Is it comedy or real life in New York?

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  1. It has to be real life because it isn’t funny and its starting to go that way in Toronto Canada. Exit stage left is coming as soon as we can leave the country.

  2. JP is right over the target. I know Jay says to focus on making your life and those around you great but in these historic times and I’m praying for major changes in the right way to come out and put an end to the tyrannical leaders that we voted in and have sold their souls and a restoration of our constitutional democracy. I love this county and most people in it but with the mass formation psychosis, the people starting to die off from the death jab, it’s hard to ignore and not feel like WTF is happening around you on a daily basis sometimes.

  3. It appears the bill has been sent back to committee. I am not familiar with the status levels of legislation used by the New York Senate, but it looks like the original Nazi sponsor of the bill, removed their sponsorship on Dec 22 , 2021.
    The term that was used is “enacting Clause Stricken” I hope that karma catches up with all of these people someday.

  4. Well although I really like what he does and how he does it ….it really makes you wonder…HOW THEY THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT……oh yeah…they own the judges – the cops and the media….then it makes it MUCH EASIER.

    So sick of this stuff already.

    GO crypto so I can buy a place in the bush and protect it from these a$$holes. oh BTW happy NEW YEAR . Jer

  5. Every great comedian lays out deep truth of context being presented. Sadly enough JP has done it again. Maybe El Salvador (after their healthy lifestyle endorsement ) would be a nice start for a better alternative, I think.

  6. I also fear the state of our government but in the interest of facts vs. fiction: this bill was introduced in 2015, never found a co-sponsor of the bill and was eventually (thankfully) stricken. They didn’t vote on it yesterday and won’t ever vote on it as it was stricken. There are enough genuine problems to face and it is important to not misrepresent so that the real dangerous issues don’t get swept under the rug.

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