How to find when your membership expires

0:01 Hi, in this video today, I'm going to show you how you...

Hi, in this video today, I'm going to show you how you can see when your membership ends, so that you can sign up for a subscription if you'd like to. So the first thing you're going to need to do is login to the website.
And then under Connect and Support and go down to Account, click on Account, you'll be brought to this page.
And then, you can click on memberships.
You'll see that I had a six month that expired and now I have the 15 month special which started on May 11th and all the 15 month, uh, special membership's will end on September 30th.
It's going to be important to note this date and that you don't make a purchase of a subscription much before that time.
Because when you make a subscription purchase, if I made it on September 25th, the next renewal would be October 25th.
So it does not add on to a membership, it replaces a membership as a subscription.
And so, this is just an easy way to see when your membership expires. And as you can see here, I do not yet have a subscription.
So, you know, when you do sign up for a subscription, then you'll see your subscriptions there, and you're older membership's under that.
Thanks a lot.