“The Bitcoin Academy and Private Banking Strategies– Episode 1 – The Banker’s Daughter”

Financial freedom and independent wealth have never been so close


Most people don’t think it’s even possible to achieve financial independence and freedom.  Not to mention the herd mentality of banking that they don’t even know they’ve been brainwashed to follow. Suzie Q and her father (who was a banker) broke free. In a little more than 5 years, Suzie Q had eaten about $200,000 in debt for breakfast, started three separate banking businesses, had $3,100 in monthly passive income coming in, and was flying on the tailwind of her Private Banking Strategies

In this episode George from The Bitcoin Academy interviews Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies regarding some of the core pillars of Private Banking Strategies – and how they work with crypto currency for freedom and independent wealth.  With crypto currency and Private Banking Strategies, financial freedom and independent wealth has never been so reachable and obtainable. 


In this episode you will learn:


  • How Suzie Q was red-pilled to learn that she had been conditioned to use branch banking when she could have been using her own Private Banking Strategies
  • How easy it was for her to establish her own Private Banking Strategy and begin to get multiple touches on the same dollars (“velocity of money”)
  • How she put her idle money to work for her and was able to create passive income tax-free year after year
  • And more!


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Get the E-Book or Audio version of “How to Grow Rich with the Secret Banks don’t want you to know” here: Private Banking Strategies

Subscribe to the Private Banking Strategies Podcast: PBS Podcast

Loom Video Link for Susie Q Presentation: Watch Video – The Banker’s Daughter (Susie Q)

14 Responses

  1. Shout out to Vance and Myra from Paul. Loving my elder years more than the rest. Only took 63 years to find people that have a heart and want to share the American real dream not the one that you have to be asleep to believe in as George Carlin put it.
    Thanks, Jay, George, Vance, Seth and Veteran Binjers.

    1. Dittos Paul, share all of the same sentiments at 63 as well… so glad to be here! And dittos the thanks to all of the above, may GOD Almighty Bless you all REAL BIG!!!

  2. A wholehearted, plainspoken fireside chat with a warmth of comfort for those of us whom think for ourselves and question authority. And a virtual hug for Myra whom has kept me updated and kindled the spirit of justice these past few years. Best regards and thank you.

  3. Seth

    Yes. My husband and I started with you with a convertible term and you guys were very efficient. We got it completed before 2021 started to counter any unexpected insurance changes that may have been coming for 2021.

    A couple of things. How do I pass my existing policy on to heirs verses using the death benefit? ILUT trust?

    Although my small policy with a $400.000 death benefit (currently))less lioans is probably most advantageous if I pass soon ( which Drs think I might. I have other plans of course.

    2nd. I wAnt to arrange at a off site hotel or something , an education to my family of 5 and propose that 4 of these get set up their own contracts and banks. 3 are in their 20’s with zero education of how a bank really operates.

    I need to really make it simple. Is there any product you would recommend for this? I’m thinking if I dissect your book to their level and present it , that would work and focus on the benefit to each of them .

    Can the ILIT trust “own” all of the 4 contracts if it gets created? I recall you use a top notch attorney for this and it runs about $5000 or so. Of course depending on the complexity’s.

    I’m still looking to run my expenses through this. I need to study the excel files and get iour term converted so I have not seen how to work this.

    Thanks for all the time you have spent educationing Jays group!

  4. Good new nuggets in this conversation with Vance and Seth. Having my first 30-minute call with Vance this morning. Love the sound of this strategy. I’m in my early 60s with zero debt…curious to learn how exactly the implementation of this will work for my somewhat unique situation.

  5. Great interview George with Vance and Seth.
    I have my first 30 minute call with Vance next week to get the ball rolling on this advancing learning curve from crypto to private banking.
    I’m very encouraged by the enthusiasm of Jay and Private Banking Strategies to implement into many lives the values of freedom and living a better life on your terms!
    Sounds amazing and look forward to calling you Vance and working diligently with both yourself and Seth.

  6. This was the best interview and information I’ve heard about banks and creating your own wealth by being the bank. I absolutely loved this concept and it blew my mind!
    Thank you for sharing this info guys.
    Now…. How do I find/do the equivalent in Down Under Aussieland?

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