Failed Payment Policy Update – Please Read

Happy Saturday Everyone.

Just as a reminder…  If you want to email us, you should only being using the email address [email protected] or the help button on the bottom right corner of each page on our sites.  If you use any other email address I cannot guarantee we will receive it and thus you probably will not get a response. 

I wanted to go over a new policy I have put in place regarding failed payments. More specifically, if a credit card is declined or does not have enough funds for the transaction to be completed and paid for.

I have discovered a small loophole that a few folks had used to avert payment for a month or so. I believe MOST people were not aware that their payment was not processed correctly. Either way, this loophole is now closed. 

When a payment fails, I try to catch it and email the person with the reason for the failure. I have to look up why it failed and have to create a support ticket for the user. This will continue with this moving forward. However, here are the new rules for non-payment:

I will give you 7 days to complete a failed payment. Mind you, I am aware there are life situations that can arise such as stolen cards, vacations, forgetting to pay the card, etc.  If you need more time, please let me know via a support ticket – [email protected]. If you do not contact me via support ticket within 7 days requesting more time, your order will be canceled. Please ONLY use the email address above. 

If you do not make the payment after 7 days and do not do contact me, your order will be canceled. 
When your order is canceled you will not have access to the site.

If you wish to re-instate your membership you will be charged $150 USD to re-activate your account. 
You will be charged for the month(s) you missed, plus the active month.

This has been put in place as of Feb 4, 2023 and you all have been notified via this posting. 


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