What Do You Appreciate About Yourself?

The question for today……

“What do you appreciate in or about yourself?”

As we close out 2021 and move into 2022 I thought it might be fun to give people the ability to share. What might you have learned or discovered about yourself in 2021. If you feel comfortable and would like to express to the world what you have discovered, please use the comments field below.  This posting will not be locked to members only, but will be available for everyone to read. 


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  1. Thanks for asking George!
    I appreciate that I learned to go inward for all my answers and overall well being. All power is within and all reflections of my inner is without .

  2. I learned in early 2021 that I was living more like a drone, compared to living MY life. Right around that time, like February, I found JWS. His coaching on focus and self responsibility helped me start living MY life; at age 50!!! I look back at so much time I’ve wasted, as a drone. However, today, I’m very happy where my life is going. Thank you JWS for providing the spark fort my fire🔥🔥🔥!

    And thank you George for being the crypto-Yang to JWS’s crypto-Yin 🙂

    You two make a great team!

    I am 10X up overall on my crypto because JWS taught me how to be responsible for me; how to make MY decisions and own them. Thank you JWS!

    Go BINJ!

  3. I have learned to take responsibility for my decisions, right or wrong it’s all me and to have CALM with the outcome. 2021 has indeed been our year. 2022 will be fantastic!!! Thanks G&an

  4. I appreciate that I am a hard worker, a loyal friend, and that I am always trying to improve in my life. This year taught me a lot about trying hard but also learning when to let go. I appreciate the binj team as a support network to navigate through this journey forward. all the best in 2022

  5. Jay, I have a heart filled with gratitude. What I appreciate about myself more than I ever have is being humble and vulnerable. These past few years the slag of what I perceived life to be has been violently burned from my life and with crushing social pressures I have transformed into the Diamond I am today. Naming myself a Diamond is not out of ego, but a reminder of the incredible strength that comes from within, as any human is capable. In brief, I was brought to my knees for thinking I had to wear a mask for the 33 of life I’ve lived, till I couldn’t. I came out to family and friends as a transgender woman, and now living a life of my dreams. I endured the pain of loss, the dark night of the soul, and carried my cross with the strength I never knew I possessed. Love is what carried me through this, and for which I will remain forever in its light, and focus only on love. So, again for me I saved myself by the death of ego, and practice being humble and vulnerable with others, which act as rivers so that love may flow. Happy New Year! 🎊

  6. The ability to overcome. Last year was a rough year. When life decides to kick you, it can really kick you in the balls. I lost almost everything. I was able to overcome every hurdle, and am getting back on my feet. Good friends and a loving family always helps.

  7. Many years ago, I came across a CD series about financial literacy that started with two questions:

    Who do you listen to?
    Are you teachable?

    Indeed, that first question led to a very discerning style of searching for knowledge for me, one that ultimately led to finding Jay and other mentors. In my experience here, this group is not about giving us the answers, but rather about inspiring the maturity required to find it ourselves.
    I have developed my skills over this past year in a way that I feel empowered and independent.
    I’ve worked through many zones of discomfort in my goal to become more financially free, all of which have been completely rewarding.
    I can’t wait to dive deeper next year.

    I absolutely love listening to both Jay and George talk. I appreciate their loyalty to each other, and their spirit of integrity. I hope they continue to offer us a window into their world.

  8. I am proud to have created healthy boundaries with people. This in turn made my circle much more peaceful. My self worth is very high and I could elaborate for a very long time … Fortune will spare you all, this time… haha. I am clear and joyful,,… knowing others will catch up to me eventually 🙂 PLSX

  9. I spent 6 months in Maui mainly on sabbatical and realized that while I have a modest amount of $ compared to lots of folks on here it’s still PLENTY to live a totally happy and fulfilled life. I have enough, and I’m doing enough for the world. It’s ok to enjoy myself. 🙂

  10. Thankfulness, for the group, for Jay, for George, for Bud, for Jetta, for the many friends that joined us livestream to better our lives. Thankfulness that I had somewhere to turn when my head started to fill with doubt. Most thankful for someone like Jay that in my book is as Pro as they come. Would take time for someone like me. Absolutely beautiful BINJ Crew !! Happy New Year, I got bells on 😇

  11. I’m happy to say that I’m proud to be a BINJ member. That as a disabled person I’m able to help other people from different parts of the world simply by reaching out to other binj members and asking if any of them could help me to help another person with a problem. It really feels good to give and I’m happy to be associated with a group of great people.

    I also appreciate that with the help of coach Jay and his partner George I’ve been able to turn a four figure portfolio into a six figure portfolio . I consider another member as an alternate coach who has also helped me be better. Many lessons learned with the library of knowledge available. Even tho nothing is guaranteed with crypto the possibility to turn six figures into seven is there. I’m already ahead as long as I make sure I bring it home after trading my plan.

    2022 is our year winners. Thank you all for everything.

  12. 2021 was the year I quit smoking, cut out as much artificial sugar as I could and made drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle. I was able to revisit a hobby/passion of mine which I will continue to pursue for many years to come. I started investing in crypto which eventually led me to the Bitcoin Academy. After the Bitcoin Academy was found I felt as if I matured mentally atleast 10 years ahead of my current age. I have so many new qualities as a person that I feel I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for the many changes in my life that took place this year. I’m surrounded by the best family members, wife and children a person could ask for so, yes… 2021 was my year!

  13. I appreciate that I am the most humble person I know. 🤣

    Haha in all seriousness, it’s a very interesting exercise to genuinely reflect on this. It is so easy to always find the “gap” instead of the “gain” or the positives in ourselves. One I for sure have not been good at, but getting better at.

    I appreciate my never ending search for how to improve myself in these areas; spirituality, business, love, impact and relationships. I feel lucky to have this innate desire and look forward to being able to continually give my gifts to the world.

  14. WOW.

    What an insightful question.

    I think I will ask this question to each person in my inner circle and teach my children to ask this to anyone that they bring into their’s.

    I appreciate that I was never to blind see, to deaf listen, and to proud to question throughout my life.

    I’ve experienced more failures and successes in my life than most people I know.

    I appreciate the fact that I am learning, living, leading and loving more now in the last 10 months, than I ever have.

    I love Jay’s analogy, use me all you want as a vehicle for good but please don’t ever let me arrive. What a ride it’s been so far!

    I feel like a kid in a candy store with fistfull of money.


    Thank you BINJ TEAM!

  15. I appreciate my love of learning that led me here. As an OG member, I worked hard to understand Jays teachings and apply them in my life as I have never been an entrepreneur his teachings were foreign to me. I have been able to change my mindset through his teachings to one of abundance. In my life I worked hard on myself in many areas, just like in crypto major ups and downs and maybe I didn’t get in or out of things with perfect timing but I learned.

    All seemingly culminating into this moment where my life is blasting off. I made a discovery that is now in the hands of a Nobel laureate that is a breakthrough in modern technological thinking. The idea uses the power of solar flairs making new technology solutions in areas such as propulsion, photonics, desalinization, chemical synthesis and deep sea mining and companies are coming to me asking me to lead their companies (flying car, AI). My proposal to launch a large tech company is currently in the hands of Founders fun and Giga funds leadership and I heard Elon has my deck. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I am confident the work I will do will be important to humanities sustainability. Like Jay said work with them not agains them. I am so excited for the future. If your interested to learn more you can find me on telegram or leave a message at colelabs.net it will come directly to me.

  16. I appreciate the greedy fantasist within that lead me to this group and my decisions that followed, as much as the destitute man with unshakable conviction that will leave this group with one less dream.

  17. To go on, even if it is difficult and ruff. And to stay centered and have no judgment about other people and leave them, with what they are doing. Putting healthy boundaries against people, who want to step over my space and freedom! I learned a lot of new Krypto knowledge and how to invested  Thank you so much!!!

  18. The only person to focus on to make changes for the better is myself. A deeper understanding of sowing seeds. A total rethinking from what I’m gleaning from the lessons given at TheBitCoinAcademy.io, and .net. Thank You Jay, and Gorge

  19. Happy new year 🍀 Jay & George & BINJ Family 💝
    I’m thankful to make fast decisions 🙏
    ….. & I’m always back on trac 😇
    this Group is epic ✅ it’s a movement 🌎

  20. I keep learning how important it is for me to really live Honestly, Authentically,
    with Integrity, & be willing to really FEEL all the unpleasant emotions that may have been
    trapped and stuck along this life Journey! May All of You Be Blessed with health, Happiness, adundance,
    & True freedom!!!

  21. The Bitcoin Academy gave me the tools to change my ways, from being a half-assed day-trader who used to lose all his profits as quickly as I would make them, into a more thoughtful swing trader who is satisfied with a reasonable x-factor. I actually hang onto profits much longer now, because I slowed my roll, learned how to re-allocate appropriately, and always take some profits home, rewarding myself and family along the way. This has totally changed my mindset for trading, and also changed my life for the better. Thanks Jay and George for sharing your knowledge and experience! It was a great 2021. Wishing you all an even better for 2022.

  22. This year I discovered that I had unconsciously been making crypto my “Higher Power” in order to have safety, freedom and control over life. When things did not work out as my ego hoped, it woke me back up! I realigned my values and reminded myself what is truly most important, being loving and deepening my relationship with Source/God. I still enjoy crypto trading tremendously but it is now much lower on the totem pole. 🙂

    Happy New Year everyone! Thanks Jay, George, JettaRed and the whole BINJ team!

  23. What I have learned and discovered about myself is that I always offer a bright, beautiful and sincere smile to all. I have become stronger in my mind, body and spirit; much of it has to do with Jay’s teaching. I am grateful for life! Blessings to all!!!

  24. I fervently embraced something I have inherently thought to be true for some time now…I am a creator, endowed by THE Creator. I am pretty sure during my second listen I wrote this down from a AUA where Jay shared this Affirmation. I hope it serves others as it has me.

    An Expression of Gratitude for the Blessings I was Given at Birth

    “I ask not for divine providence or more riches, but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.”

    Happy New Year Jay, George and the BINJ Team. 2021 was absolutely my year. Cheers!

  25. This year has been an epic next step in the last 6 challenging years of rebuilding myself out of the ashes of the persona I built up over the prior 27 years. I shed the misconceived parts of myself, or what I though was myself, but was really my untamed ego, and I shifted into understanding my expanded consciousness as my higher and truest self. I am greatly enjoying the process of growing into the most fully actualized and transcendent being that I can be, and I have no foreseeable plans of ever arriving! Always in beta, always evolving!

    I’m very grateful to have found the BINJ team half way through this year to help stoke the fire further and propel me forward with even more momentum! 🙌🏼 The future looks bright, especially after seeing how many other wonderful humans there are that are on the same trailblazing trajectory on this team alone! Cant wait to see the interconnected force for good we will all become as we fully actualize and transcend! We are all on this path of divine expansion together for a reason, and I thank you all for your support through these transitionary times! Very grateful for everyone, and especially Jay and George! Our teamwork will make the collective dream work! 🙏🏼

    Every year is our year BINJ team! 🙌🏼✊🏼✌🏼🤟🏼

  26. That my center is in HIM. No matter what is happening he is my refuge, my strength and my support. Blessings to all of you and your loved ones! 2022 is our year😎

  27. I appreciate and am grateful for the chance to become a father this year. This is the hardest and most magical thing I have done so far. I invoke health, happiness, and prosperity for us all in 2022.
    Jay and George, thanks for all your perseverance and patients with such a large group in such wild times in this word. Happy New Years folks!

  28. That we are steeled to the taskat hand. No adversity will stop us from reaching our clearly defined goal: Financial Independence. Thanks George & Jay Happy 2022 !!!

  29. Learning about self is one thing, growing is one of life’s greatest challenges. This year I believe I have grown a little bit more and whilst I will always be green on the vine, I am now investing in myself, making myself accountable to my own change. Taking the power back I have so easily given away in the past. In owning my own power I am taking full responsibility for self. Even the small things, saying “I dont have time” – needs to be owned as a way of avoiding responsibility. My ego has been having a field day for way too many a year. I did not know how much damage not taking responsibility was doing until I owned my own “shit” on a more deep and profound level. My ego will always try to find ways to pull me down, back into line. This year and the years coming I welcome the opportunity to continue to grow. As Gandalf the Grey said “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”. We have the power to Choose, how amazing is that. We get to choose, how amazing we are as a human being every day. I am choosing newly every day in how I live. I thank all those in my circle who have not only supported me but continue to encourage me in my journey and I support and encourage them to be green on the vine, step away from the ego, take responsibility …..and embrace the Power within. Whilst I have never been part of the weekly Live sessions, I have listened to the recordings weekly since I started in about May 21 and consider the BINJ team part of my circle. Thank you.

  30. My Resourcefulness, Kindness, and Generous Traits. Being comfortable with my decisions even if I’m well apart from the consensus. My great appreciation of the natural world. My spirit.

  31. I’ve learned that going against the grain can be hard but satisfying, also sometimes your patience is tested and it’s best to relax and keep the faith, worry never benefits anyone.

  32. It has warmed my heart seeing all the incredible posts from people in this team!
    I personally value and appreciate my willingness to learn. I am working on implementing new habits and strategies into my life to foster change, but for me it started with learning, reading books, and listening to Jay, George and Ms. Neo!
    2022 is our year! Best wishes to all 🙂

  33. Frankly , I had a hard time with this question, as I tend to be more critical of myself than complimentary. I would say that I have a detailed , and methodical approach to planning and executing on task. Also , my loved ones are always my priorities. I like that about me , and thanks for asking . Joey D

  34. 2021 has been an incredible year full of growth and learning adventures in the world of investment, mental and spiritual growth for me as well. As far as investments go I have learned to follow my own inner calling, gut feeling, do more fundamental research, and increased my technical analysis skills a bit. I have definitely grown as a trader/investor. I definitely have my times getting emotional still with trades but they are getting less and less. I’ve been getting more patient. On a more mental/emotional/spiritual level I’ve been doing more meditation and daily yoga practice, feeling super healthy and great! Although I’ve been on that path of upward spiral health for 20+ years now. I just feel like my life keeps getting better and better honestly. I’m thankful for coaches teachings and trade alerts. I’m excited for all of us for 2022 and beyond!

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