Today is the Final Day for membership signups!

🚀 Happy Friday! 🎉

Today is the FINAL day that you can sign up for membership. Registration will be closed after today. Don’t miss out!

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  1. Just wanted to say why you would still wanna charged people who already payed a lot of money for this in last year and and half.
    In a falling market alot of us haven’t done so well I appreciate you put in alot of time and effort but you seem like you don’t really need the money to me

    1. to be quite honest, 99$ is a steal for what this membership holds. just with the past videos alone i’ve learned so much. even a few of the courses can have a huge impact on how you trade. at least for me, the value was the education.

  2. I here ya Dave, hard times with the inflation an all. We are lucky to be here with Jay but like you said some are not fairing as well. For some it cost 100 to fill up the car an hope it last a week.

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