interest.
I started looking at other references to it, and look, when you try to talk to other people about it, sometimes a distinctly crazy.
But, of course, that's all you can do, is try to tell others and create a good, a group of friends around you, and which can, but a lot of this stuff is a little bit out there.
Go ahead and, yeah, I'd love to share a story that, that I learned back in the, in the nineties, I was dating someone.
and their mother was, was German.
And as I got to know this person and I have conversations with their mother, I found out that she was part of Hitler Youth and that really shocked me, because she didn't seem like that type of person at all. And whatever that type of person is, I don't know.
But I had conversations with her and I said, You know, how, how could you be Hitler Youth?
And she said, What does it say?
Hitler Youth was in Germany. When Hitler was in power, you were part of a group. He didn't really have a choice.
There was peer pressure, there was peer pressure on parents to put your kids to believe in what Hitler stood for, and that there wasn't a discussion about it.
There wasn't anything other than, this is what you will believe, group psychosis. And there was no other option besides, to belong to this type of thinking, And I said, how could you do that? And not to shame her, but more to question like, how could you fall and be duped for this? And she said, you know, George, there was no other option.
You couldn't, and that's what everybody believed. And so you had to go along, if you tried to deviate, you were shut down, you were shamed, you were. She didn't use these words but like, destroyed, because they would destroy your family.
And if you deviated from what they wanted you to believe, and so when people You know, think about how did and this is not against Germany or the German people, But how could they fall for this?
As, as a group, as a country, and go behind, this person in power, where 20 years, 30 years, 40 years later, you're like, this was an incredibly bad mistake.
Why could I, why did I believe in what this person stood for, when, right then, that day, you know, when they believed they didn't know anything better, because maybe they were hypnotize. Maybe they were the propaganda that they believed. And so, when we can think of a great country of Germany, that they know, produce a lot of amazing technology cars, that type of thing, how could they fall and be duped by this? This thought process?
Well, they were.
And there was shame on her face that that that she felt, and I could just the words that she used, the language, how her voice dropped, that there was shame that she was a part of this, but she didn't have a choice.
So I just Wow. Yeah.
All right. Back to you, Dave.
Um, so I wanted to finish cephalopod is that people here in our group have not listened to the entire Joe Rogan Robert Malone podcast.
You don't have to agree with it all.
I'm not saying it's the gospel, but boy, does it make you think.
And there was another one down on December 13th with doctor Peter McCollum.
and that's equally worthy of good information.
And, again, it's not trying to get you how to think. It's just giving you a broader range of information that's currently out there.
That goes against the current narrative narrative and George eloquently, kind of put what's going on with the vaccine's. You're only allowed to think one thing.
If you're deviating outside of early, you know, thinking about early treatment or questioning the vaccine that much different than Hitler Youth.
And what they did, the people that didn't agree. what's going on.
And I think that's why the mass formation psychosis part of the energy just blew up the internet.
I think that thing is up over 60 million views now.
Well, you know, it's been entered into, I think it was entered into some type of congressional, they made it like a congressional document of Texas.
So that could never be removed. Like they, they treated it like a document and made it part of their congressional law or something of that nature. I'm speaking about it, and I don't know the details, but someone sent me the information on it, to where it can never be removed from the state of Texas.
Like, they can't take it down.
That's great, because that is some good information there. And, like I said, don't have to agree with it at all, Just be able to hear it.
Medical advances are all about, debate, different points of view, And up until now, that's the way it always was.
I remember sitting in tumor boards, because I was in the oncology field. I had drugs that were used by an ecologist and you could go on a tumor board in.
They would discuss a patient, and there would be really 2 or 3 strong ideas about what to do with that patient. It was always a matter of debate.
Um, and to not allow people to have that debate right now is very unusual given where we come from.
Science and in the Debate's always been there, in the medical field, up until recently.
Because now, they're trying to shut down, Joe, just to, you know, I know probably people are aware of this, but because Joe is asking questions and having, and trying to put a platform for debate, now he's the bad guy, and let's close him down.
Because, once again, no one wants a debate. They just want you to follow their rules.
Yeah, and that whole thing is making them bigger and stronger.
It's great, it's getting bigger and more powerful, and, uh, I just hope you stay safe.
Then another thing that I thought was really important, and you discuss this back in 18 also, is that coming to shortages and the importance of being able to have six months supply of food, extra freezers.
How we could see, we didn't know when, but it's just good to know, not be dependent on having, like a month or 6 2 weeks of food at six months or more food for your family.
In your closet, whether it's freeze dried in the freezer, and to be able to plant seeds if you want to even start gardening and boys.
That come full circle given the images of MT, store shelves that we've seen throughout the pandemic.
And so, these things were discussed awhile back.
I think that's another thing that's really come pass, and it's not over yet.
We don't know how bad it's going to get, and I don't think it's just starting.
Yep, and I'm hoping it doesn't get that bad, but, it's certainly got to start thinking about having more food around, and stocking up.
Last thing, two things, quick things, delete me dot com Thanks, George.
That's been great. Trying to take a lower profile, unlike all the way around that. Great service.
And the last thing I want to tell you guys, In my humble opinion, as we can do all the crypto chara analysis, and we can go this and that, but until bitcoin gets above 52,000, I don't harley's look at the chart because the parties not going to start to have some, did daily break above that or weekly break of that.
And so, know, because I've taken some profits while back, I can kinda patiently wait, well, I actually think waiting two years in the crypto winter, what 2 or 3 years in the crypto winter gave me a lot more fortitude.
And when you have people coming up to you that new, you're a big crypto person thinking you OK, when they have dinner and check in on it and make sure that they're not suicide or something.
Meanwhile, you're over here becoming a multi-millionaire. What's happening, because I need somebody's shoulder to cry on, It didn't look that way for a long time, but I held to sell a thing for almost four years. So, that's all I had guys.
Well, you know, before you go anywhere, I want to, I want to talk a little bit about you.
The, I want to mention a couple of things that are really, really respect about you.
one of the reasons why you and I met on a one-on-one.
That was back when I was doing 100 and ones, which, today, you can offer me $5000 for an hour one-on-one, and I will not take it, I have people that do it regularly, and I do not take them.
I, in fact, if I'm compelled to do a one-on-one today, typically I will do it for free and that happens once or twice a year.
If someone is that desperate to that they need to speak to me. I'll say, Look, I got 20 minutes on this day. Don't pay me anything. Let's just talk your emergency out in the area. Let me see if I can help you. and we'll move on. It's not, it's not what I used to do.
I used to do a couple of our one-on-one and take you through an entire process and that that's how you and I met, correct.
OK, since that time something.
A few things I've observed, D number one, very, very trustworthy, very trustworthy person.
I'm trying to create an environment based on a past experience, where, um, because in the world we live in, there aren't enough humans who think that they're super or that are being super as a human.
They just do some ... things, so I'm not looking for accolades.
I'm not looking to be on the front cover of a magazine. I'm not looking to be on somebody's Forbes list. I'm not looking for attaboys. I'm not looking for people to tip me in crypto. I'm not looking for any of that other people here that blend that that accuse me of having the largest ego on the planet but I'm not sure where they come up with that problem.
Um, and so there's been a timer, too throughout the last few years where I needed trust D with a thing or two, and he's 100% trustworthy, and I really respect that about him. in addition to that.
I also respect that he's an absolute freethinker.
He's not a J clone, OK?
He has notified me on multiple occasions where he said, hey, I'm just, I just sold a whole bunch of Ethereum and put a million dollars in the bank and It wasn't even at my target.
So, he wasn't waiting on me. He wasn't waiting to see if I was right. He was going, ****, I'm up 33 times my money, I'm taking it.
Love that about him.
Love that about him, and anybody else here, because there's a lot of people here that have done those same things. So all of you, I love that about you.
Then, the last thing I would say is that, um, the man absolutely lives his life.
Like, he, here's something that I respect in any human being, but I don't necessarily know everybody here, but I love this.
He has never won Tom treated me like he was looking up to me or had me on a pedestal.
And I've never heard him talk about other people in a way where he had someone that he's looking down upon, and, man, that is one thing in life that I can respect about another human being, more than almost anything.
Because none of us in our lifetime, should be looking down on others. None of us should be looking up to others. We are human beings.
If I were to, if I was to enter into Ds Field, which was in the medical profession, and understand what I'm saying here, I wouldn't look up to him, but I would certainly sit at his feet and learn.
I'm not looking up to him. I'm just going, hey, he's an authority figure on that topic, and I wanna learn it, teach me.
But I'm not looking up to him. I'm not looking up to Elon Musk, I'm not looking up to Jeff Bezos, I certainly don't have any movie stars or people that are out here in the world that the Hollywood props up as being someone I look up to.
I look up too, only one entity, and that's God.
And I never, today, I am guilty of my past, but today, by my own intention, I never look down on anyone ever.
Because it's not who we're supposed to be.
If we're trying to be, if we're not trying to be superhuman, but we're trying to be a human, that is super, you should know, guys, if you're here today and you've been looking up to me, please stop.
I'm just a human being.
No, I gotta take a shower. Sometimes twice a day.
Know, I workout. Remodel the kitchen when I need to, and I want to, by the way, I gotta want to do. If I don't want to, I'll just write a check.
So last year, I actually went out and bought everything to change the oil in my own Hummer.
Why I just wanted to do it. I hadn't changed my own oil in 15 years.
It was fantastic.
I'm just a normal person and I know a little bit about this thing called investing and charting. and, more importantly, the mindset of it.
The mindset of it is the most important part. There are people that can out chart a 10 ways to Sunday.
I don't care because that guy might get it right on the chart all the time and get it wrong in his head, and he loses and I win.
The most important part is the psychological part.
The charting is, it's OK. It's fine.
And, and I have also stood the test of time as to say, I am not a day trader and I don't want to be a day trader.
Everybody, I know who's been a day trader for these last five years, They have zero life today, and they're still in the game, and their eyeballs have black circles around them, and they're still trying to make some more money to put back in the game. Because I'm gonna win big one day. They're the same person that buys lottery tickets. Every time it goes over 50 million.
As a Swing Trader, you, every one of you listening and me, we don't have to be as concerned and D here along the way, took out seven plus figures of money. I'm not going to tell you all his personal details. We'll just leave it at 7, 7 plus figures of money.
And set up his life and said, Gee, thanks for giving me a guidepost.
He didn't go, oh my gosh, thankful to crypto JCI didn't tell him to sell that crypto. He sold that crypto on his own.
I mean, I didn't tell him I didn't go overboard but when I got off the phone with him, that they told me that I had a smile on my face for 30 minutes. I was so proud of him.
Because he did that.
And that's exactly when I say to people, I'm not looking for followers.
I'm looking for leaders, D's a leader.
And there's lots of leaders here, by the way. It just happens to be, he's on the mic. That's all.
So right now, if you're feeling like, hey, wait a minute, I did that too. Alright, I'm giving you a hand. clap, too.
Every one of you that has done that.
And I know lots of people here who have, but it's worth pointing out, it's worth saying good on Uman Bravo, bravo, so D.
I really appreciate it. And I've never met you, shook your hand. Maybe that day will come in our future.
But I have enjoyed the few times we've talked on the phone.
Thank you for coming and sharing this information.
You actually bringing up those couple of points you brought up today, really, it gives me a real sensation of satisfaction.
Because as a content provider, humans make you feel like you really can't express yourself the way you want to.
I want to express myself in a way that helps people.
Unfortunately sometimes like if I came out here and said, hey guys remember when I was telling you to stock up your your freezers and things? How's that working out for you?
People would call me an egomaniac if I came out here and I said, hey, guys, you remember when I say Arum Brown videos and I've talked about how, you know, your government and the TV and all these different factions can hypnotize you, and you have no idea it's even happening like your walk into a mall. And next thing you know you're taking off your shoes and giving it to a homeless person.
And they set up that whole thing as a person walks through that mall, getting them set up to come in contact with a homeless person.
And in a matter of of 200 yards worth steps, there were actually people who took off their shoes and gave them to the homeless person.
So if I come here and say, this is what's happening. And hey, look at me, I shared this with you guys. So long ago, how does that work now? People go, oh, he's got the biggest ego that anybody I've ever come across.
No, no, no, no, I'm sharing those things. I'm pointing you back to it, because most people forget it.
Thank you, D, for coming on, and reminding people that we, as a group, did cover a lot of these things like this, this actual Bitcoin Academy.
Yes, very little about crypto, guys.
Yeah, there's a bunch of people here that have gotten wealthy. I've gotten wealthier than I've ever been in my life.
If I never take another dime out of crypto right now, I'm wealthier than I've ever been in my life.
On the moon, on the money I have taken out.
And I know there's a lot of people here who can say that.
And my point is, is that, yeah, we're here for crypto.
But I feel, I personally feel like, now I'm just expressing to everyone how I feel.
I feel like that the, the dynamic duo team George coming on board with me and coming right beside me, he's not a partner that's behind me.
As a matter of fact, in a lot of ways, he's leading, Can I get an amen, George, Amen. But I don't know if I'm leading. But I it's hard for me to take that. But I will, I will.
I will tell you, well, from from the perspective of how our business runs Julieta, and I'll let you leave, because you're **** good at it, I don't want to be a leader in your field. I want to be a leader in my field.
So therefore, if George can be a leader in his field, which is the technology, which is making our business run the way that it runs, making sure that we don't have downtime. I mean, the only time I've ever heard George Bluster is if, for some reason, the site went down and, of course, it's no. There's no responsive, non responsibility, but it's no fault of his.
It might be a company, we're that we're paying to have our server on or whatever it is.
I don't even know the lingo because I don't want to know. That's why GA's here.
But the point is, he's like almost a little sheepish with me. Like, you know, I don't know whether you know it or not. but I've never said a word to him. I've never said, George, I can't believe you. let the site go down. I'd just go, Well, hey, man, no emergencies. It'll be OK.
Because it will be OK. It's not a big deal. He's already as a leader in his field, he's already feeding himself up on his own. He doesn't need to hear anything from me, and I really don't care.
If the site goes down, it goes down, it will come back up.
What's the big deal for ...? Don't be so stressed out, go Be a human, That's super.
Don't worry about the site being down for six hours.
Don't worry about it being down for 45 minutes.
Who gives a rip AJ? Relax, yeah.
I have one other thing, and I'm going to jump off, but I had to add, when we had the original 101, we both realized that we were both using the beamer, I bought a Beamer to a totally different source. And the first quarter of 2016.
And you and I both think that was another thing that also Goddess, having some common denominator there. So, I just remembered that.
And I do think it's been, and it added a lot to my life, over time, it's subtle, you only realize how much to beamer is going for you and we're using it.
Absolutely. That's why, that's why I've come to travel with mine now because, and I've actually even, I've now got some in multiple places, so I don't have to carry it with me. But.
When I stop using it, it doesn't take, but about 4 or 5 days and all of a sudden, I'm like: Why am I stiff?
Why? Why have I gotten a little pain in my back?
Why is this going on?
Get back on, the beamer all goes away.
It's just, it's an absolutely life changing product, and I can't say that, but about just a few things.
The patches have been life-changing for me.
For me, personally, I don't know about anybody else, because I don't sell it, I don't talk to anybody at Live Wave, I think it's a phenomenal technology that the world should know about.
And I shared it with everybody here.
And I hope they took that as a gift, that I was willing to share it, because I didn't say to anyone here, I'm gonna go get in this network marketing thing. I'm gonna build a network marketing company, idea of one meeting, and then, unless I'm asked about it, I shut up about it.
I've never because I wasn't looking to do Network marketing again. I've done network marketing in my life. I've made $60,000 a month in Network marketing.
I've done all that stuff, But the point is, is that's not the direction my life is going today.
And so I just don't do it.
But yeah, the, the beamer, and the patches, I think, are, are two of the most life-changing things I've come across, probably in the last decade. Anyway, D, thank you for coming, Buddy. I know you've already muted out there, so no worries.
Thank you for coming on. Thank you for sharing those things. You can talk about those things, and it absolutely has a value if I talk about them.
Doesn't have as big of a value. So thank you for for for actually paying attention over all these years and coming and talking about those things. George, did you have anything else before we get rolling?
I do not.
All right.
By the way, as we were talking about Joe Rogan, I think it's important that we give some accolades to Daniel ....
And for those of you who don't know who Daniel Eek is, Daniel ... is the man who is the founder of Spotify.
And he is the person that the mainstream of folks who are not happy with Joe Rogan. I'm not an a label them. It's not, that would be me looking down on them and I'm really working in my life to not look down on anyone.
It is something you have to put your intention on, no matter who you are.
But he did the mainstream of folks who are angry about someone having a free voice in a free, and suppose that free country.
Those people that are, you know, there, they are raising their hand for socialism, the raising their hand for communism.
I'm not sure why, but they are, and they went against, and they, when they went after Daniel Eek, well, guess what?
His business and everything he does, it's all based out of Sweden.
And so guess what?
We're not in your jurisdiction. Your jurisdiction doesn't reach over here.
Stick it in your ear, live with it, because we're going to continue to play Joe Rogan, and we're going to let his words be be heard.
And I actually think that this is one of those things that Cliff High's, web bought got correct.
So to even give cliffe a little accolade, I was probably six months to a year ago.
Maybe even 18 months ago I remember him saying he got back some data on his web bot, and it was showing just how important Joe Rogan was going to be in the future.
Just how important. And right now, if you look, No, he gets probably 30 million views or so.
On every podcast he has.
So we're talking right there. We're getting close to 10% of the population of the United States, I know, is being listened to.
And this is just his podcast, Guys.
Know, his stuff goes out on different platforms, it's just his main platform of Spotify.
So if you were to look everywhere where his information is, maybe it's more than 30 million views.
But, you know, you can compare that with some of the news companies who have full-blown programs like Tucker Carlson? For example, I've never watched a Chuckle Tucker Carlson Broadcast.
But, you know, he might get a million or two million views per broadcast.
And here are Joe Rogan's, getting 30 plus million on every single broadcast.
I think it's fantastic.
And I also think, I really, really love how humble Joe Rogan's Stace, he is far more intelligent and far more knowing.
Then he lets on, on his broadcast, he allows the person on his show to be the leader every single time, and he, he's willing to take a back seat. And he also, he also stays neutral. He doesn't go left.
He doesn't go right, He'll tell you I'm kind of a center guy, like, I believe, some things on the left. I believe some things on the right for myself. And I think that's a good place to be, too.
No, you can't have compassion.
four other humans, if you're just a leftie, or if you're just a righty, like having having a place in the middle, where you can see there's some merit on both sides, where both, that's a great place to be.
I think it's a fantastic place to be.
Um, you guys know where I stand. I don't even go so far as to say I'm more libertarian.
I would just say that I'm a free thinker.
I'm gonna think for myself, And that starts with, I understand that the president of the United States is the least most powerful man in the country. Most people think that they're the most powerful, man, and you can just look at the difference between his income as the president and the income of Falchuk.
Here, the President makes 250,000 A year, and felt she's making 360 in retirement, when he retires, they're gonna make, they're gonna pay him 360.
OK, there are more powerful people in the country than the President.
That guy has to play a role. He's the CEO of a corporation.
And he has to play a role. And guess what?
He is told what to do by those who own the corporation. If you don't believe me, look into it.
You'll have, you'll have yourself a nice eye opener there, but it's no different than any other CEO. If I said to George, Hey, George, you know, we're bringing on 20 people, we're going to really blow this thing up, and you're the CEO.
Guess what? He's the CEO, but, George, would you do what I tell you to do as long as it didn't get caught as long as it was in line with your morals?
As long as it was in line with my morels, I would welcome that.
Yeah, because I own the business, and you'd be the CEO.
In this case with Georgia now, there's just me and him and a couple other folks that help out and, and, and we let them get paid for their time and we don't take a penny from them.
They're not like Nate helps a lot of people. I think now, Jeddah Rads helping a lot of people. We've helped them set up a pay structure. and we said, we don't want any money from you. Your help on the people, you get paid.
And they don't represent our company, either.
They represent themselves, we could have said to both of them, OK, now, look, every session you do, it's gotta be booked through our website. And, we're gonna keep 25%. Couldn't we have done that, George?
Yep, You could have facilitated that with the swipe of a handover an afternoon. I'm sure, on, and on, the On the web and on our website.
Absolutely. Well, we didn't.
We didn't do that.
We said, Here's what we feel like your information is valued at.
So please, kind of keep it in that range, because we're also trying to take care of our customers, and they've done that.
And also allow those customers to pay you, if those customers feel that you're charging too little and they want to pay you more, let them, it's fine.
Don't don't turn away from someone's blessing trying to bless you.
But at the same time, we, we have you, you, if you're here listening to this, you found out about Jetta Read because you were here.
You found out about Nate, because you were here.
And those two people have helped a lot of people, just like George has, just like I have.
But again, it's just. I think you have to. You have to look back as we're talking, and we've kinda gone like all the way around a tree here.
We started with Joe Rogan in Spotify and I think you have to take your hat off and give her a hand.
Clap, too, Daniel Eek, for being willing to say, Hey, I'm not in your jurisdiction.
I'm in my jurisdiction, And I'm do what I want to do.
And I'm not breaking any laws in my jurisdiction. So stick it in your ear.
I think that is absolutely one for the people right there.
Like to go to your chalkboard and mark it down, the chalkboard, one for the people. I think it's fantastic.
Let's go to questions, George.
Now that we are one hour and 15 minutes in, I'm gonna go fast.
Sounds good.
Start with Joey D, Joey?
A Joey, let's get us a sandwich and some meatballs spaghetti.
3 and one question, please.
I knew you'd come like that. Joey?
I found her analysis of the dollar rally and crypto reaction, interesting, would you say it is your opinion are more like fact.
Man, anything I talk about is simply my opinion.
If it works out, people will go, Man, J was right. Again, if it doesn't work out, they'll go J missed that one.
But so far since the day I talked about it, the dollar has rallied.
And I think we're going to continue to see that rally with pullbacks.
And just to understand, without some big, huge spike because of some news events, Like, for example, covered, we had a massive spike in the dollar.
The day that they shut down everything. And then, then it came right back down.
The dollar moves slow.
So, in general, it moves slower than the euro.
So you could get a nice move on the dollar that kills Bitcoin, but then the dollar could go sideways for six months before it goes up again.
And during that, sideways action, Bitcoin can gain some traction. Gold can gain some traction. Oil can gain some traction, but I would say, it's my opinion. I would not ever be so pompous. Is to say what I'm telling you is fact not what I ever.
Only time, I would do that as if I know it's fact.
And I know very little, to be fact, by the way.
Has this reaction always been the case?
And will it continue to be that way? or what factors might reverse the trend?
Yes, I mean the dollar is rallying because in my opinion, the dollar is rallying because right now the Fed has done what they've done. And they've got a lot of egg on their face.
And to remove that egg they go, we'll show you, will wreck all your other assets by rallying the dollar.
They don't care, guys, they're there. They're unbelievably beyond your fathom of imagination wealthy.
When you win, you have the ability at your fingertips to inject money in the system.
You think they're worried about anything.
You think there's no back door deals happening you think they don't have their own private bank accounts all over the world?
Get a grip.
They don't care what they they don't care what the wrecking ball becomes, as long as they're not called an old war, and sometimes they do.
But they do that, usually on purpose, and then they fund both sides of the war. Hello.
Is there anybody awake out there when you're, when you're causing a war and you're funding both sides of it? Is there anybody awake?
Alright, Sunny greetings to you as well, snowing in Bavaria.
Enjoy the snow, my friend. It has phenomenal vibration.
It's a balmy, seat here in Toronto, enjoy that to God bless you.
I'm gonna enjoy the 55 degrees today with a nice walk with my wife.
We're going to see a home today.
We're going to see a, we've got to travel a little ways to see it.
It's still in the state we're in, but it's in another city And we're going to, uh enjoy that it's a really nice estate all gated.
What are your thoughts on Richard Hart in general?
And his not so rosy prediction for Bitcoin crypto.
Reference January 15th Podcast with James Dillinger poll.
No, I haven't seen that podcast. I don't make a point of watching everything Richard does.
And quite honestly, if I were to give you the thoughts in my head about him, it would come out as me talking down about someone so I'm going to refrain from that.
As far as has rosy predictions, you know, before Bitcoin made a new high, 69,000. He had told the whole world that the rally was over, and now we're going to go down 80%.
He was wrong.
He's probably going to be wrong on this, too.
He's probably going to be wrong on this, too.
I'll tell you this, because here's something that not many people knew about, and I didn't, either until recently, but in November, China mandated all of the exchanges in China to liquidate all of their crypto and get out of the crypto trading business.
But unlike when they, when they did a law change, and they banned all crypto mining, except for them, the government can still mine crypto in China and they are, they're still mining Bitcoin, but but individuals can't do it.
That's why it's called the What is the CCP stands for Georgia, it's the Communist.
What is the Do you remember?
Are you still there?
Maybe when George muted CCP's communist I'm going to have to look that one up.
Somebody might put it in chat here anyway, Communist Central Party Communist Chinese Party, right, that's why it's called ....
Is because they can do it, if they want to. It. And by the way, there are some similarities here in this country, because is it factor not that the, that the government can deal in those an alcohol, but you're not gonna. Yeah, So There are some things going on all around the world like that, But anyway, there, there are free and open about it.
And what I would just tell you is that?
In that timeframe of November and December, they mandated all their exchanges You sell all of their crypto, and get out of crypto trading.
But they didn't put it on the news wire the way they put on the news wire, Crimp, China Bands, Bitcoin Mining, and we had a 50% drop from 63,000 down to 29,000.
So we had a 50, 57% drop, right?
Well, they didn't mandate this where they put it out on the Newswire, but starting around Thanksgiving. Those exchanges their mandate was December 31st.
They literally had to tell all their clients no more trading. You gotta get all your money off the platform, or sell your crypto, and get your money out by the by the 31st of December.
Gas! That's, over, now.
That's over now.
Most people didn't even know that happened. I didn't know it happened. I found out about it three days ago.
When converting from Old Mac, to New Mac, given all the crypto leger used on old Mac, do you have some general guidelines, or any Garth gauchos to avoid? And do you recommend keeping Old Mac?
George? Yeah, I will give you it. Yeah. It really depends. It depends on if you have core wallets. It depends on what kind of crypto you're holding.
If you are holding all your kryptos on a ledger, then there's no problem. There's really nothing left behind. If you have core wallets that have ever been on there if you have exodus, wallets like that. There is still information that is stored in files that are hidden, and you have to go in and delete them. What I personally recommend and I'm, I'm looking at one right now, I think I have a Windows machine that's about 12 years old and I am not going to get rid of it until I really kind of need to. Now if if you have a laptop it's easy to store if you have a Mac 27 inch iMac That's hard to store. And and, you know, you may want to take some things out.
But there, there are some wallets that are nested in it. And so, it really depends on the crypto that you are storing. But I always recommend, if it was stuff that you're doing crypto on, keep it. If you have the space, and, if not, let, me know, and I'll kinda direct you in where to look for those wallet.
Because the other part, just, in general, it's important to know where those wallets are. Because you need to back those up and keep them on an encrypted thumb drive, multiple encrypted thumb drives, so that if anything did happen to your crypto computer, you would you would have a backup of that. I mean, because look at the look at the weather look, if you were in tonga, holy smokes, you know, good luck. And that's why we keep things in separate places so that we don't lose our fortunes are small fortunes or anything because it's really easy to tabak things up and keep them safe. You just have to know how to do it.
And so, yeah, it's not an easy answer, but keep it until you, Absolutely, positively have to get rid of it. But there are places where core wallets, another wallets, store things that if you throw your documents away, they're still not thrown away. So you gotta be careful on that.
Sheilas yet, What brand do you recommend?
I used to use pure black I don't take sheila's yet anymore.
I am doing a different round of Minerals that I believe to be better Just so happens. It's a network marketing company, but I've never joined their network marketing company. You can't use my link. I don't have one.
Um, And in fact, I've, I don't.
I don't even buy wholesale.
I've never even become a distributor to buy wholesale.
Every time I order it, it would save me $64 out of 380 bucks and I don't care.
I just buy retail.
The name of it is Young Devotee.
And there's a deposit of minerals in the ground over there in Utah, and this doctor who runs that company Young Devotee.
He's onto something big.
By the way, I take my young Jeopardy vitamins, which is two different vitamins. one of them is Istio FX.
It's more for the bone structure in your body and your joints.
The other one is the plant derived minerals.
In between the two there's like 4150 minerals I'm getting, most of which are ionic minerals are minerals means it goes directly into the cell.
It permeates the cell wall and goes directly in And I do those minerals in the morning to cap fulls of each.
Um, then I take Wyman's blueberry juice and put that in couple, couple, three ounces, Which is like 3 or 4 cups of Bluebirds juiced.
That's expensive stuff by the way.
Then all my mushrooms go in my vitamin D my Karlsson Vitamin D that's suspended and MCT oil goes in.
Um, my vitamin B goes in vitamin B six my Ah Zinke goes in.
What else goes in there?
Um, Jogger, Alma mushrooms, I'd take six different mushrooms.
All that goes in.
Then I have a digestive enzyme.
Vitamin C and A pill.
Digestive enzymes in a pill.
I use life L, Y, F E, called Life, in your food.
It's by Lou Corona. Fantastic digestive enzyme. I don't eat any food without taking a digestive enzyme at all.
Change your life, again, right there.
Helps your body turn your food into energy instead of something else, no matter what you're reading.
Oh, and then my ginseng, Which I've showed here on the show before.
That's my morning tonic, after my celery juice.
After the celery juice, and it is absolutely phenomenal.
I run into friends of mine that haven't seen me in 3 or 4 years, and they go, dude, why do you look like you went backwards in age? Why do you look like you haven't aged?
And I go, Well, the secret to not aging is minerals.
If you want the purest form of minerals grow, you use some really good organic in good soil.
Um Geez, I just went blank on that. It'll come back to me.
It will come back to me, I'm moving on, I was going to say grow that and use it and it's full of minerals because the roots of it go 15 feet down in the soil and you really get into the mineral bed of planet Earth.
Um, asparagus thank you.
I just had to ask myself, dude, what vegetable is it? You cook it all the time. Asparagus. Take asparagus.
Good, good organic grown, asparagus and good soil, and juice it, and it will turn your age around or you can just take a lot of these, these minerals I'm talking about.
Secrets to anti-aging.
At the end of last year asked about password manager and what's entailed. George, you said it would be would require more than a quick answer. Is this possible on your to-do list? I hope so.
Don't want to make it harder than Georgia. Wasn't that in our, wasn't that in the course, password manager, isn't it?
Yeah, it is in the, in the course, that I kinda go over that a little bit more. Maybe I will do part of that and some other things, just touch it briefly because part of it, is it something like that is really hard to do live because if I'm showing you my stuff.
I have a lot of personal stuff in there, and it would It would basically dock's me, just looking through my, my password manager.
So, it's hard to show those in a live environment and it really kinda has to be taped because I just don't want people to know who I am, where I am, you know, that type of information. So you know what, Sherry, I've put that down, and I will cover some of that in the next tech only Saturday Live stream.
Which is either going to be this Saturday or next Saturday, because I have some Saturday sprit. So let me, let me look at my calendar. I will put that on, on that.
Well, and let me, let me make an encouragement to you, George. You do it the way you see fit, OK? You've got my blessing. I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna offer a little suggestion.
There's a lot of people that paid for that course and they got 100 times their money's worth, 100, times their money's worth.
The name of that course is, tell me again, it's the cyber, you know what, let me bring it up. Cybersecurity, Crypto security, is that the name of it?
Yeah, it's on the dot net.
Know, the password manager, I can kinda go over briefly, because some of it is also a, you know, how you work in your life. But it's under technology And it's the crypto cybersecurity bootcamp for 2021.
OK, so here's what I'm going to suggest.
I'm going to suggest, if you do a more in-depth version on the password manager, I'm gonna suggest that you put it in the course.
And the reason I'm suggesting that is, is because I think there's a little bit of integrity that we should uphold to all the people that paid for the course to get that, to get the data.
And so, if you disagree, you do it how you want to do it. You have my blessing. But I really think that integrity is people that have paid for that course.
If you're going to do a more in-depth on it, I think you should put it in the course.
Oh, yeah, I, yeah, I was not going to do an in-depth because the in-depth one really is in the, in the course because it goes through and and you watch an interview with a technology researcher, PHD level, him talking about password managers and how important it is. And so, you know, there's, there's some great resources there. It was going to be more of like, this is why, this is how you can use things, kind of like the 50,000 foot level, as compared to the 10000 foot level of the password manager, passwords and password manager on that and the course.
Because there's just not enough time to kinda get the, you know, the ideas around on, on something like this.
So there you go. I just got an e-mail from Young Jeopardy's saying 25 to 65% off from Allentown, so gas go, get your minerals.
I'm an immature investor.
That's a, that's a, that's a great way to look at yourself when you know that you are. And I would add to it, you're an immature investor working on being a mature investors are good for you.
And then you say, so I apologize for the question.
No problem, no apology needed.
We're here to help immature and mature investors. And by the way, we're not perfect. I'm not perfect. I probably got a pretty good track record on the trading side but I'm not perfect.
I know you've said recently that most of your targets are still your target.
Does that mean or possibly the next bull run?
If so, would it be possible to do a video on targets that you'd expect for the March timeframe when it's suggested to get out of crypto?
I will do that video. I will do that video between now and next Thursday.
I will do that video, and I will cover targets on all of our really good holdings.
You guys asked for it.
This particular crypto student has asked for it specifically here on the live stream. I could do it now, but we'd be here for two hours. It's going to be a long video, I'll try to keep it at around an hour.
Going to be a long video, but it will be in depth and I will cover that.
And by the way, great question from someone working on becoming a mature investor, good for you.
Regarding T fuel T, Bill, wouldn't the ability to instantly withdraw from the pool, allow you to sell T fuel when it approaches cell targets.
And to just keep the tea bill earnings and even liquidate those T bill earnings by swapping back to T fuel, just trying to maximize earnings while things move sideways.
George? Yeah, you know, I guess, when you remove it, Like I said, it depends on everybody's strategy and what you feel comfortable with.
If you want to instantly liquidate T fuel, well, if you have it staked, you're going to have to have 70 hours on your side.
I don't think we're going to get a candle straight up with tea fuel to get out. I think that we're going to see it ramp up.
And so, I'm comfortable with risking those 70 hours from the D Phi stuff that I have done, and I'm working on, and I'm researching.
I I think that by the time we get from here, to March, potentially, we're going to see higher numbers.
And so, that's why I feel comfortable putting liquidity in for two coins that can appreciate in value. Some that we've already talked about for a long time is flamingo Finance.
and so, that's why I steak, or I add liquidity for Neo and flamingo, because I bought, I think, both of those coins are gonna go up. I don't provide liquidity for flamingo and USD T just because I want both sides to move up and not just one, but that's just me.
So, you know, if you feel comfortable just staking or Atlanta Liquidity for T Bill and T fuel, go for it.
You know, dip your toe in, feel what you feel, what's comfortable for you, and just do it.
And don't listen to anybody, do what you feel comfortable with, because I think this is a theme that, that happened this week, like, with multiple people, But people say, well, I kinda feel uncomfortable to, I'm, like, so don't do it. Do what you feel comfortable with, so that you can sleep at night. And don't worry about it, because it's your life, you make the decisions, and don't follow someone else. Do what you feel comfortable with, because then you're making the decision that works for you, not for what you think someone else will be. And that's just like, like, in my family, and just all of those type of things. So you do what you feel comfortable with, and what your risk tolerance is, and where you feel your experience in D phi is, and then go from there.
Cherie says, How do we get so we understand what we're investing in?
YouTube pick and choose question mark.
I'm in the space and following you guys, but I know your team is full of people who don't need beginner teaching.
I'm going to stop with your question right there.
Well, let me let me finish it. I'm a generation or two older than you fellows.
And I feel like I'm trying to understand holding air in my hands smiles.
So, yes, this team is got a good large amount of people that today, those people don't need beginner teaching.
But all of those people did need beginner teaching. And we offered it.
We offered it from the very beginning.
We've been, we have offered beginning teaching.
We've offered that, so it is on our platform.
And if you go back, and you and you truly listen to all my past videos.
You're gonna get beginner, intermediate, and advanced teaching.
Now, to understand exactly a coin, you may need to go to YouTube. You may need to go to Twitter. You may need to go to some websites to understand a specific coin that you're investing in. But the generality of crypto, you can learn right here.
Would you add anything to that, George? Or you think? that's good?
I think that's good.
Anyone who staked T Bill last night got three X the rewards.
D is making this very interesting.
There is no other or there is no other return like this that I know of by far good day, gents.
Well, is this T Bill something you gotta fewer? Is this what the thing where?
if you were holding Theta in the last two quarters, George?
Now, T bill is basically, let's get back into here. T Bill is basically, you know, you. you stake, you add liquidity to the liquidity pool, and you you give a percentage of your T fuel and you give a percentage of T Bill.
And so, that you're adding liquidity, flamingo.
Yeah, yeah. So, it's, you know, I didn't even tell me this, I talked him yesterday. He didn't tell me, So, I, you guys, I don't get any inside information trust me. So, you know. There are because mm because the T bill is D Phi, flamingo Finance is D Phi, there's a lot of Defied.
There's two family members on the same day came to me and said talked about different platforms, and I was like, OK, who have you been talking to. And it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork now talking about defy, hearing about the amazing gains that you can get in D phi. But you need to know what you're investing in, because the higher the reward, the higher the risk there.
Doesn't seem like there's much risk in, in T bill T fuel, but there could be no, T fuel could drop off, you know, into into nothing, or go down to a penny, And there would be risks, so nothing is risk free. Putting money in the bank is not risk free. There's always risk, it just, it depends on your risk tolerance. But I did not know that. He got three times the rewards for that period of time. That's great.
By the way, guys, Bitcoin's having a nice move during this live stream.
We've gone up about 100% of what we were When we started a break above 44 5 will take us all the way back up to the 52,000 range and as you heard de speaking about earlier and 100% agree with them, and I've talked about this on the last couple of videos above 52.
We only have one other level of resistance, and that's 60 K So 50 to 60 K new all-time high.
But a nice move on Bitcoin this morning during this live stream, if you guys haven't seen it, check it out, it's looking good.
I suspect we will hit today about 44, 5, either today or this evening, when the Chinese session starts.
If we go, like I say above that, we're gonna go pretty quickly, probably to 52,000.
And Real quick, because there's a follow up to the G pool, since we're on that real quick. Did, did get back to me. I have all my notifications turned out off so I don't get inundated with questions and that type of thing. But he said, hey, you might be wondering why you got extra rewards. Sorry, we don't make tweets about this stuff yet, but we gave out a little bit extra on the 18th and 19th to celebrate the T fuel price going up.
So that's, that's why you got some extra.
So, by the way, how did we get T Bill? Did we get T bill? Like, I'm so lost.
I, you know, I will make a video on it, but basically you have to swap something, too, into OK, Yes. So, basically, you gotta go get it, then you can steak adger liquidity, and then you can make 50% per year.
And is that 50 per second this day, 50%, or is it going to be going down, as more and more people stay, just like don't think of it.
You know, I don't have all the details. I like with defy in general I think we can try to get things to stay at a certain place, but it will fluctuate. So, I don't think anybody can guarantee that. this is what we're going to get.
They're going to try to keep it as a high rate so that they can get people into the space But, you know, if I think it will fluctuate over time A lot of other ... projects have fluctuated over time. The high return rate of return is to really draw people in, whether it can remain that for a year, for a month, for a quarter. I don't know, That's part of the risk and reward.
Got it.
Gata gata got it, OK I was just scanning the charts. Let's go back to questions.
My homeowner's went up over 40% too says crypto ritch.
I used progress if somebody said by the way that some things, somebody here in the comments I was written down earlier said that your homeowner's is now based on the value of your house where it didn't used to be.
I guess there must have been some changes there.
So that's a great way for the insurance company to rob you, especially during a time of inflation where home, Where Where homes have gone up over the last little bit, quite a bit.
Yeah, and and the price of your well, you're I've learned so much talking to this guy on the phone.
He probably said too much, But he also said, well, you know your homeowner's insurance is based on your credit score said, Well.
Why? Why would that be? I guess everything is nowadays?
So that unfortunately, the people that can't afford it that don't have a good credit score are going to pay more for homeowners because I guess they find a correlation, or that's one reason that they can charge someone that is not as well off more money. I don't know, but I found that, kind of, crazy, and interesting, all at the same time.
Well, and I'm going to, Even, if people call me and Egomaniac, I don't care, I'm going to point you guys back to a previous Tom on this channel, where we talked about, I talked about the fact that there was an event that took place where the United States Treasury was hired by the oligarchs, and they were hired to do a job.
You guys have the military behind you, so go to all these Swiss Bank accounts, the Swiss Numbered accounts that have no name on them, and stake claim on the money, and the United States Treasury did this, to get that money over onto the British Empire Treasury.
And they were successful.
And at the time it happened in the late nineties, early two thousands, it was something to the tune of four or $5000 billion, and but what they did was they took, they took authority, they took, they took the money, it was a claim on the money.
And the claim was very simple.
Once they claimed it, they said to anybody who, who they claimed their money, they said, OK, all you have to do to get it back is present yourself to us.
Show us that this number two counters, yours, show us that the money's clean, show us that you paid tax. Show us, it's not blood money, show us, it's not criminal activity money, and you can have your money back.
We'll give it back to you, not one person claimed their money.
When I did that talk, I went on to say to you guys in the future and now we're seeing it in the future. They're going to be staking claim on a lot of things.
Well, how do you do that?
You get people out there that own something and you raise their insurance on it.
How do you think that a bank takes a real asset?
The way they take a real asset is, is they get, they get, they, they, um, engineer is probably a good word.
They engineer on environment, where you run out here and buy way more than you should, because human beings do that, and you buy it at a real low interest rate.
And you buy it on some great plan they have out today, and then they change the plan on you.
I mean, what do you think's going to happen if interest rates go up on all these people that have just gone out here and bought new homes?
And some of them have even got an interest only loans, and all of a sudden, their interest payment is going to go up and they're going to have an additional thousand dollars a month payment to make.
You're fixing to see another very large event where real assets go to the bank.
They let you borrow an asset that's not real.
See, you put, you put 100,000 in the bank and they go borrow a million from the Fed of a non real asset, It's phone fake, funny money and then they lend it to the next guy.
So he can have a house.
Well, then, all that was funny. Fake money.
And it wasn't actual bills, like it was just exchanging on a computer screen.
Well, the next thing that happens is he buys a house. He has a loan. He has a setup.
And then everything changes. They change the entire environment. And all of a sudden, that house, a real asset, comes back to the bank.
Only they don't care that you defaulted on the money because it was funny, money anyway. They got a real asset. They got wood, they got brick, they got an installation, they got carpet, they, they got no ceiling fans.
They got water tanks.
They've got all kinds of stuff, real asset, and all they had to do is exchange funding money for.
So, here is a prime example, where not only are your taxes going to go up on your property, folks, just mark my words, write it down on your calendar, January 20th, 2022.
Jay said it again.
Your taxes are going to be increasingly stronger over the next decade, and those taxes will be unbelievably strong.
If those pieces of property that you're owning, you're owning in your personal name.
There are going to be some ways of which I'm not at liberty to talk about today, maybe later, where you can take that property and own it in a way where your taxes don't really change too much.
So, the tax system is going to go up on the personal owner of everything.
And, by the way, if you think this isn't happening, go take a look at Europe what's already happened there.
It's going to happen to your income. It's going to happen to your property. It's going to happen to your insurance. And, it's going to get it in a way where you have to basically say, I can't afford it.
See, if you have a loan on your, on your home, because I don't know, some financial guru told you it's a good thing to have a loan on your home, because you can write off the interest, how stupid as that.
and you have a loan on it. Guess what else you have to do.
You have to have insurance that raises their prices, 143%.
You have to have, ah, gosh, I can't even remember the name of it now. C is CPI. What is it? CPI on your loan, right.
So you've got to have all these extra little tack ons, swear your loan, payments 1800, but you've got all these extra fees that equals 1100 a month.
And they go, but this is a good thing because you can write off your interest against your income. Are you kidding me?
Is there anybody awake? Hello.
I did another video talking to you guys about getting the Lambo off your brain and getting the Ferrari off your brain, getting the yacht off your brain and getting yourself set up where your stuff is paid for.
Observe the masses and do the opposite.
The masses are in debt.
Up to their eyeballs, from everything, from the law, more they buy at lows, to the drink, stay bound Wednesday night, at one night that they put on their credit card.
They're in debt up to their eyeballs, observe those masses, and do the exact opposite pay, cash, own it, own it, own it.
So I'll have to say about that. Or, No, let me say it like this, and that's all I've got to say about that.
Life's like a box of chocolates Never know what you're gonna get.
Is there any correlation between price of bitcoin, an apocalyptic event being delayed luv?
I love two old money modules.
I hope there will be more of them.
No, No correlation at all. The people that are planning this event do not need money.
They don't need money ever again in their life. It's all about power.
Power power, power power power.
For George for your homeowner's insurance, it's now based on your property value. Can explains how it all works and how to work around it. If you're interested, and they put a YouTube link Do you want to grab that, George? Yeah.
Well, and, you know, the thing is, though, my property value didn't increase that much in the last two years That I'm like, well, What she's saying is that, she's saying that, they've changed how they bill four, insurance on a home, and they're now doing it based on the value, where they didn't used to do it based on the value. So that's how come they're giving you an increases because they're looking at the value of the home and going, Oh, based on our new metric, we have to charge them.
Follow me, OK, yep, now I do, I'm going to actually, I've just copied that link to and I'm going to put it in a browser because I want to see what that says to, just so I'm informed.
Yeah. Because, you know, as long as I know, the rules, I can play their game, but it's when they change the rules, and they don't let us know that that's hard one.
Oh, this is actually a video. This is crazy that they put that video here. I started that video early this morning when I was Jewish and Salary, and I got up to three minutes and NaN when my phone rang.
That's Ken mantell's exactly. Is this elegant? Thank you, Charlotte.
OK, Hi, Jay, Do you ever think about people that you talk to not being in control anymore as it seems they got it wrong, and a lot of 2021 makes me think masses out power them.
Talking only about crypto Yes, if you have a good day.
Um, no, I don't think that way, and I don't, I don't live and die on the information I get. as I've said that to you guys 100 times.
I still make my own decisions.
Um, I am living and dying on this one piece of information only because of how high the sources that it comes from, and the fact that I have a lot to lose.
I don't know, anybody here who has $100 million dollars?
I don't want to lose $100 million.
How many opportunities in your life do you Get $100 million?
Or 150, or 170?
How many times?
I can't take the risk. So I'm gonna live and die on this piece of information. And I'm willing to die on that hill.
Like if a lot of people go, Oh, man, I got a crypto because J did and nothing happened, oh, never listen to that. Yea. Who, again, I can live with that.
I'm not here for, I'm not making my decision on this for you. I'm making my decision on this.
For me, it's my decision for my money.
What you do is your business.
I don't care.
But all the other info, I tell you guys, when I get it, I tell you straight out, every time I'm giving away information, that, I got, I always do a disclaimer. And I say this because I don't know if this is right. I don't know if this is wrong. We're going to have to watch and see, But here's the information I'm being given. Let's see how it plays out.
How many times have I said that, George, Every single time I've ever given information, How many times about stuff that I answered the question, but I'd like to hear you say Yeah, I know you say it all the time.
OK, that answers that question This is crypto funny how Bitcoin breaks up every Thursday on the live stream.
Last two hours we're up 2% Yes, it can change, but looking like an update.
Yes, I think what we've had So far, if you look at Bitcoin on a four hour chart We've had a five wave impulse up and we've now had a nice ABC correction an actual a complex correction.
And now, this next leg, that's why I'm saying, we probably will reach 44 plus thousand today. And if it breaks that, it'll go on. But now, this next leg on the four hour chart would be a wave three.
So, we'll see how that goes.
Members should understand how real and important your shared info really is.
It's the timeline that schiff's events, or even at a moment's notice. Yes, it is, Nobody can control the time.
And except for the people that are pulling those triggers, certainly not me. It's certainly not people I talk to on Wall Street.
Some of those people get, they get, they get destroyed. I mean, I know some people I've talked to that have been destroyed by the people that run this planet.
Look, let me tell you something, if this event goes off, you know, who's going to get hurt and I'm going to tell you who's going to get hurt, Michael Seiler, if this event goes off, Michael Saylor and the stock of his company is going to get destroyed.
He is not in the know.
He represents, by the way, one of the royal families go look into him.
His bloodline goes all the way back to a Royal family member.
But that Royal family member was not in this treaty.
He's gonna get hurt, he's gonna get hurt bad if this happens.
Management protocols of humans are always being tested, so grateful for the insights of heads-up you provide to help the well, you know, the last guy said, most of everything from 20 21 was wrong.
Who are they listening to?
I'm not sure.
My father's friend, 12 years was shot to death because he felt or he left Hitler group to see his family as a shame.
It's a pity man. What humans will do.
I would encourage everyone here, don't ever try to be superhuman work on being a human. That's super.
When you buy a car, house, et cetera, for someone, and they are, they are the trustee and you are the successor trustee.
When they pass away and you take the property back, do you then edit the trust documents to make yourself trusty?
And assign a new successor trustee.
No, you if you if you think there needs to be a successor beyond you, you can put that in. You can have seven successor trustees, you can build it all out the same way.
Um, if I, if I am, planning to take that home back and keep it until, maybe, one day that I pass or bounce off this planet, give up my ghost.
Then yeah, you can certainly change your documents and make someone else successor trustee, so you So the answer is you can, and the answer is you don't have to.
The document will stand for itself.
Both of Joe Rogan podcast, I'll say this person says D, they're talking about D that we had on earlier.
Right, on both of Joe Rogan's podcast mentioned on spot on and a must watch. I listened to the silence voices because that is where the truth lies.
Thanks, Dee.
Jodi, I listened to that podcast twice, myself.
Thanks D for your input best to you.
Thank you for your perspective, Dee. Thank you a lot for sharing.
Being human is super, are always the words of a man I appreciate, said guru.
Wish a nice day to everyone as a guru's. Awesome.
Jay, do you see correlations between interest on the bond's?
No, I do not.
Valuable lessons in teaching this morning. Appreciate de sharing. Nice to hear from individuals of a higher caliber.
A mature individual, I might add.
George, a great example of you leading was you this morning starting off with the tech stuff? I left for a moment on the inside when Jay asked you if he could add to what you were talking about.
With the homeowner's insurance, you both make a great team kicking *** and taking names. Where is the square jar? Yep, Yeah, no, I mean, listen.
If you, If you make a decision, and I made a decision to, to not, OK, first of all, when George came around.
I said to George, George, I can pay you for your time, or George, if you'd like.
I will bring you in. I didn't call him a partner at that time. I just said, I'll bring you in, and you work off of commission based on what we make.
And he agreed to that at the terms we had.
When we finally actually got up and running, and started.
I raised the terms, and I gave George a massive income raise. I paid him on things we never talked about.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, I gave them a whole different percentage from what we originally talked about and I left myself no room to give him a raise.
I paid the **** out of him and made him a partner, and as my partner, I will always respect him.
And when he's talking about something, I will always give him the utmost respect and say, George, would you mind if I share something along that line two, because that's called respect to your partner.
Well, and you kinda come at it from a different perspective than I do, just like the last person with the video.
Like, well, my insurance, my homeowners are My property value, didn't increase that much. And I'm like, wait, look, at it from this way, This is what it really means. So, I really value that. that, someone doesn't think, like I do, and someone that doesn't can't come from my perspective, because then I learned something along the way. I mean, I think we've we've learned a lot from each other, and we value that in our friendship.
Yeah, we do.
You have added, you have added as much to my life as I have yours. I guarantee it.
It's a scale set, Sarah, Pretty balanced, I can tell you. At least that's how it feels on my side.
Me, too.
I don't have any insight on blue zella for that person asking that question. So not much. I can add there.
Wave is awesome, so glad I jumped on board.
And they're talking about technology of the patches.
I'm pretty sure, I don't know, of anybody making any big income there, that's from this group. If they are, great. Good for them.
Yes, I've been using patches for the last year. Once you talked about it, I researched and ordered it right away. Now my wife and I both wear them daily. I'm all about my mental health and body and the patches have been a blessing, Yes, they are. Our Neon patch every day. Our next 39, every other day for 24 hours and I'll take it all for 24 hours.
And I wear the pain patches if I need them.
The energy patches will just flapjack you up. I don't wear those that much.
I don't really have a lack of energy in my life, but I do keep them on hand in case I want to.
Can you cover realistic take profit zones for FLN? I'm going to do all that in the video that was requested earlier.
I think Joe averages 11 million. That's great. We talked about that. I think the president makes $400,000 for our. He got arrays. That's good good for him, Well, his cohort.
Must be making a lot more than that because his retirement plan just went around the internet and he's getting 360,000 in retirement.
Anyway, good for them for getting raises all you taxpayers.
Good for you for paying their salaries.
Jay, my co-worker and I were discussing this recently, rally in Bitcoin, possibly being a dead cat bounce, What are your thoughts And think, I don't think it's a dead cat bounce.
I've already told you, but I think I think the bottoms down very seldom will say that I came out and said it now said it twice.
I think the bottom is in and I think we're fixing to see a nice rally.
As I say, when we get above 52,000, I would then again, let's don't leave this out.
Because someone will go, Jay said in my video the other day when I was so bold, as to say, I think we just put the bottom in. Look at your candlesticks. This is a, This is a reversal sign. Look at the daily.
Look at the look at the long legged dodgy. Look at the spinning tops. Look at the inside day, and I went all em.
Instead, I think the bottom is and I said, I said, except for if we were to have some kind of piece of news, where we had a spike down, which, I think would be short-lived.
So with the exception of that, I think the bottom is in.
And keep in mind, there is potentially a piece of news like that coming next Wednesday.
It's the FOMC meeting.
So just keep in mind that that is coming next week. Maybe it's something. Maybe it's nothing.
Also, you could also have a piece of news tomorrow that says I don't know XYZ countries banning crypto, who knows.
But you also could have a piece of news tomorrow that says Warren Buffett's had a turnaround and is now buying Bitcoin and it'll go to the Moon. Or Elon Musk says he'll now take Bitcoin for payment of a Tesla again.
I mean, gosh, these cows, it's just ridiculous. They don't have a button in a back room. So they have to use people like this. And the fact that those people will sell their soul for a dollar is ridiculous.
My soul is not for sale.
George, have you witnessed me in our business together have you witness to me, come to you and go George. I don't know how you feel about it, but there is no freaking way. I can take money over on this example. I'm not doing it, I will not take the money. I will not promote that.
I will not do that now that I know this information that can't be done I don't want that that money because it's the wrong way. Have you witnessed me do that on multiple occasions? I was going to say multiple occasions sometimes.
Yeah. And, well, here's the thing, and sometimes you look at something like the patches, and you were like, you brought it to the group, and I think it's helped a lot of people, it's helped me.
And that you almost sometimes you're like, why did I do that? Because now everybody wants me to promote theirs. And you were just trying to get things out to people that could solve some long term health issues. And people looked at it.
It's like, oh, well, now you can do you can do mine, because this is network marketing, and it just became kind of a kind of a hassle right after that because people got mad at you for not promoting theirs, but that wasn't the, that wasn't the reason that you brought it.
I'm just jumping around to a few to see if there's any inherent JD you take zinc from .... Yes, I do.
Like remember G also take their B six.
I like that they suspend theirs in a sugary syrup versus alcohol.
I wish people would use less alcohol to suspend supplements.
I mean it's kind of a, if you're taking a lot like Outtake six, I'd take six mushrooms twice a day and if I just put it in water, I mean it tastes like alcohol water.
It's ridiculous.
Crypto Cybersecurity course, thank you Integrity. Yes, that's what Sherry was saying when we were talking about that.
Are the ... enzymes lives on yesterday, our lifetime.
A name product for Young ..., name of the product for Young Jeopardy, was ... and plant derived minerals. two bottles, one has a green, top one is a white top.
one is like $24. one is like $48. When I order, it's about 365 bucks. And I order four bottles at a time.
The point being is that George doesn't really need to be the info provider.
OK, not sure which point where we're talking about there something today.
OK, Hi Jami.
I will, OK, Hygeia, I'll be on vacation to early March timeframe to get our works out to be, while I'm on vacation, what that is, Can you share about exiting or not missing out on a computer?
If you, I don't know about you, years could be thousands, years could be 10000 year, it could be millions.
to me, it does not matter.
Money is money, and I still bend over and pick up a quarter when I see it on the ground, and I go, Thank you universe, I don't care how much money I have.
When I'm walking, and I see money on the ground, I will always bend over and pick it up, OK, money comes to me, in great abundance, effortlessly, effortlessly.
So, if you feel the way I feel, there's no vacation I can take, where I wouldn't take some of my time on vacation to get out of my millions of dollars worth of crypto.
Provided I knew I had to get out, like I was on vacation in April.
And I wasn't even thinking about getting out of crypto. I was excited that all the prices were up, but I wasn't thinking about getting out of crypto. I was already. I was still telling you, guys, hey, we gotta run into 20 22.
I did not know there was an event coming until July, end of July.
But when I'm on vacation, if I need to sell crypto, I'll stop what I'm doing on vacation, and plugin a computer, and a half will sell crypto, period.
There's my, there's my tip for you.
OK, T Bill, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, going down, going down, gone down.
PMI, thank you for helping me. I think I said ..., thank you for that PMI. Which is your, your loan insurance, or whatever it is?
Private mortgage insurance: Why would they want to possibly event to occur in the bull market? rather than, because, I don't care about money gal's These people have quadrillions of dollars.
I just said it to you quadrillions, not trillions, they have quadrillions, you go, I don't believe that, I don't care, I don't care.
You don't have to believe it, I don't care whether you believe that these people have, you've heard the term more money than God, I don't necessarily like the term, but it's fitting. And they do.
Gotta go get a tooth thought, Godspeed brother.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
OK, what is your opinion on the possibility of us entering hyperinflation in the next 10 years?
I don't think I've talked about this gas at length and I think I've told you from the sources I talked to, we can print $100,000 billion from today over time and still not enter hyper inflation.
And the reason why is because every time they print money, and that money hits the system, the whole world outside the United States runs in to suck up those dollars, because they need those dollars to pay for the debt.
Alright, guys, that's our last question. We're gonna run here where 12 minutes over, I've got places to go today. I'm sure Georgia does do.
George, you got the last word. Livestream brother, I mean, for the last several months, man, we've had, I think, phenomenal, livestream spent a lot of fun.
Yeah, they've been right on. And every time, like a Wednesday, I'm like, OK, I usually have a small list, and then it just kinda comes in and does what it does and fills. Everybody's hopefully knowledge banks in their brain a little bit. I really appreciate everybody joining us this Thursday. I hope you have an amazing weekend.
And the rest of the week, I'm waiting to hear back if D will join me this Saturday next Saturday or next week. He's a busy man, just like we all can be at times. And I do appreciate you joining us today, and we'll talk next week. Thanks, George.
There was a comment here I think was important and I'm gonna just make it before we get off here because it goes along with our theme today, which our theme was Integrity And this person who's been here the whole time says Even back with J Snip.
You would not take money after the bear market came for traits.
That's your integrity and they're right As soon as I saw that the bear market had come in I told people stop trading And I told joh shut down the trade room and do it for free for the next 60 days.
And in that 60 days We did take some bounced trades on Bitcoin.
We took some bounced trades on litecoin only until the upside. We took some bounce rate on Ethereum.
We took some bounced trades on litecoin. Those four points is the only thing we traded.
When the bear market came and they were bounced trades off the bottom only up for 50%, 60%, whatever it was.
But, I told people stop trading, We're entering a bear market, and I told Joh, because we're not gonna get to take any trades. And people have just paid us for three months, give people two months for free.
Millimeter hmm, That was my integrity.
And so, anybody wanting to question Jade's Integrity, go back and look at the facts. I don't need to run my mouth about it. Just go back and look at the facts.
And I can't say thank you enough to miss Randy who put this in here, because you can say those things.
And people will hear it, if I bring it up and say, Well, Jason Egomaniac, so thank you for saying that, so much. Guys, have a great week. We'll talk to you next week.
Thanks, George.
Take care.

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