Cardano – ADA can now be accessed via Ledger Live

0:01 Happy Friday, everybody is, is it, it's July 29th, It'...

Happy Friday, everybody is, is it, it's July 29th, It's almost the end of July and the first of August.
And I thought I would do a couple of videos that, Well, now that I have some time and now that I have my new Mac studio And new monitor, I thought I'd spend a little bit of time and share some some things with you.
The first one first video that I'm going to do today is about Ada. And now you are able to see your ada on leger Live.
You'll see a lot of this is blacked out private.
But I wanted to show you that if you update to the latest version and let me take a look and see what that is.
Oh, there we go to zero point four or five. If you are running to zero point forty five zero, you will be able to see Ada.
So you'll be able to see, um, sorry, carved in the middle that video and got me sidetracked. So, so you'll be able to see your Eida now and you'll be able to see all your tokens here.
Um, yeah, Sunday isn't that much. I have no idea how I got drip.
Um, but I got it and I do like the value of Drip, but you'll be able to see ... I don't know about staking.
They're probably going to add it because they want to have those staking rewards too.
But no, as some of the coins get added into Leger Live, it's going to change, you know, not all blockchain to the same.
So they have to be, the apps have to be written, Leger Live has to be written to support those Blockchains, but I just thought, I'd throw that out there.
That now you can view your eida on Leger Live. I haven't tried to send receive, I haven't tried to send any of the coin. Sorry, the tokens on the Ada Network. But this is just a quick update.
I will do another update on how to back up your Ledger Live, because now that I'm on my new Mac studio, I needed a way to bring from my old one to my new one. And I'll do another one shortly and tree had to move from one machine to another and it sounds like we're Dick Arguelles because here we have the sirens Again, Have a great day.

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    1. Thanks for the input! I have a new computer, a new desk space and well it’s not as easy to record in the new space. I’ve ordered a new Mic and will be working on making it not echo like i’m in a bathroom.

      I know that wasn’t your issue, but as I changed the settings the acoustics suffered. I appreciate you letting me know how things work on your end 🙂

  1. Thanks George for the update. One thing i noticed, the DRIP Token that Ledger Live shows is not the same value on ADA. 1000 DRIP on ADA is way way less 🙂

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