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0:23 Hello, everybody. Hi. Welcome to Tech Saturday. You kn...

Hello, everybody. Hi. Welcome to Tech Saturday. You know? I yeah, I was going on and on. And I noticed, oh, well, wait. I, I've muted things.
So, I've had a busy morning with being a dad. and it looks like I have about five miles under my belt of walking and enjoying the outside. So it is time to focus on a little bit of tech.
So if anybody is interested in coming in and sharing a little bit, just let me know. I'm going to just cover a couple of things that I think are important to cover.
So Ah.
Let us see the what we will do is I know a lot of people had some questions on the Aquarius. I thought it was acquiesce and as in water.
I guess I've looked at this page, but really, it didn't. It did not sink in.
But, um, you know, people have had questions. Why did you choose the wallets that you did? Can I do another type of wallet, et cetera, et cetera?
And part of it is, I chose the wallet to do what I was doing, because I wanted to easily access. my steller, my Excel M from my ledger.
And so what I did was, I went through and I found the, the wallets that would work with my ledger. So if I went to stellar term, you know, I don't know if I have the exact URL. Let's see.
Yeah, stellar term, there we go.
Went here, went too well.
I kinda did a little bit of research, but when you do a login, you see all the different types of wallets. And what I don't want to have to do is have one wallet to do something and then send it to another wallet. If everything can be secured on my ledger, then I don't have to worry about doing that.
So I look for wallets that support hardware wallet.
And Steller term does, we'll look at the other one, stellar acts, also supports a ledger, because if you go to connect, you will see that it says, Leger, Now, one of the reasons, I prefer a ledger over treasurer, is just because of this particular reason.
If you look at stellar term, they login up, that's down here, They do have treasure our treasurer.
But if you look at Stellar acts, they only have leger, The majority of hardware wallets that are supported by different wallets out there. They will do leger over treasurer, or the only one that I know that I wish they would do something a little bit differently is. Is Exodus Exodus.
You can secure your Wallet with your treasurer, but you can't with a ledger. So that is the the one that kind of rules over ledger at this point.
But the thing to remember is that when you use a hardware wallet when you use what I'm going to talk about is as leger You're not locked into one type of Wallet You know with that Blockchain.
So, with Steller, you can see that I can use Steller term with my ledger.
I can go to Leger Live and access my steller there with my ledger.
You can go to, hmm, this one not necessarily a wallet, but more of a swopping mechanism and trading, but you can access this and do the swap using your ledger. You don't have to use a wallet Connect.
You don't have to login with an e-mail or open up another type of stellar wallet and then ship things back to your ledger. You just do it right in your ledger. Now, one of the reasons why I'm gonna swap back to this. I'm not gonna go in here right now, because I would just have to hide too much.
But one of the things you want to remember, people in the comments said, well, you know, why can't I just use my lead your life like what you can?
But what I did verify was you can see your stellar and lead your life, but you can't see your Aquarius and lead your life or aqua.
Whatever you want to call it. You can't see that in ledger life.
You need to have a nother type of wallet to see the I don't know what they are called. I know there's gotta be some type of Technical Name Form, but they're kind of like ERC twenties. For the Stellar network.
There was in the video, you could see there was a whole big, long list of of those, and you had to add them.
So it was viewable in steller term. And so that's why I chose this wallet because it seemed to be the easiest. You can use any wallet you want, what they recommended back in.
Oh, it looks like something was delivered to my front door. And I've been waiting for that.
If you look back here, whoops.
It'll tell you, you know, what wallet, they recommend.
two, no supported wallets.
Um, if you don't have it on a ledger that you can access, I don't know what. I don't know what to tell you. I know people asked, well, is it going to be supported in Exodus? I don't think. so, Is it going to be supported in Atomic?
I don't think so.
I don't know if either of those wallets can support an ERC 20 type of Coin. It's not an ERC 20. I should have looked it up before I came on the air. But you can see your stellar there. But you can't necessarily see your Aquarius. And so, that's what's going to be important if you have something in your Exodus.
And I'm not saying this for sure, because I haven't done the research, But I know other times people have been able to get their private key, And then with that private key access through another wallet.
But I can't be guaranteed because it's not on this recommended Wallets list.
If you can't access them right now, you can test it and see, but I would, you know, put them on Go Order a Hardware wallet right now. It's, you're probably not going to get it anytime.
But, you know, if you're going to be serious about crypto, you need to use a hardware wallet. You need a password manager.
You need, you know, certain things to keep yourself private, secure, safe, and able to go to the different wallets to access your coins.
And a perfect example is Taz Bots, which held the Tez the Token. Well, doesn't really matter.
What wallet it is, because some wallets have just there they're doorstops they have not had any more development. I think one of them, or what was the one that holds iOS scatter.
I don't know if they're doing any more development and scatter. If you go to their website to download it, the links haven't worked in months.
So if you keep things in a hardware wallet, you can go and use just about any wallet that will support the ledger or treasure.
And so that's why I keep things on on a hardware wallet. So I've probably beating a dead horse. On that. I don't know, If it's not on this list, I can't tell you if it's going to support it. All I can do is read through their documentation, their information, and say, yep, it's going to support it, or Nope, it's not. If you haven't Kaolin Brown, you absolutely will not get it.
If you do not hold it with your private keys, you will not get it.
If you can't access a wallet that you can see the airdropped coins into, you're not going to be able to want to do it.
You know, if you have a ledger, you know that you'll be able to get into stellar term stellar X and you will be able to see it and lead your life. So that's really all I can say on that. I know other people have asked, well, how many coins that really depends on how many people are participating? If you have your ...
in a wallet but you don't have your one aqua then you will not participate in the airdrop because having some of that token in your X L M Wallet basically says, Hey, I'm here.
Please let the airdrop come in to this wallet. They do it on the back end. I don't know how they do it, but that's how they do it.
OK, and let me take a quick look at my list.
Yeah. I didn't have too much. two to cover.
Let's go into some of the questions, OK, Let me refresh this just in case.
OK, we'll go through this, and then we will go through the questions that you guys can put into the, the system, the GoToWebinar system. So. Bob says, Regarding X L M airdrop, while the airdrop still happened for people who have software wallets like, Exodus or will it only apply to Hardware wallets. It's not only going to apply just to Hardware wallets, but it's going to apply to a wallet. That can actually see the token. I don't think, exodus is going to be able to see the token. If you can get the private key out and you can put it into another type of wallet, then you'll have it.
But they did not have exodus on that list of wallets. So you may not let's just put it this way.
Try to use an extra wallet to get one of those tokens into it and visible and if you can, then most likely at work.
But if you can't see that token, if you can't deposit that token and see it visibly and access, then you are not going to be able to because there's no way to get it out OK.
OK, so the next Oh, you know what, no one did remind me, but I Remind myself, let's do this.
Mister Bick, OK, hey, George, a couple of questions. Number one, I'm getting my excellent back from Carolyn Brown to my ledger. How long do I need to keep them in my ledger after the airdrop?
It is basically the, let's go back here. And it is the snapshot date.
Um, you know, whatever that I've been doing, dealing with three different airdrops and one is the 15th of this month, and one, I believe this is the 15th, but as long as you pass, hold on, sorry, I'm getting dizzy. Yeah. We will be will take a snapshot of the Stellar Network on December 15th 20 21.
That's the date that you need to hold the coins and anything after that date you can send them wherever you want.
I know the, some of the other airdrops, and, if you're new to Airdropped, airdrops, are all over the place, meaning, some rules, for one, don't apply to another.
Most of the airdrops that I've participated in, now, maybe about half of airdrops happened at a time that I didn't know that the airdrop was going to happen, meaning, like, one inch. one inch, I got some airdrop.
Tokens of one inch, because I had used another decks six months before. Then they announced it, that if you had, if you had used a particular decks in August, than you would get a an airdrop, and they announced that like in October, so you couldn't prepare for it. And then there are ones like this that say you need to have something in your wallet, 500 ... and one Aquarius, and you will be able to participate in the airdrop.
And then there are some, which is Let's go all the way out.
Well, we can do this.
So I did two videos, one was the ..., and then, Oops, and then there's Sunday swap.
Sunday swap, they have not set a date. They've just basically said, You need to have this in place when this happens.
And if you don't, if you can hear my dog were babies in a dog, and today is the last day, but you, they are going to just announce the date, and that's when you have to have it in place. And if not, then you miss it.
So, sometimes, you know that it's coming up like, this one on X L M. Some, you have no idea when it's going to happen, but, you know, it's going to happen in that Sunday swap, and then some you participated in something, and you didn't know that an airdrop was going to happen until six months later. And you look back, and you're like, Oh, I'm glad I used that deck, So you have to answer this. question. Number one, you have till the 15th, and then after the 15th, I wouldn't wait at least, you know, till the 16th, or if you can figure out the right timing if you're you urgently need to set it back, but just make sure you know the time zone, that is also set to.
number two.
When they do the airdrop, do they give you as many free coins equivalent to the amount? This?
I'm not going to be able to answer this.
It is the ... up. This particular one is divided up into how many people are participating, and to participate. You have to meet those minimum requirements. I believe there's also a maximum requirement or maximum, that they don't want some of the whales participating. I can't tell you what the, the coins, how many you're gonna get. Sometimes you can know that. And sometimes you can't. Depending on if they have a pot, but they're dividing up. And no, I don't think it's going to be a huge.
No airdrop is as far as a value. But free coins are free coins. Because the market data is not tracked. This has been out.
This is the second airdrop, for the aqua.
And so it's three times as large as the first one, But there's not much here to tell you what the value is. I think it's, this airdrop is going to be very similar. If anybody was around for the ... airdrop, where you got QI, and the only way you could get rid of your QI, West, swap it on Q. I swap for QDM and say, you know, You got a little bit of extra cute them, if you're participating in that airdrop, and I think this is going to be at similar thing, that, you know, the airdrop will happen. They said, The snapshots going to happen on the 15th. They didn't say when it's going to be dropped in your wallet. So just FYI.
And so, You know, you may get this, This token, you may not be able to sell it on the open market, but you could go back to and swap them out for Exelon. I think that's probably what I will do.
OK, let's go down.
Hi, George, are you willing to do a video on staking?
Wonderland would love some guidance to ensure I don't miss step. Thanks. No idea what time is.
Um, Let's take a look at time.
As the token, I know I pass time.
OK, Wonderland time. Never heard of it.
It's on there.
Apache C Chain.
Um, Well, I am not going to buy one to test it!
So, No, I do, I probably won't do it because I don't hold it. And, I'm not going to buy a little bit just to to do a video. Because I don't think there are very many people that are going to buy at that, at that price. I don't even know what the chain does.
Hi, George, Hope you are having a good day. Got a question regarding Boba. I have someone finance but last time I looked no withdrawals allowed? When do they allow than what I'm asking?
That is a question. You can get a coin, but if you can't move it, and you can't sell at any place than it has no value, that's kinda what I felt like on the the QDM airdrop, which had QI, I'll tell you what the price the QI is.
Q I.
Q, I swap It is 20%.
And the markets are get IO.
Tokyo crypto.
No, it looks like the only place to trade it would be gate IO.
The volume, wow, I'm 24 hours. two million? That's much more than I thought, Well.
Yeah, I guess B, K, E X never heard of them. They have some good dye, and maybe maybe someone's trying to buy, but you know, gate IO 389, let's look at boba.
I know you're not going to be able to sell it at Pamela Brown. It is not been around long enough. Who knows where the liquidity is.
Let's look at, yeah, hi.
Almost $8 and it's just kinda goin' south.
From there, the only, Well, I guess, there, there are quite a few markets.
Gate IO seems to be, T F T X is probably your best bet on the problem with finance.
This has gotta be by Nantz, um dot com and not finance dot US.
Finance can hold your coins for an indefinite amount of time, and you can't really do anything but play by their rules and you can ask them, but who knows? You may try to swap them out. But it doesn't show that they are going to trade the bhabha. So I'm not sure where you can get rid of it. I also looked at, let's do that right now.
Let's go to a simple swap.
Most likely, they're not going to have anything.
Know, Bhabha, so, I'm not sure where you're going to be able to.
Get. Readier Boba, you may be able to try to do A?
Oh, yeah, that one, I don't know.
If you, if you find out something easy and you can do it in the US, let me know.
The, the thing. You probably are not in the US, but everybody in the US. Well, actually everybody is getting KYC seed right now at finance and I think until December seventh.
You have and then they're gonna lock you out. And I know, I have a couple people, I think, one I'm working with on Monday, that basically is getting threatened. with that. I got an e-mail. I had a buy Nance account that was KYC, and I had a buy Nance account that was not KYC. Then I would just do a little better swapping or trading here and there with it. But I can't do that anymore, because everybody needs to be KYC.
If you're in the United States, you can't prove that you're outside the United States. So having a VPN doesn't really matter. And that's why VPN is just kind of a crutch. But it is definitely not a solution.
A solution is being in a great jurisdiction, that you can trade on whatever platform you want, and that's what I'm hoping enforcing.
This is from Sun Dog ..., I'm trying to unstick my iOS, simple iOS version, 1 point 5 wallet on the Mac book. I keep getting an error message. Error, build A, CPU 542 is greater than the maximum. Transaction failed, I've moved the unstable slider many times to different amounts to no avail. Is there anything else I could try?
Yes, you can't use simple iOS, the big question, son, dog, and if you want, if you're here, you can put it in the question part.
The biggest thing is how do you have your iOS secured? Do you have the private key?
Do you have the mnemonic phrase, is it on a hardware wallet?
Those letting me know that will tell you the easiest way to to do things because I was working with my friend, Um, I was working with my friend on Friday, we're supposed to do things in the morning, and then I did those videos, and he had the same issue. He's like, It's simple, iOS, and I'm like, Yeah, there's no update. The wallet's is dead, it sucks.
Um, and I'll I number one I will never get into EOS again.
Just because issues like this, and the only solution that we could come up with, we went back and forth, and there was stake in there was all of this. He had it you got it, 200 staked on the CPU, and we're trying to unstick this, and nothing would work. We couldn't even on stake like 10.
And so I do not like I do not care for simple iOS wallet, the Faerie Wallet.
The only one that would work for us is, let me see if I can pull it up is the anchor Wallet.
But then again, it's kinda tricky to get your your private keys.
Helen says, IE, they can't hear me. Can you guys hear me?
Let's see.
Little bars going up and down.
so I think yes, yes. You can hear OK?
So, here is the Anchor Wallet, and I don't know if I have the setup for iOS.
But you can have it for EOS for wax.
And you can Import an existing account. And I'm not going to be able to show you here.
But there's something called you can buy cycles of CPU. Oh, yeah, you're not even seeing it, sorry.
Because I think you guys see the screen.
Let me just see if I can go to Anker Wallet.
OK, this is Anker Wallet Anchor Wallet has kind of saved a few people in wax and in iOS.
And there is a way, two, I don't think I can I can show it. There's a way that you can purchase for a very small amount of iOS CPU cycles.
And that's the only way that I've been able to get people out of there.
They're chained iOS or racks that the staking didn't take the cycles up, and so, what you can do is you can buy a bunch of cycles, CPU cycles. Because that error that you're talking about is a, is a CPU cycle.
And it's basically saying you don't have enough CPU available to you. The Anchor Wallet shows you that, that, you know, it's kind of in the red, You need more CPU, and then you can go ahead and rent a little bit for a very little bit of iOS. And it just makes it so much easier.
In fact, I wish I would have used the anchor wallet, because I probably left some iOS, should probably go back and get it in the in the wallet that I was using. I think it was attached to scatter and scatter than the interface that I used was blocks dot IO. And I had to leave some in there because I needed and that staked to have CPU cycles so that I could actually send things out. And I just didn't want to go back to it because I just feel so frustrated.
So I would try to use the anchor wallet with the for your iOS And, frankly, you know, for your whacks, too.
But how you use the anchor wallet really depends on what you have secured. Let me see.
And I keep sandag is not here. So it really depends on how you have secured there.
It's a tricky wallet at, to get into, if you have the private keys, blah, blah, blah, but that is the best one that I would recommend.
And I think, I answered this one lane, but hydrogen can be there today. Today, somebody already asked, if the amount of Stellar will equal the amount of airdrop, but the airdrop coin won't be aqua right. Thanks so much.
It will be the aqua. That's what will be dropped in there. How much, I don't know. It will end up in your wallet, and you'll be able to see, from that point. But it is on now where you're not going to earn.
Exelon, it is going to be that, that that token.
Hi, George. If you heard anything about this posted back tour to Bitcoin supply and other services, proclaiming that up to 98.2% of Bitcoin supply will not be available to the retail in 20 22.
More details supposed to be released this coming Wednesday. Not sure this is the event related or not, but we'd like to know a few.
Are any of your tech buddies have heard anything? Thank you, John. I have not heard anything.
I've heard so many things that have not come to pass.
And so, I don't know, another service, proclaiming that, up to 98 or 98.2% of Bitcoin supply will not be available to retail in 20 22.
I don't know what that means, because the, there's, there's things that have to be defined, what is retail? Does that mean, you and me? I don't know how they're going to stop that.
if I am doing it in, let's say, crypto friendly country that I'm not going to be able to buy Bitcoin.
Um, you know, Bitcoin is not run by a company.
No one can necessarily break down someone's Bitcoin door and go hold them hostage and say, This is what you need to do, or we're going to jail you all.
So, aye.
I can't possibly see how they could lock up 98.2%.
Um, I don't know who's proclaiming that, But I think that is ridiculous and not available to the retail in 20 20 to what retail US, Chinese, Suess, Mexican, French, German, you know, all different countries, crypto, currencies, kryptos in general are borderless. That's why some people use VPNs.
I mean, unless they no corner, the market on, on the hashing power, at 51%, I don't know how they're going to do that.
I would honestly, I mean, I'd have to look at their data.
But I think that's BS, mean, like, OK, we'll see what happens Wednesday, the nice crash today, No, It was because someone dumped a whole bunch when it was the least liquid part of the day.
So, I don't know, I highly doubt it. Actually, ever be the case.
But, then, again, I don't know.
OK, there we go, I think we're at the bottom. Let me.
See if there's anything else.
Yeah, that is the last one. If anybody wants to put any questions in the question and answer if anybody wants to come on.
Yes, I OK, here we go.
Is the aqua X L M a one time a 1 to 1 Airdropped? Nope, it is all based on how many participants are are going to be there?
OK, and this is from Joseph Howe. George. I have not created by H Bar Wallet yet, waiting for the new video. Are you still going to do a new video replacing the old? when? I probably will. I'm still getting requests, not as many. So it's, it's kind of working, but their interface was back and forth and back and forth. It looks like they decided on the new interface, for sure. So, I will put that on my list of things to do.
I'm gonna actually write that down, or I'm gonna forget.
Yeah, I will. I will do that.
And, let's see. Yes, Ian is correct. Aqua will be dropped over a three year timespan. It says it somewhere.
That's why I kinda left.
Um, This up.
It doesn't say, Let's see.
Once distribution starts, it will continue for three years, 36 months. I'm guessing when they said 36 months, they mean that.
There will be an airdrop every month, but I don't know that set of details is not there, And they haven't also said that I could find, um, that, what, is it all based on the snapshot of that time?
So, even if you sell out that you're gonna get that same amount for a 36 month period of time, I don't know. I don't know if they're going to do one snapshot for one year, and then another snapshot for another year, That's something that we will find out in, in time.
This is from Joseph.
Hi, George, in regards to iOS, my old one, that are stuck in Mew, OK. Not stuck, but that means they have not been converted from ERC 22. The US. Mean, that, I registered them in 20 18 and 2019, and I have my private key.
I can see the balance the Act at the EOS Authority, but I cannot withdraw or move them anywhere. Can you help me to move them please? I'd have to look into that, because, as you said, it's back in 20 18.
2019, And because you have it in my Ether Wallet or Mew, it basically means it has not been converted.
and I don't know I I know I converted mine. I don't remember how I did it. I don't even know if there's a bridge open, and it's it's going to take a little bit of research.
But there are quite a few coins that people haven't converted from the ERC 20 side of things, to the new main main net. And, you know, it's interesting because way back in the day there were some youtubers that said, Oh EOS it's a Sham. It's a scam. because they're not even doing their own blockchain, and you have to buy an ERC 20, and then they're gonna move it to their own Blockchain.
And that's how so many other blockchains have done it. And so, you know, it just, it's hard to believe what people say at times, because they're ignorant or they haven't done their research.
But, you know, there are wax, was the same way EOS, Theta. You know, a lot of different blockchains started as an ERC 20 and then moved to their own, as they got funding, and they can build it out, and they didn't have to rush it out, to have people participate.
So, I don't know. It's something I'd I'd have to look into to see if there is a, a bridge between the two.
Erin? Joseph, you are welcome as as soon as I make it.
I'm actually going away to my Heidi place next Sunday for a week and I will have a lot more time just to focus on that.
Because sitting just to the left to me is my brand new Apple 16 inch that I add things sucked over from my 13 inch to my 16 inch. man. I like that screen.
It's A, it's enough where I don't have to bring my iMac desktop with me to where I go which is not convenient whatsoever but there was no way I could work on my 13 inch and with the 13 inch lovett.
I am going to get rid of it. I haven't figured out where yet. But there's only two USB C ports on it. And so what I found was it's great if I wanted to just to do some simple things.
But when I had a whole bunch of things like it being plugged into power, like having my dangling hard drive off it, I have a solid state drive that a backup everything. And I basically use an external solid state drive for the majority of my life. And that is, that gets cloned to another one and put it in a safe or a safe place. And so I don't worry about backups. I don't worry about having to go dig. It's a quick, immediate backup that I can store in multiple places, and not have to worry about it too much.
OK, and this is from Sandra.
George, I get confused as how to use a VPN.
Do I need to log into my computer as a guest or incognito or other Google accounts e-mail?
I have Windows 10 an option to turn off VPN. I have your VPN.
And I also use nord VPN, but still concerned that my IP address will be seen example, US resident and signing up for non US. Exchange.
I should know this, but just just need a simple instruction, Thank, you.
Know, that is one thing I've been trying to get out the door, is my VPN video on the Cybersecurity class, and I have not yet, because it's, it's complex, but OK, VPNs, really, do not protect you.
VPNs, have done a great marketing or what VPN companies have done, a great marketing campaign to make you think that you can be hidden. But, here's the reality.
So a VPN will allow you to make yourself appear, that you're coming from where you're not. They can't necessarily see the original VPN, sorry, the original IP address, that you have at your computer, to the, the end of the VPN.
You shouldn't necessarily have to worry about that, But there's, there's something that you can do, and I can't show you here, but you can go to a website called, What is my IP Address dot com? When you are connected to your VPN, and when you connect to your VPN, it'll show you the IP address that the world sees.
And that should make you feel secure enough, that that is what the, the website sees.
And so, if you check that before, then he'll you'll know what you'll also find out is there are some VPN companies that say that their VPN comes out of a particular country.
And it's not necessarily, there's some things that people can do on the backend.
But, if you feel like you want to know what particular Exchange sees, connect with your VPN.
And then go to, what is my IP, adress dot com?
And that will show you what the world sees.
Now, this is, you know, that's just the top level, the 50,000 foot view.
But when you get down closer to what reality is, it's not just your IP address.
In fact, most places shouldn't care what your IP addresses, because that's not really who you are. Think about it this way, you start off at home.
And let's say you're in, let's say you're in Carson City, Nevada, and you decide you're gonna go down and visit family and in Las Vegas between Carson City and Las Vegas, you hit a lot of different cell towers. So you may start off in Carson.
And then you get to whatever's in the middle of Nevada. There's not much there.
And then you get all the way to Vegas and you are on different IP addresses, depending on how your service provider, you know, Verizon, AT&T, whatever, T-Mobile.
So IP addresses, ARR, you are really don't identify who you are, they can be used for fraud.
For example, I know people have tried to purchase things, and they say they're in the US, because that's where their addresses and their IP address is in Poland. And so, for something like that, it's not very sophisticated.
You know, the fraud that's trying to be passed, it might, you know, say no, and and void that transaction, But what really tracks you are cookies and logins and that type of thing.
So, this is not a simple, easy question to answer, because you can use a different IP address, but are you still logged into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon.
All of those logins basically tell the world who you are, so you can change your IP Address, But if you log into your, your Gmail, Amazon, Netflix, they know who you are.
You're not fooling anybody by coming in from a new IP address, and they know where you live.
Because, well, depending on how you have your Amazon account set up, how you have your Netflix account set up.
Your account ties you back to a credit card.
That credit card has to be authorized by where you registered, that credit card, like an address.
Whether it be a, a post office box or your real home address, most everybody has it to their real home address.
Because it's a financial, um, it's done financially and they're not going to give you a credit card without having your financial information, which means your social security number, which means they can go back and find out who you really are. So you're not really fooling anybody by coming in from a VPN, depending on how you have your computer setup, depending on what things you're logged into, What cookies are, are on your computer. I use the technology pie hole that blocks most of the tracking cookies like you can't get onto any social media in my house.
Everything is blocked, and I don't necessarily take care of that, but the Pi hole software does.
So it, it doesn't necessarily block the, The social media, but what it does, well, there's one social media at Twitter that, that I allow in here.
But when people come over and want to get Facebook, I'm like, Yeah, just, you know, turn on your AT&T or Verizon, because I'm not turning that on, when you have those cookies that are set.
When you see the Twitter thumbs up, when you see the Facebook logo on a non facebook page, it's tracking you across different sites. It's, you know, gathering information, it's gathering your metadata. It's saying, Oh, this person is a, this is their Facebook account, and they are going to Amazon, or they're going to your local library. If they have that. Google Analytics seems to be everywhere. And so if you're signed into Google, then the Google analytics will read a cookie that says, this is who you really are.
Even though you're pretending you're coming from India, they really know who you are. And so, you know, when you come to that dot IO site, the dot net site, I've lacks did a little bit because people have been behaving, But instantly, you know, every website could say nope. No more VPN and that would be the end of it and you would not be able to gain access to it.
So if finance wanted to or any exchange wanted to block you from using a VPN so they knew exactly what country you're coming from, they could do it at a moment's notice and what are you going to do? You'd have to call someone in that country to gain access to it because the way the technology is for VPNs.
It's not the the protocols that you're using, the software that you're using for VPN. It's where the end point is, and, like 99% of them are in data centers, And those IP addresses are known to be data center IP addresses. And it's really hard to get around that.
Um, there are some ways, but it's a little bit tricky.
And, I'm not going to go down that road because, I don't even have it set up, but I'd like to do it when I have time. So, I think that is the last question. we're just under an hour. If anybody else, OK, one more? Oh, wait, two more.
Thanks, George, can you give the dog a pet for us? Yes, I will. And, I'd like to call the dog that were babysitting rib see, if anybody knows that reference, that is the set of books that we've been reading, But his real name is Murphy. And he is an adorable little dog that it's going on two years, that we, that we lost our yellow lab. And we do as having a dog, but all in good time, we'll do that. And one last. Sandra. George, do you know about two K sink wallet and two K roll ups?
No. I'm not sure what. Let's take a look.
Nope, I am not I Not aware of that one.
So I Can't help you out on that Um, O matic metaverse Yeah, I metaverse, it's the thing everybody's talking about, I am not going to participate, aye, don't care about metaverse, There are other more important things and people may, But I'm.
I'm Against Certain big tech companies that will not participate.
I die just. I have no desire.
There's so many other things to do so I don't but We'll see. There's so much. so many other things that are going on That That's what I'm paying attention to and frankly, I have more coins that I want and if I miss out on something. That's OK. Because I haven't done a lot of trades that Jay has done and I've looked like I could have done really well.
But, I'm OK because I have what I want and we'll, we'll see how that fares out at the end of the spall Run.
So I think that's it.
Everybody have a great rest of Saturday. And we'll talk again another weekend. Thanks a lot.

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