Extending Membership Rules

Below is a list of rules for extending your membership with TheBitcoinAcademy.io. 
  1. You are responsible for reading & understanding the information on this page. 
  2. This is a public page and when your membership expires you will still be able to view it.
  3. If you place a support ticket and your question can be found on this page, you will simply get a reply with a link to this page.
  4. You are sent an email reminder 7 days prior to your membership expiring. If you don’t get your email or it ends up in spam, it is not an excuse for not knowing your renewal date. Know when your membership expires. See item #10 below for more information. 
  5. You signed up for a Membership and NOT a Subscription on thebitcoinacademy.io 
    1. Memberships expire and need to be manually renewed.
      1. When you pay with crypto it is impossible to create a subscription. WordPress does not allow this option when you pay with crypto.
    2. Subscriptions renew automatically – again, you did not sign up as a subscription. 
  6. When you create a new membership, the time from your old membership will NOT carry over onto your new membership. 
  7. Our servers currently are located in Texas. That is the timezone they are set to.  All server functions may or may not be based on this timezone. If you live in other parts of the world please be aware of daylight savings time.
  8. Do NOT wait until the last minute to create your new membership. You will not have access to the renewal page when your membership expires.
  9. The renewal page link can be found in the Founder Page and will not be posted here.
  10.  All memberships expire.  When your old membership expires,  you will get an email making you aware of this. There is no way around getting this email. But if you paid for a new membership, you will not miss any of Jay’s great postings. If you’d like to find out when your membership expires, please watch this video – https://thebitcoinacademy.io/renew-membership/
  11. The only people that need to be concerned about creating a new membership are the following:
    1. Six (6) month (anyone who paid for a 6 month membership really got 7 months)
    2. Two (2) month
    3. Month to month
  12. Non-Patreon memberships can only be renewed for 2 months at a time. Payments must also be made in LTC, BCH or BTC.
  13. If you let your membership lapse or don’t wish to pay in crypto, please see this page for your membership options – https://thebitcoinacademy.io/about/#membership
  14. Patreon is still open and there are NO new posts that are posted there.
  15. Patreon is the only avenue someone can use their credit card for a month to month membership. 
  16. Patreon users pay $188/month
  17. Patreon cannot be closed down because the users paying $188/month would not be able to remain in the group. 
  18. I reserve the right to change this page at any time. If this page is updated I will post a link in the main group area. 

Date Posted – December 8, 2021.