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0:00 Good Morning. 0:00 Winners’, Happy Wednesday to you …

Good Morning.
Winners’, Happy Wednesday to you 20 21 is looking like. It’s our year, isn’t it after all?
This is absolutely fabulous. Love to see Bitcoin breaking out to new all time territory.
So I just wanted to cover with you guys quickly This break out and kinda give you those next levels to be looking at I want to break this down Maybe a little smaller than a weekly here So you guys can look at it like so?
Analysts just look at just the candles Now we know that wave three cannot be the smallest.
We know it can’t be the smallest. So if it can’t be the smallest, there’s a very good likelihood, not 100%.
But there’s a very good likelihood that it will be bigger than wave one, OK, so if we’re looking at that, that’s 80%, and then if we come here, at the bottom of two, and go up to 80%, that puts you at 71. I’m actually expecting this wave to end between 80.
Probably 80, 3080, 8000, maybe 90,000.
So let’s put this set about.
Oh, I don’t know.
Let’s go ahead and put it at 90 K.
We’ll be able to tell a little bit more when the, as the wave unfolds.
Well, let’s put it right there at 90 K, and that would put us at 127% for 80.
I mean, we had 80 on Wave one, Wave 2 Wave 3, and then you’re gonna get a fairly good pullback.
My suspicion is We would probably pull back hard and sharp to test this top right there.
So that could be a significant pullback of $30,000. People will go, Oh my God, Bitcoin’s died, right?
But then from there, you could do easily another 80% move.
Let’s see what that takes us to.
If we go to 80%, 80% would take us to 115 over performance blow off top at about 120.
OK, So if you’re far what I’m showing you here.
1, 2. 3.
I think this will be pretty sharp for then, up to about five there.
That’s the end of our that’s the end of our bull cycle, probably.
The one thing I wanted to point out to you guys is this.
Let’s just say that all the information I’ve been getting is bad.
It’s bad information, Crypto lives on, there’s no big deal in the first quarter, blah, blah, blah.
OK, I just want to point out to you that there, again, I want to, I mean, you can’t not covered this in my and my way of thinking, OK, In my way of thinking, I originally had it planned like this, 1, 2, 3, Let’s go back to my original account as, I’m taking you back a lot of months now and talked about this in a while.
From here, possibly a pullback that low.
And then a push-up here to around 200 K.
And that finishes our bull cycle, OK?
And if that’s the case then the move that we’re in right now is more one of these 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 just to complete three just to complete wave three, OK, now, um, We, we should know a lot more about that through November, December 100%?
Um, I’m still sticking with the fact that I’ve got enough people telling me get your butts on the sidelines that I’m getting on the sidelines.
If we don’t have any kind of crazy event and all of a sudden I’m talking about contacts, you know, like, yeah, well, you know, somebody’s stepped in or they decided not to do that or whatever it is, then I can get back in crypto. Like, I’m not Fussed about that, I can get back in crypto.
Um, and I would get back in, you know, on them on a big way for if that’s the If. That is a possibility, OK?
But let’s take this smaller wave count. We’re in now and let’s pull the waves out of that account.
So you guys can understand it a little better.
I’m pretty confident that we’re into wave three.
Obviously, this was one, this is two, we’re into wave three, but I actually think we’re into 3 of 3 and I’ll show you what I mean there so again, this was one. this was two.
Now we start a five wave impulse for three and in that five wave impulse we’re gonna have five wave impulses, OK?
So there was your first five wave impulse Which made up 1 of 3?
Then you had a on up and down right here for a couple of days a very quick simple Wave two Which by the way means that way for Will be a little bit more complex, So now you break into three And like I say if wave three goes all the way to 84,000 somewhere in there.
OK, Then you’re going to have a Pullback of some of something who knows how far I don’t know how far And then a push OK, but in this move right here, that we’re in this wave three We are in, in my opinion, wave 3 of 3. We have melted up.
I said to my wife two days ago I said bitcoin is going to go through the old all-time high, and It’s not going to look back and Everybody is going to have egg on their face that are looking to sell the top.
I talked about this with you guys about not being cute and understanding that this this has been taking out all the significant levels and they can just go right through the old all-time high, which it’s done this morning.
So I suspect we’re going to see something around 75 K and then maybe a week long pullback of some sort and then a push there for three.
That’s going to be all of three right there.
So you can count your subways in one counter subways and three a pullback. And then your fifth wave up to here.
OK, which like I say probably goes into the 115120 area.
This can over perform this can go as high as 90 or 95,000 **** it could even touch 100 grand.
It could even touch 100,000 Which will be fine with me. I am perfectly OK with it.
I will tell you guys that somewhere between 8.1 million I will probably sell the very last of my big point, somewhere in that price point. I don’t need to weigh down 120.
I don’t need to wait and see. I don’t need to take the chances, It’s enough money.
It’s enough money.
So I would expect that this move, we’re in now should continue for a good.
Like I say, at least 74, maybe even all the way to 84, before it slows down, if it goes straight to 84. And let’s call it just a couple of days.
I might come back in and re-evaluate I do give myself, permission to change my mind. I give myself permission to look at the chart, read momentum. And if I say, oh my goodness, my targets are too low, I’ll change them.
You guys have seen me do it many times before.
But I just wanted to do a real quick, nothing long today, just a real quick overview of only bitcoin. And I do feel like that bitcoin has got to take a real Paul’s and that Paul’s will probably be after this Wave three.
So when we get to wave three completion and then it’ll take a little bit longer, pulse, this pauls could be 2 or 3 weeks.
And during that time, I think your alt coins are going to run even more so than the ramping up they’re doing now.
Anyway, guys, listen. Have a fabulous Wednesday. Just a real quick update for you today.
Looking forward to talking more with you tomorrow.
We’ve got a special guest coming tomorrow for the live stream. So I think you guys will enjoy that a lot.
Have a great afternoon. 20, 21 is our year, guys.
Give yourself 60 more days to let this develop, and I think you’re going to be very happy with what you see, talk very soon.
All the best.

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