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0:00 Hi, everybody. 0:01 I wanted to put this short video...

Hi, everybody.
I wanted to put this short video together to help people understand the process of extending your membership.
six months for people, The six month memberships are coming up for renewal, actually. It's not a renewal.
Do you need to actually purchase a new membership because a membership is expires, all memberships expire and then you need to purchase a new membership?
And that's how membership's work, the system will not allow a subscription when you pay with crypto. So everything has to be membership based. Now, just remember, if you purchased a six month membership, we actually got seven months, because we gave you a month for free.
Just like, if you purchased a 12 month special founder's, you got 15 months, so we gave you three months for free.
So those people that have their membership expiring because they purchased a six month, this will give you some framework to look at. So, the first thing, and I would highly recommend everybody kinda take a look at this, because I'm getting some support tickets in, and all the information is going to be found in here.
So, under Connect and Support, you can go down to Extending Membership Rules, and I'm not going to go through each of these rules, but I've had enough support tickets come in, that I've built the framework that everybody can look at, and go through. And so, there are just some highlights that I, that I will go through.
But you'll be responsible for this for knowing when your membership expires.
You can kinda go through all of this and read through. I highly recommend it. People have had questions about Patreon. Wise, Patreon, still around. You know, I thought that was gonna go away. Well, We have people that need to pay with credit cards. And since we don't take credit cards on the bitcoin academy dot IO, the only place they can do that is on Patreon. So feel free to go through and read these.
I highly recommend it if you have anything.
But the 15 month special, you will need to add to your membership, your one membership will expire. You will get an expiration e-mail that says, E, that membership has expired. But if you've signed up for another membership, well, it doesn't matter because the old membership expired, but you have the new one.
And if you go to under Contact and Support, how to Extend your Membership, this video will go through and it'll show you where you can look on the site to see when your exploration is.
And, you know, I highly recommend it adding to your membership, because one will expire, and then the other one needs to be put in there. I recommend doing it two days before the expiration. You'll see some of the details of why I recommend that.
But if you have your membership expire, you will have to go to the rate that the new people have, which is $188 a month, which is right down here. We don't really promote it.
I don't feel we can eliminate people because there are family members from current members that want to join. And if we say sorry, you can't, you know, that's really excluding people.
Especially people that know how valuable, that they've, you know, been in, participating in the bitcoin academy dot IO. So, I highly recommend you go through and you look at the rules, if you're going to need to do that.
Because it's important to understand that if your membership expires without having renewal, you will not have the ability to get into the site, under the founders page.
And then click on how to extend your membership, which will then take you to a page that is right over here.
But, then, we'll also give you that link to do the two month extension.
Basically, you can only buy membership for two months at this point in time, because we're, you know, getting toward the end of the bull market, maybe. I don't know, we'll see what happens. But, I just wanted to put that out there and let everybody know so that you can be aware.
And if you do put a support ticket in that, has your questions answered on extending membership rules, I'm just going to send you that page. It's a public page. It won't go behind the paywall and I would, again, highly recommend reading through this, so that you understand the process.
Thanks a lot.
Have a great day.

This post is public and you will be able to view it even if your membership has expired.Β 


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  1. Hi George

    Jay has mentioned that he wasn’t going to be charging members renewals. Why the change? Has this got something to do with crypto running longer?


    1. Hi Brad,

      Jay never said he was not going to charge for memberships that expired and wanted to renew. He stated we were going to figure things out after the bull market ends. In May, when we made the transition from Patreon, you had two membership options. A 6 month membership (you really got 7 months) or a 12 month (which was the 15 month special so 3 months were thrown in for free)

      If we were not going to charge for any type of renewal, why would anyone ever purchase the 12 month? We will charge for new memberships and offer renewals until the end of the bull market. No one knows when that will occur, so we are not sure what will happen until we get there.

  2. Thanks George
    I purchased for 16 months back in May 1st 2021 paid with LTC .
    My renewal date is September 25th 2022
    Expires September 30th 2022
    With us getting on the sidelines will I wait to renew in September 25th ?
    I don’t want to miss out on staying in .
    I appreciate all you guys do thank you

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