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WEN SUNDAE? Thursday!

This is from the Medium article published today – The moment we’veΒ allΒ been waiting for is upon us! Below we’ve laid out the most important


Live Stream for New Member 2-15-2021 Re-play

Good morning, winners! Hope everyone is doing well today. Happy Monday, 2021 is your year. We’re going to jump right in here and answer the new user questions.

Christopher asks, where can I see info on exit strategies? Well, that info is all through the site, of course, targets are one thing. But the strategy is, I’m a swing trader. I’m not a day trader, so our scale into a position, and if I don’t just get all the way out that scale out of a position, and I’m trying to catch the 80% in the middle. The fortunate thing is, is that the 80% in the middle just happens to be when you look at it with crypto, you could get a 30 X, You know, if you get to 20% in the middle, you got 24 X.
So that’s kind of the strategy.

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IBC post on Bail in’s…

Can the bank β€œbail-in” on your deposit?… People often use the phrase β€œIt’s money in the bank” to describe a situation in which they are

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For the entirety of his adult life spanning 30+ years, CryptoJay has thrived as an entrepreneur, dedicating 18 of those years to becoming a proficient Swing Trader. Initially engaging in stock and options trading, Jay eventually honed his expertise in the International Forex market…

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New Users Start Here – Updated

Some of the BINJ Team veterans are trying to help the new folks. Please see the videos below. If you have not watched any of these yet, make sure not to miss them. While your watching, why not make a comment so we know what your thoughts are.

– Cycle of Loss
– How to pick a buy target
– How to find a sell targets
– Grand Cycle Fibonacci and the β€œS” Curve (part I & II)
– Making money is more important than being right!!

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