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0:05 Good morning winners. Happy Thursday to you. October, …

Good morning winners. Happy Thursday to you. October, we are getting close to the end of our bull run. Very, very exciting times, guys. Very exciting. Tom’s pop on in here. But he’s coming in. Fantastic. Fantastic. Can you guys hear us OK?
Just give me a head nod.
You guys can hear us OK?
Yes. Yes, Yeah. It’s fantastic.
Your Good morning.
Good morning, Jay. How are you?
I am doing fantastic, man.
I am actually really, really, really healing up, Um, I’ve had some pretty heavy days of talking in the last week and no pain. No tightness.
Come comes and goes a little here and there. So I’m still nursing on it, but man, I’m feeling like my old self again.
And I gotta tell you, it’s nothing like getting your quality of life back. This has been about 7 or 8 month long ordeal.
Yeah, it has.
So. Yeah, my voice is really good and strong, but I’ve just been trying to get those.
You know, as I said, one time before, it’s like you pull muscle in your leg work now and then you spend the next eight months of your life work in the muscle every single day. It just never hills, and that’s the deal with your jaw muscles. The masses are muscles that come down both sides of the job.
You gotta eat with them, and you gotta talk with them. And unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a five year masterpiece. I’m about to complete and it requires quite a bit of talking.
Yeah, Well, it does. Like, we spoke a little bit last night, and you sounded great, and it’s, it’s nice to see that you heal backup.
Yeah, you call it random node.
At the end of a very busy day, I was pretty exhausted, But I didn’t want you to know.
Because I probably would have said, now, we’ll talk in the morning before the show, you would have pushed me off, and I really love our chats, especially when we don’t talk crypto.
Yeah, exactly.
And we, we didn’t really talk crypto that much as nice, mature yours and mine, relationship, is a reminder, to me, try to say this without getting choked up.
It’s a bit of a reminder that what real freedom is about.
And that is freedom to love someone.
I appreciate you.
Right back at you, my friend.
It’s nice to have that in my life because honestly, I don’t have that many people in my life that I probably have.
I count them on one hand that I really trust and want to spend time with and talk to and kinda bear who I really am to them. So, you are, your ear, my pointing finger. So, thank you.
Well, and while we’re getting all emotional here, let me talk about another friend of mine, who has, in a very quick period of time.
For me, anyway, because I’m a, I’m a bit of a distant person to get to know, has stolen my heart as well, and become a dear friend of mine. And he’s here with us today to share with you guys a little bit more about some closing details for 2021.
In and around the IBC product, For those of you that don’t understand that lingo, the Infiniti Banking concept kind of brought back to fame by Nelson Nash before he passed for good, probably 20 years, I guess.
And Seth is here with us today, and as I said, I can’t say enough, amazing things about, so I am 100% free to be myself and be a really good friend, because Seth is that to me, and I never expected when I met Seth, did actually meet him in person.
I never expected that.
I was going to be two years down the road and without being able to see a person everyday, like you normally do in friendships, but to feel such a strong bond. And so, without any further ado, Seth, are you with us this morning?
Sure, MJ, thank you for for the compliment. And and your friendship.
Of course, I feel like, George, there’s just a short list of people who, you can count on one hand, as close friends, and I appreciate our friendship.
It’s not often that you find a gym and friendship like this, And when you do, I think it’s really important to honor and cherish those friendships. And so, I’m super grateful for your friendship as well.
Yeah, well, thank you for being here this morning, sir Guys.
What we want to kinda cover this morning and the reason that I had asked if he would come to the show and kinda re-arrange his schedule to be here is because he has been whispering in my ear that there’s a lot of changes coming around the ABC product for next year.
And there are some ways to circumvent that, because they’re so if there is a huge number of people here that already have their IBC rolling. or they have a preliminary plan for their IBC to roll.
But then, there’s a whole nother group of people here who are waiting for liquidation of crypto, which we’re coming upon here now.
And they’re waiting to, you know, be able to engage with those funds and have themselves a private bank.
And so that’s really who I want to talk to today.
Certainly, everyone’s welcome to listen, but those folks who, I know of, and there’s a bunch of you that are like, hey, I can’t wait to get my RBC role.
In fact, my own 22 year old son is wanting me to set up a private call with him and stuff, Which I need to get with you on that stuff.
And he wants to get his role and then, wow, I mean, just imagine this. Imagine if you could turn the clock back and start an IBC at 22 years old, Holy Cow.
How amazing that could be by the time you’re in your thirties and how unbelievable it could be by the time you’re in your forties.
Having all those years of kind of access to a tool like that.
And so, anyway, you know, I do want, just just to kind of recap before you just jump in hearts, Seth on, some of the changes.
Give a five minute recap as if there’s, because we do have new people that come here every single day. There’s new people that join this team and maybe give a recap of what IBC is maybe cover to cover the seven pillars.
I may even jump in there and interrupt a time or two because there’s a few of those pillars that are near and dear to my heart, and so give people rough idea of what they’re listening to. But then let’s get into talking about things that are coming at the turn of the year.
So that people, if they’re interested, they can circumvent that and get themselves in a position where those changes won’t really affect them. They can kind of lock in an older rates, and So that’s just, let’s just gonna let you take it away.
You’ve got the floor, man, thank you, Jared.
Private banking strategies is a systematic approach to accomplish a number of things.
The first and primary goal that we have is asset protection, and that includes paying as little or no tax as legally possible, that you can, that you can accomplish. It also includes keeping a financial footprint off the radar, so you want to be financially private.
Those are things that I have specialize in over 25 year course, practice and law J, Helping people structure transactions and pay as little tax as legally possible.
And I know that we have thought tank that, you know, and I actually agree with the thought tank that there is rightfully no tax due. It’s a voluntary system, and if you participate, then you’re playing in their sandbox by their rules.
Well, this is a little known niche that was originally called Infinite Banking Concept by Nelson Nash, or you referred to, and he brought this back to many of Americans.
The forefront of their mind, to help them understand how to capture and control the money that they earn.
And you say this all the time, and I say it as well, it’s not what we earn, It’s what we keep.
That really counts, right?
So that includes being able to protect the assets that you earn. It means being able to pay as little tax as possible on the assets that you earn. It means being financially private, so that no one can even find you.
If, if they are looking for you, I mean, there’s, there’s catfish and money grubbers that will slip and fall in the grocery store just to try to get a $5000 nuisance value settlement. And those kind of people won’t find you with these strategies.
Now, where we get into the traditional aspects of private banking is where my partner, Vance Lowe is one of the top and premier advisors in the country. He was a protege of Nelson Nash sat on his board, and was a close friend of Nelson Nash.
And he teaches people how to get multiple touches on the same dollar. So you have $1 that you earn. Well, how do you use it more than once? That’s something that we show you how to do.
And it really boggles people’s mind when you’re able to get this into a system, where you’re cycling dollars in between entities and assets that you own, and able to get velocity out of that dollar, and it’s also called the velocity of money.
So, in addition, like I mentioned, Jay, with the tax issues, when you build a legacy, and you’re going to have a legacy, like many of our crypto binged team members will tens of millions, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars, and they can’t, or don’t use all of that money in their lifetime, they want it to go to the people that they love, or the charities that they love. And, in my opinion, and, probably most of our listeners opinion, The government should get none of that through estate taxes.
If you pay taxes, you’ve already paid taxes once on what you’ve earned, and you certainly don’t want to pay twice when you give it to your children or your errors.
And so, when you structure things in the way that we do private banking strategies, you don’t pay any tax when the assets transferred to your heirs when the cash transfers to your errors. So, we call those the seven Pillars of private banking strategies. George has it up on, on the screen. It’s also on our website at WWW dot private banking strategies dot com. And Dance and I do podcast not only here with U J, but also with our own production, where we dive into some of these pillars. And we dive into some of the mechanics of how it works. And people should, If they’re interested in that, learning more, they can, They can do that through the podcast, but I’ll take a breath and let you ask some questions.
Yeah, so let me also say this, because I didn’t, I didn’t rule wonderful job of introducing you as my friend, But I didn’t really give anybody here who’s new, enough information about you.
Please give these guys, know, your background, what your, what your career has been about as far as, you know, you’ve been in the law career and also let them know, you know, that you weren’t just kinda that corner corner, rogue lawyer, who’s Chasen ambulances. I mean, he worked for some pretty **** big firms.
And, I learned, most recently, that, and all those years, you never once were fired by client, which is huge, because I, myself, have fired a couple lawyers in my lifetime.
Um, so, if we could brag on your, your, your background. Just a minute.
Because I didn’t do a good job of helping people understand, know, how you come in here on the product strategy part for protecting people’s assets and all the above? You? Throw a minute or so in there on that.
Yeah, Well, on a personal note, I’m extremely competitive played on the Olympic development program and soccer, and then played on scholarship at a nationally competing University.
And I say that because it’s part of my DNA, too, compete. And when it comes to helping my clients, it has generally been sense of being a gladiator on their behalf, where you fight for their interest. And so that’s wired in my DNA.
That’s the type of of person that I am.
I went to Pepperdine Law School, I was on Law Review there. I took a job in a large law firm atop a M 150 law firm and in Dallas and practice in the commercial real estate section doing real estate transactions, development, financing, and securing real estate loans for banks.
And I did that for a number of years and decided that was a path to complete slavery, even if you own the firm and decided to branch out in my to do my own thing in Los Angeles where I had gone to law school.
And so, I practice there for another 20 some odd years, and effectively doing all sorts of commercial transactions and litigation. And most attorneys don’t get to the courtroom ever, and they don’t try cases, but let alone the transactional attorneys who are structuring loan transactions and commercial transactions, they don’t ever hit the courtroom it’s that you run in one lane or the other, whereas I got the benefit of doing both.
So it helped me, too.
You get a high level structure for how things play out in the courtroom with them, with the contracts that people draft, and how to draft those in a more efficient and more competent way.
So I bring that basket of tools and personality to private banking strategies to help our private clients accomplish these seven pillars and also protect their assets through their, their own private banking system.
Hmm, that’s fantastic, and I can tell you guys this from a little bit of, uh, intimate experience with surf is the guy you want in your corner Is the guy who has the capacity to absolutely be a fricken dragon, OK, that’s their capacity.
But who is it that they are, is a perfect gentleman.
And so that is what I have found, and Seth. And one of the reasons I think he and mesh so well, is because when I look at myself through the window, that I see myself now Seth may see me through a window differently, and he can say that it’s fun. But I view myself the same way. I have the capacity to absolutely thrash you.
I have got life lessons for, you know, 30 years now and that that comes.
That kinda comes with a grain of salt, OK? But at the same time, who I want to be in my life is I want to be a perfect gentleman. I want to be a person that while being a person perfect, gentlemen.
You don’t realize it but you’ve just been gutted And you know?
So depending on the situation, right? Like if you’re in a situation with the world, man, the world is after your stuff. The system is after what you have worked your **** off to get.
And I can’t think of a better person to have in my corner. And I mean, even most recently, I don’t think several Miami say in this.
But I’m working with him on a couple of projects, and I want him, I want him to do far better than what a lawyer would normally just charge.
And so I offered him some, some, some opportunities there, and I said, Hey, I want you to do way better than what you could bill me for, and this is a way for that to happen, and that’s truly my heart. I really want him to, like, thrive because he did something with me.
So, anyway, I can’t say enough good things you guys are listening to.
I think one of the best right here, and I really also appreciate that, wow, Seth in advance, do have their own podcast and content production company, from a crypto perspective. They have exclusively given our group all of their time, because they could be over at Michelle White Dove. They could be over at Dick Argyle and actually, you know, I am working on, possibly getting them over with … Garg out, but I’m not working on getting them over with with Michelle. but. Yeah.
So he’s kind of, human beings have kind of exclusively taken on our group here, from a crypto perspective and said, know, we’ll work with you guys and you guys can be first and I know, and I’m appreciative of that. Obviously my goal here is to bring value.
So Seth, I’m sorry to be long winded, but thank you, buddy.
Now, I appreciate, appreciate the compliment And, uh, absolutely.
It’s, it’s part of, I think, something it’s like you talk about in different ways. Some people call it karma.
I call it seed, time and harvest. And when you’re generous and you’re showing it to others, it comes back and harvest J, and you certainly have some, A lot of great seeds. Not only in my life, but listeners life. And that’s the way I think lawyers should practice, unfortunately. Most lawyers are hated.
And that’s by myself, included because they’re mostly scorpions and alligators. Like, we’ve talked about Jay, and when they get a chance to ***** you, they will.
And that’s one of the reasons I’m migrated into asset protection, because we’re on the same team with clients. A lot of times, it’s you were working and pulling for the same purposes. And there are always there’s givers and takers right. And I think, I’ve heard you talk about this before. And this is a system advances.
It has the same mindset and generosity and to the detriment, frankly, that we give and give and give to try to help people accomplish these goals because we want to see the little guy or the big guy when we don’t want to see a government confiscation of private citizens assets we want to see people thriving.
And we want to see a better world. And this is our, one of our contributions to be able to do that.
Let me just talk for a second about that.
Who this is for.
OK, and Jay and George, you might want to switch slides to the 50 state Asset Protection Schedule. There we go.
And what this is, Folks, is a detailed state by state in the United States Application of the Law.
Every state has its own regulation and law concerning private banking, and they also have their own asset protection laws with regards to your home and other assets, and there are certain states, mostly Southern states.
If you could, George, scroll down to Texas, Texas, for example, is a very, very favorable state For private banking and to own a Homestead.
In Texas, you can have a $50 million state, is your home, and it is completely protected from creditors attacking it, taking it, leaning it, and you’ll see the homestead exemption in the first column there. And the first column is the State. The second column is homestead exemption. You’ll see Texas, and it says unlimited, and what that means is you can have an unlimited amount or value in your homestead.
Um, that can’t be taken from you.
And these were laws that were codified after the Civil War to protect from carpetbagging, which was the Northern confiscation Rape and Pillage, a strategy against the south to take assets.
So a lot of the southern states, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and various ones created these homestead exemption laws to protect their homes. Now, go to the third for the fourth column, which says Cash Value of Life Insurance and then down to Texas. And you’ll see 100%.
And then it references Texas Insurance Code Section 11 OA zero point zero five one, where you can Google that and it’ll pop up in about NaN on your screen. And what that will tell you is that the cash value you put into a life insurance policy structured appropriately in Texas is 100% exempt from creditors.
So let’s say that you’re a Texan and I’m just using Texas because I’m a Texan and it’s it’s the most favorable law in the state in the country and is equal by other southern states to put, to make a private bank, and to own a largest state.
Let’s say that you have $100 million windfall in crypto, and you don’t want to put that in Wells Fargo, or Bank of America, because of the dodd frank Act and potential for bail lands. And the inflationary printing of money. Someone has to pay for that and it will be depositors and retirees.
Baby boomers, save money, that’s where it’s coming from.
So you don’t want that to happen, so you put it into a large homestead. You put it into metals, you put it into land, you put it into a private banking policy.
You diversify across an asset class that fits your comfort zone.
For me, I’m very comfortable having a lot of my cash in private banking, because it’s absolutely 100% protected.
And I’m also comfortable having a lot of my cash in Homestead that’s in the right state because it is also likewise, 100% protected.
Now, if you just look at, you know, Utah, for example, you can see in the home, that’s right below Texas, the homestead exemption is 42,000. If you’re single and $84,000, if you’re married.
So if you’ve got a multi-million dollar state, you happen to have a creditor problem or litigation attack, you got very little exemption, Your house can be taken from you, and there’s a lot of states like that.
However, the cash value of your life insurance has 100% on, and then it goes on to describe exactly on what. So, you can look through the particular state, we’ve made this available for clients, and when you engage us to work with you, we can drill down on your particular state, your particular needs, and analyze those and structure something appropriately.
Now, let me just segue quickly to our international listeners.
I know there’s a lot of an international audience and we get this question all the time, hey, can you structure policy policy for me, in Australia, in England, in Canada, and Israel, wherever.
And the answer is, yes, but you have to have a business interests, IE an LLC, a limited partnership, a corporation in the US, that’s domestic with a partner.
That’s a US citizen who you can have reciprocal insurance policies on. And that’s called the key man policy in a business context. Whereas if you’ve got key men and women running a company, and one of them passes away.
You need to replace them.
And if they’re a multi-million dollar producer, you need multi multi-million dollars in cash to go out there and head hunt for an appropriate replacement.
So that’s how we do that. We’re working with a number of clients in different countries, but here’s the catch.
It’s not for folks who want to put $5000 in their bank, or $10000, or even 25,000.
The minimum, really, for scale of efficiency, Just because of structure cost from the legal side of things, is probably a minimum of $100,000 that you want to capitalize in your bank. More like a million?
Well, the 100,000 On an annual basis, so, yeah. Over a period of time. That would easily be a million.
So, yeah, that’s. So people go, Hey, I want to get a million dollars in my bank.
How do we get that in? And you don’t do it in one lump sum.
You structured over a period of years, 4 or 5, or longer, depending on our strategy, which it’s not one size fits all.
We have to analyze each person. But let’s say you want to put one million dollars in over five years. You’d be doing $200,000 annual premiums.
But for smaller policies, it doesn’t make any sense. You’re in the scale of efficiencies. It’s a lot of heavy lifting.
There’s a lot of more detail to it, but it is certainly doable.
And frankly, there’s no, there’s no other foreign way to protect in other jurisdictions, other countries that I’m aware of, other than, you know, going into metals are going into dig a hole or put cash in your mattress type of strategies.
That you’re actually going to be able to have the, the cash value protected, and you’re going to have it locked in in the way that I’m describing. Except in that structure.
Can I ask you a question right there?
Yeah, of course. I don’t mean to interrupt your flow. You’re doing great.
While you were talking about the different states that people may live in, is it also doable?
I think I remember us having a conversation even on the air one time about setting up an island for Texas, even if you don’t live there and now you’ve got your bank structure through a trust in Texas, even though you’re not there, is not sleep.
Not exactly the same, but it’s good that you mentioned the island. It’s irrevocable life insurance trust.
Georgia, if you could scroll to California, that would be a great state to analyze, because it’s the worst state in the country to form a private bank.
And have a surprise, it’s a communist fascist state and you’ve got very little exemption.
and you’re in your policies. And you’ve got very little.
You got very little protection anywhere in California, from lots of things, whether it’s financial privacy, and bank disclosures, or whether it’s your homestead or the cash value.
And one of the ways, it’s not the only way, but one of the ways that we can structure a policy that is asset protected is through the islet that you reference J and that Islet is an acronym for irrevocable.
Life insurance, trust, irrevocable life insurance trust, and the, the trust actually, owns the policy, not the, not the person, not the individual who’s contributing the cash for the benefit of the beneficiaries.
And effectively, they give up all control of in a legal sense of the assets. And there are, there are rules as to what they can take out and what they’re doing things for the benefit of the beneficiaries. But that is the way that’s the workaround in states like California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota.
The fascist states that don’t provide any protection for your proceeds in life insurance, or your homestead to use with the silent.
A little bit more complicated, a little bit more costly, but certainly doable.
He’s still with us.
She’ll here, Yep, Still good Enough. We lost you there to answer your question?
Yeah, absolutely answered my question.
So, why don’t we segue into some of the changes common, and why, why you kind of wanted to share that information you were sharing with me recently.
And I said, Well, why don’t you just come on the show and do it to everybody instead of having to do it one at a time?
Why don’t you share that? Some of that that’s coming, and then let’s segue into a couple of questions, And you can stay as long as you want to stay, but I don’t want to keep you on one on either.
Sure. Yeah.
The government, as most people are probably aware in the United States, has been printing money with no back.
And obviously for decades, since Nixon took the country off the gold standard and the dollar being tied gold and silver and more recently in the current administration and in the prior administrations Before.
Trump, there was inflationary spending, and I’ve, I’ve written a number of articles that go out in e-mails.
I would urge our audience to sign up for those e-mails because there’s hours and hours dedicated to educating ARR audience with certain issues. And there are charts. And there are other links where you can see what the national debt is in the US. It’s approaching $30,000 billion.
And there’s hundreds of millions of dollars being given to other places that have no value for the, for, you know, for our citizens that have no purpose other than to bankrupt the country. And why do I say that?
The inflationary effect that it’s creating and will create is astounding.
The purchasing power of the dollar is being cut, and cut, and cut, and cut, and look around. I mean, prices of gas.
I heard and read an article and they’re approaching like over $5 in certain places of the country, namely, I think California’s over five bucks, average, price of gas, $5. In three months ago, by the way, you might miss the stuff, I told everybody seven to $10 gasoline common in the United States.
Wow, you did, You did, Jay and I was like, ah. Is he going to be right? Yeah. Of course, you’re right.
Yeah, That’s absurd.
Or what about the mean going to Costco and getting, no organic chicken?
The only thing that I have seen at Costco that did not go up in price and I couldn’t believe it, but I was also very happy was Boston Bison is still $19 and money nonsense.
For Β£2.5 of bison and beef has gone up 70%.
Well, I don’t buy beef, but I pay attention. I’ll remember the last time I had beef, anything. I’m pretty much turkey bison, and that’s the only meets I now try not to eat meat in more than four meals a week.
Wow, well, that’s definitely a place you’re not defer J: I am your, Well, your tax and man come on. There’s no me, it’s not a meal, was just as a side note.
To all the listeners, so we’re kind of doing this in podcast format, man.
Seth is a is a very, he reminds me of an Oxman, he’s like, know that people say that person is built like a brick **** house, man, he is built when I first met him.
I’d really appreciate that about him, because here you have this, this is very gentleman of a person.
Like I said, has the capacity to be a dragon, but, man, if you look closely, it looks like a dragon to, like, don’t mess with that guy, he will take you out.
So, anyway, just a side note.
It’s all, it’s all the mediating J I. Just. And I gotta be careful, because some people at the terms or stomach, if you talk talk about that or I’m a hunter, too.
So actually, I’m very thankful when I harvest something, it’s not around do that haphazardly. But anyway, maybe that’s, maybe that’s why, I appreciate that.
And by the way, J, I actually, Costco will, will ship, if they don’t have it in your local store, which, which mine didn’t, they will ship it to you, flash frozen, and prepare.
Yup. And all that last week, that they’re now shipping frozen goods, instead of just all the draw stuff.
It wasn’t, so I got it.
I got bison, ground bison and elk, and wild boar and the shipment that they do and a triple play.
If anybody in the States wants that type, maybe that’s a really good deal.
And it will make your biceps really big.
So, where were we, I lost my train of thought. Anyway, I interrupted again. I’m sorry.
So, you were gonna get into the changes coming for next year so that people can tell people how to circumvent, not getting caught up where next year there’s ways for you Seth will cover those where you can cover yourself towards next year you’re kind of locked into this year’s reach and not have to deal with all that for next year.
Great. Yeah, we’re talking about inflationary policy in the US and out of control, spending out of control.
Taxation, Where’s all this spending?
Where’s the burden of that responsibility going to fall?
It’s kinda, it’s going to fall on the folks that have the money.
First of all, and the taxes are going to increase.
They’re going to try to take more from through taxation and I think that one of the main targets will be Baby Boomers.
And those folks who have saved and have government sponsored retirement programs, namely like 401 K, …, IRAs and things that are supposedly, you know, growing tax free, year after year, and you’re supposed to get more money.
But it, if you really stop and think about that, does the government do anything that’s in your best interests?
Now, now, they really don’t, they say, it’s in your best interests, but it’s not in your best interest.
They want to tax more on a larger sum. So they’re going to let this corpus of money grow and grow tax free and then bait and switch. And they’ve already done the bait and switch. It’s called the Secure Act.
Secure Act changed, some of the taxation on your distributions from government sponsored retirement programs. And of course, they increased the tax rate, not lowered it.
So you’ve got to, instead of having $200,000, in your nest egg, you were able to grow to 500,000 tax free, but now they’re going to tax an additional 20%, or you’re in a higher tax bracket because you have more wealth.
So this is all strategize to take from citizens not give another place that they’re going to, they’re, that they’re going to.
Rob’s third deposits in Cyprus. There was a bank bill in 20 13 where a lot of people were off shore and Cyprus.
Bad banking failure resulted in a built in.
And that bellen was a test to see, hey, is this Gonna Fly? Or people going to take, this? What’s gonna be the outcome of this? And anybody who got over $100,000 deposited in certain banks, and Cyprus lost 50% of everything over $100,000 if you had a Amelia and you had 100,000 excluded than the other 900,000, you lost 50% of it.
And that inflationary spending and inflationary policy in our country is going to result in the same type of thing. And that’s what the dodd frank Act codified, Is it said, basically, your deposits are not your money or the bank’s money. We owe you an IOU.
If we fail for some reason, we will pay you, you know, what we can. You’re an unsecured creditor.
Meaning, you, you have, you don’t have a lien against these cash proceeds are our assets, you’ll get pennies on the dollar, or we’ll exchange bank stock.
And so, I go into a lot of these things and e-mails that you get through, providing us your, your e-mail and contact list, if you want to read about those, or you can read about them on your own.
But, all of that, what that means, is that policy, economic policy, is changing, and for the worse, and the insurance companies, they don’t have the same type of fractionalized banking and derivative lending, that centralized banks, too.
In fact, they have to have a 1 to 1 ratio dollar and what they put to work, because life insurance companies put money to work, as well.
And but they have to have a 1 to 1 reserve, not like a centralized bank is 10 to 1, You deposit a dollar and they can lend 10, or actually even more leverage than that.
It could mean there’s some, that are much, much lower than that, and in the recent past, I’ve heard of even down to zero.
They just printing money, and I haven’t drilled down on that, but I do know for certain that there’s a 10 to 1 ratio that’s very common and has been, so they’re printing $9 out of thin air and lending it.
And that has a very bad effect on our ability to purchase with the money that we spend and with the taxation issues, so the life insurance companies are changing policy, there They had basically a 4% guaranteed rate was was about the norm. Every insurance company has their own terms that that vary between insurance companies, and that’s why we have a quiver that we choose from and that we work with.
And those, those are, it’s like a horse race. They’re always changing and jockeying for pole position and End to End to win the race, and we basically negotiate the best terms that we can and lock in on the best policies possible.
But the policy of these insurance companies is being changed. The guaranteed rates are changing.
And, and they say, oh, it’s for the benefit of people, but really, they’re trying to protect themselves.
And they’re, they want to make sure that they can pay the guaranteed returns. And so, they’re reducing those returns.
And they’re also changing other aspects of the policy which January 2022 will continue to encroach somewhat. It’s, it’s still the best place and protected place.
But the way that you can effectively get an option on things if you don’t have a windfall event yet which you want to lock in on an extra 1% guaranteed.
Plus dividends, and, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to some of the podcasts that we’ve done, that you do a term policy.
A term policy is like renting rather than owning, and you have no cash value in that.
But, you have the ability to convert that term policy into a whole life policy down the road.
And you can have the option for 10 years, you can have, That’s the typical, standard, is about 10 years. So you pay a very minimal amount of insurance for a term policy, which says, if I die in the next 10 years, my beneficiaries are going to get X, and that may be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand.
Depending on what type of death benefit you want to purchase, if you want 10 million and death benefit, you’re gonna pay a few thousand dollars.
If you want, you know, a few hundred thousand in death benefit, you’re gonna pay a few hundred dollars, and they do, You know, analyze your health, and that also comes into play.
If you’re super, super healthy, you’re gonna pay very little, and premium, and you’re going to have a lot higher death benefit, because you’re most likely not going to die, and they don’t get that wrong.
Or they would be out of business. So that is how you basically protect yourself coming into the next year, If you want to lock in, on this year’s Structure.
And it was effectively the same thing last year J is there was some, there was some encroachment coven Change that Dynamic in the basket of benefits.
And so people, especially in our group, took a lot of term policies, and then there was a lot of liquidation.
April May, in that run up, especially with the data liquidation.
And people then converted a lot of term into whole life and capitalize their bank with some of that windfall. And so the same thing is going to be happening now. People are sitting, We’re watching this. These price points where we’ve got our targets.
We’re getting prepared to liquidate, and these liquidation events, or are coming and you may want to you may it may not be January before you liquidate may be.
So, those things, if you want to set up a concrete foundation, you would exercise this term option and then convert into whole. If you’ve already got cash that you need to place, there’s no reason to wait.
That’s kind of the, the, the 30,000 foot overview and now, I’m being long winded so I’ll let you guys ask questions within the.
Yeah, let me ask you one, right, that comes off the, the head right away.
When you, another great advantage to having a term policy that you convert later, is doesn’t that nullify the insurance company from wanting to pry into all your financials because to convert your policy.
Like, if you just go straight in to get a private bank, because you have cash flow, you’re ready to go, they’re gonna do, and, you know, they’re gonna want to see financials to prove your worth that much, to get that much insurance blah, blah, blah.
But if you had, if you were in a situation where you don’t have your cash yet, and you know it’s coming, but you can definitely put up the money for, for our term policy.
Do you do you then circumvent having to go through financial’s when you convert that policy? Or is that has that changed?
Now, you do circumvent that.
And that’s one of the benefits of doing smaller term’s placing them with different insurance companies.
That the financial underwriting, which is what you’re describing, is circumvented, if you want to get, you know, $50 million in death benefit.
They want to know.
But effectively, what you’re worth? Are you worth $50 million? Why do you need $50 million and and death benefit if you if you die?
Whereas opposed to, if you’ve got a term policies with multiple millions, which is typical, on the death benefit, you’re not going to have that same financial underwriting because they don’t, it’s one, the insurance companies.
If you, if you act quickly, they don’t, they don’t sync, They don’t know that there’s an application in one place and an application in another place, and you execute all those simultaneously, start with a simultaneous close, and then all of the policies are effective.
And then you convert to term later, there’s no financial underwriting that they’re going to disqualify for.
And yeah, that’s another way which is with whole life as well as being able to do the same thing with simultaneous closes.
With different insurance companies that don’t, that won’t do as much underwriting if you’ve got a million dollar, uh, in assets, you basically, we’re not providing tax returns.
We’re not providing detailed disclosures, it’s actually constitutionally protected. We do just a, basically, what used to be known as a, you know, a financial worksheet that you sign your say on these assets, This is what I’m worth, And you do it that way. But when you get into 50 million, $100 million worth of death benefit.
That, that goes into another level where they want to send it to re-insurance companies because it’s big pop’s.
So, and so, just to qualify that a minutes, before we go to everyone else’s questions, if you’ve got someone here in the group who say, 100 plus million dollar winner in crypto, and they’re like, hey, Seth, I want 20 million, in my bank, they’re gonna be at that level, right? They’re gonna be looking at 50 to $100 million policy.
And they’re having to give up all the hard work they’ve done to stay private in crypto, to create that windfall.
You know, just to be able to say, yes, I’m worth it. Here it is or whatever. And so getting started, now on a term can circumvent a lot of that. Is that? correct.
Partially, the great thing, the great thing about an insurance company is they have no reporting with the, the, the, the government or the IRS, there’s that’s carved out and the internal revenue code. That’s one of the money that you put in.
The interest you charge through your own own bank is tax free.
It’s carved out in the internal revenue code so the IRS doesn’t get to look, doesn’t do audits, can’t there’s no sharing of information.
When you put money into an insurance company, they don’t raise your hand and go, oh, there was a $10000 transaction. Oh, there was a million dollar transaction, like your centralized bank does.
And from what you and I have discussed, that that number is going to be decreasing and decreasing cellists like $600.
I believe, uh, if I’m, if I understood you correctly, that you may have a $600 transaction and everything’s reportable, which that doesn’t happen with an insurance company.
So, it is still financially private, no matter what the number is, rather, it’s 100,000, or rather, it’s 20 million.
But the insurance company, because they’re going to have to pay out such a great sum of money upon someone’s death, they wanted understand what you’re worth.
Why do you want that much insurance?
And one of the ways to to lessen that burden is to take different policies with different insurance companies and smaller amounts. And also, the $20 million that you would chev into private banking isn’t going to go across the table in one year. It’s going to be structured over a number of years, and, in fact, that type of structure, you may put into, what’s called, like a 10 pay, or you’re doing $2 million a year.
But insurance companies also have something known as a premium deposit account. Some of them do certain insurance companies that And that.
those are ones that restructure.
If you want to put, let a portion of that 20 million into life insurance custody, why would you do that?
It’s not subject to dodd frank. It’s not subject to a bell in, it’s financially private, and it’s asset protected.
Just like your cash value rose. So you think you have access to it within 24 hours of a phone call?
Yeah, yeah. You got absolute control. And liquidity and life. Insurance custody, Absolutely.
So you, you would put that money into something, where it’s called a premium deposit account, Written life insurance, custody, still, Accessible, still liquid, still under your control, but it’s off the radar, it’s growing tax free, and it’s asset protected.
And essentially, essentially, if a person, I built the right structures, let’s just say, you know, let’s take me, for example, I want a million dollars a year income from my bank, which means I’ve got to have a pretty **** big bank or quite a few banks.
But, but by taking that mountain other words back by keeping the nest egg from necessarily growing and compounding, I can take my million dollar a year income by capitalizing on my guarantee plus any dividends that the insurance company may pay that they don’t guarantee, but that they do pay. Set it up in a way where, OK, I got my money coming in. That’s a million dollars a year tax free, correct?
Tax, folks. It’s not the best investment in the world. Nobody’s putting this out here, as here’s where you can make the most money, but I’ll tell you what.
You could go get into an investment that pays you 32 points a year, and it’s all wrapped up in the banking system, and what good is 32 points a year.
If all of a sudden as you’re making that money, it’s coming in, you have to forfeit it because there’s a bank bailout.
Or because maybe your money’s up at risk with that. That 32 points a year, then, all of a sudden that company comes to you guys, Gosh, we’ve had such a bad quarter, we lost 50% of everybody’s money.
So you’ve got to weigh the odds here.
And one of the reasons I brought this forward, after spending, I think it was three days with Vance and Seth.
we met up in Texas.
And I was basically vetting the whole thing to see, is this something that I’m I’m willing to put my name on and my stamp on and go, OK, group.
Here’s something amazing for you, and with isn’t good enough for me. It’s good enough for you.
And so, my point is, is from the beginning, I have said, I believe All humans in crypto are not should have something diversified into this product in my way of thinking with a big windfall in crypto.
Um, know, if you’re if you’re, if, like if you’re a $100 million plus person in crypto, I think you should be 10 to $20 million over here in, in this particular product.
You know, if you’re a $50 million winner, you’re probably a five to $10 million bank.
Know, if you’re a million dollar winner, you need to start small, right?
But the point is, is like, I think I think that humans would be missing the boat to not take advantage of a product where we know it’s not going to outpace inflation.
But again, if, if the rest of the system all goes to ****, excuse my French, you still have this money over here that can’t be building on, It’s providing a tax free income for you every year. You have access to all your money.
After a couple of years, you have access to, when you have access to it immediately. But what I’m saying is, when you first start putting money in, part of that has to fund the insurance, right? So, you know, you get past the first 4 or 5 years, and I think your policies kinda fully funded at that point. You’re not having to put money into funded anymore. And so, but now from that point forward, let’s say you said, hey, I’m going to fund this thing for five years, and on your 6 year 7, I’m gonna start taking an income from it. Tax free.
Can’t be built in on.
Try access to your money after a phone call, within 24 hours, and by the way, when you take the money out, based on how you take it out, no taxes there either.
So now you’ve.
Let me, let me just cover something here, because I don’t think Seth may or may not say this is something he might want to do with people in a private phone call instead of on a live webinar.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have had the opportunity to be a part of this program for two years plus.
And, if you haven’t taken advantage of that, and prepared yourself, shame on you, because, here’s what I’m going to say to you.
I have taught you how you can use a trust as a pass through wisdom, and there’s people, every, every time this comes up, people go, well, how do I get my money out of crypto and get it into a bank, a private bank, and not pay tax? Well, first of all, I’m not the guy to answer that question. I’m not a tax advisor.
There’s my disclaimer, but here’s what I do know.
There are structures on this planet that are completely pass through.
So let’s, just, for example, sake, say, you had an Islet set up today ready for use with a bank account.
When you send crypto to Caleb and Brown, that crypto is anonymous.
It’s just sitting in a wallet, connected to no one.
No address, no. No social security, No EIN, No human being. No e-mail address, nothing.
You go to Caleb and Brown and you say: hey that I let that I have all set up with you guys.
I’m gonna send you 500 Bitcoin, and we’re gonna sell those Bitcoin at $83,000 to the island.
Now, the islet turns around with the dollars, it gets a policy.
Hello, Are you guys listening?
So, don’t get hung up on, well, I can’t, you know, I’m, I’m gonna have to take my crypto out. Have a dollar transaction, and pay tax well. If you’re that narrow minded, yes, you will.
But you, if you’ve been here for a couple of years, you should know better than that.
You should know way better than that. Seth, have I said anything out of the way.
No. No, I don’t think. So, The reality is, is definitely one way. There’s also some other structures that you can call it, and you could accomplish that in. But, like, you said, people have to make their own decisions with.
Tax issues.
And, you know, they need to be informed. And a lot of people are already in the system, and they’re already rolling with those things. So the private banking strategies is an is an after tax strategy.
But like you said, Jay, the this is not, like, oh, Smashing returns on an investment that that is 30% a year, or even the type of X factor that you can get in crypto.
It’s a classic hare and the tortoise scenario.
And we all know that story that the tortoise wins, it’s just slow and methodical and protected step after step.
I’ve swung for the fences and investments before, and some have gone well and some of them woefully bad.
And that’s a risk factor that has to be accepted by whoever’s making the decision, and they have to be responsible for their own decisions.
This, like I said, the first pillar, is asset protection. So your capital is not at risk.
We’re not, we’re not paying unnecessary taxes, you’re off the radar. You’re protecting yourself from government intrusion.
And we haven’t even got into the velocity of money and how you capture the same dollar over and over again, but I’ll just briefly give a 30,000 foot overview.
You pay, you capitalize your bank, or you pay a premium into your life insurance policy with a dollar.
And just for the sake of this example, you, you pull that same dollar out and you loan it, too.
A borrowing LLC to purchase a piece of real estate, or a borrowing LLC, or a borrowing trust to purchase crypto.
Or to purchase any type of cash flowing or appreciating asset.
And that cash flow that comes into the borrowing LLC, or the borrowing trust, custody, then has a profit on it. It has a corpus and a profit. And you pay your bank back just like you would if you went and borrowed money from Wells Fargo: to buy an investment property, you’d have to pay them back on the mortgage. Or due to trust everyone.
Will you do the same with your own banking, family, banking, entity, and that family banking entity piles up that same dollar, OK?
You pay the premium.
You borrowed the dollar out from your bank.
You loaned it to borrower.
The borrower purchased real estate.
It has cash flow, the borrower purchase crypto, it went up, 10 X, you sell that crypto, or you’ve got cash flow on your rental property, or you sell the rental property.
You pay back your bank and the interest rate that you charged yourself.
It could be 20%, maybe 25% or whatever You set it up. That meets your cash flow structure.
It’s all tax free and you put that corpus right back into your bank.
Along with the tax free growth, an interest, and no one, there’s no, there’s no reporting to the insurance company.
There’s no taxation.
When you’re putting it back into your policy or taking it out, and you’re getting multiple touches on the same dollar, That is a very simple way of describing what multiple touches on the same dollars.
And that’s when you really begin to get some velocity and steam.
It’s when you put it into other investments. Some of our listeners won’t need to put it in other investments. They just want to put it in an asset protected vault. Lock it up.
Know that it’s there when they want it and need it, and you can access it and control it, when that time comes, whether it’s retirement or for whatever purpose And it is.
So some folks don’t care about the investment aspect and velocity of money, and some do.
But regardless of your particular, particular personal strategy, this is a very safe place and it’s a very conservative approach where your capital is not at risk.
Does that make sense?
And also, guys, you know, just to just to break this down on a, on a level that I think everyone will understand, Nelson Nash had, I don’t know how many banks, 80, 90 banks, when he passed a couple of years ago.
But in his banks, he said his whole family down, Nieces, nephews, cousins, Everybody.
He said, you want a loan for a car. You get it from me.
You want a loan for a house, you get it for me.
You want a loan for an investment. You get it from me. This is the family bank. And then you will also participate in how well that bank does down the road.
And for those of you who are savvy investors, you get into the velocity of money with your own bank. You can far out earn 20, 25% a year.
But again, if you’re just sitting it there, as Seth stated, it’s the, it’s the tortoise and the hare.
But if you get into, you know, being a savvy lender, for example, with your bank, my gosh, you can far outperform the indexes. That’s up to you.
But you know, just, you have to weigh both sides of that and go, OK. If you’re gonna do things like that, you’ve also gotta be willing to deal with the risk of it as well versus just having a locked up in an asset protected box.
So anyway, Seth, thank you for all that. Can we just take a few questions? Can I add one thing to what you just said which is, I think really important in mentioning that Nelson Nash, satisfactory down.
Let’s say he’s got nieces and nephews and and we have a great illustration.
width, Twin Sisters who were his niece’s.
That one chose to be a part of the family bank and one chose not to be a part of the family bank.
And these Twin Sisters effectively made the same purchasing decisions, and they wanted to purchase cars.
So one sister will call her the non IBC sister.
She talked to her banker and the bankers had put this money CD, so should capitalize the CD for seven years, 5000 bucks a year. The the other sister chose Nelson nash’s system and put $5000 into her private bank, through an ABC policy, for seven years, and then they began to finance automobiles.
Through what they’d capitalize, OK, and then they began to exercise their systems at the end of there, of their journey.
The non IBC sister had about $250,000 worth of value and cash value in her CDs.
The ABC sister had a million, plus a death benefit of multiple millions, and all tax free, so that the non ABC, or CD sister, she took out $50,000 a year in her retirement for five years and then was dead broke.
And was not a part of the family bank.
The ABC sister took out 50,000 until she died, if not more. And then she handed the keys to a massive print corpus of principle. And this was 30, 40 years ago, by the way, to her heirs tax free.
So it pays to bring it into the family, and have it cycled through your family. For example, I teach my children now.
We don’t borrow money from anybody else. we borrow from our own family bank.
And when you want to something, something of value, first of all, I’ll make them wait so that the nice, shiny factor usually wears off.
Because the one thing is that they have bought it, you know, they like it for a day, and then it’s just, they’re not important anymore.
But when they have to borrow that money from what they’ve earned, they have businesses, they have a chicken egg business. They have a golf ball harvesting business. They have a jewelry business. They’ve got their entrepreneurs, and that’s absurd.
That into them, and created a system within our own family, where they have to borrow the money, to invest in materials, or to invest in chickens, or to invest in feed, and they have to pay it back.
And so they see the cyclical nature of business, and and taking money from the family bank.
But here’s the thing, When I have life insurance policies on, on their lives, which I control, and we’re capitalizing their bank every year.
And by the way, this is a this is a good side note.
As a, as a parent, you can give a child, or, anybody else for that matter, $15,000 a year tax free.
So you can contribute $15,000 per parent, per child. So a married couple could give $30,000 to every child that they have for their private banking.
And when you’re 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, those things begin to stack up really fast.
The Twin Sisters that I was talking about kinda illustrates the cumulative value of kicking this off every year, and what the ultimate cash value is in the end.
But when you start, when their children, it’s even more.
And so I am the trustee of those of those policies. I actually own policies and trust the trustee but I’m contributing it for their benefit. When I pass who, do you think is going to be the trustee?
And custodian of all of that wealth that’s been accumulated, it’s the child that I’ve taught how to use the principal, and it’s all tax free.
So I’ve taught them how to do business. I’ve taught them how to Not spend to be a spendthrift.
I’ve taught them how to effectively be their own banker and use this private banking Strategy with all its benefits and values and be exactly what I want them to be so that they can handle the corpus of money that’s there.
And I didn’t really give them an option, because my children are young, and they, and they, they, they love it.
But if you’re, you know, you’re you’ve got a 20 year old that’s smarter than their parents, they may opt out, and they’ll have the CD sister result instead of the ABC sister result, which are universes apart.
So, that’s something that I know, like people that have children or have others that they want to, they want to empower to succeed. You and I J both don’t believe in handing a child, a loaded shotgun or handing them $100 million.
So but if they have the capacity to use that shotgun and they have the capacity to handle wealth and make the world a better place and and and help and be generous and do the things that we value, then then they take, they take the keys to the car, so to speak.
Here’s me and and drive it.
Does that make sense or did I did I confused? You listen.
I’ve told you this 100 times, has a very educated lawyer with an incredible vocabulary, you are a very effective communicator and everybody that’s here today knows exactly what you just said.
Great, excellent.
Yeah, that’s, that’s another, we’ll switch. But that’s just as a point. That’s one of the reasons that I do this, I want to see family legacy succeed.
A lot of people on our call, J R, have similar values and have similar ideas. You know, we’re in a similar thought tank. And it never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet from our group that are just, a good, wholesome salt of the earth type.
People that, you know, that have families and have good intentions and want their government to stay out of their their business and let them live their lives with the freedom and the constitutional privileges that our country was created for.
So that’s just a shout out to our audience and, and thankfulness of being with like minded folks.
Yeah, there’s, there’s, there’s some things I hear regularly, and one of them is, thank God, You introduced us to George, thank God, that you helped us, you know, do all this in crypto.
And then one of the other ones is, Thank God. You introduced us to Seth and Vance. and so I hear those three things.
A lot, and so if you’re here and you don’t know, Seth you don’t know events, you haven’t had your preliminary call with them. I think you should do that. We’re going to take a couple of questions, and then I’m gonna let Seth tell you guys exactly how to find them.
I think George has a splash page on our website for them and I endorse what they are doing. I have, since the day I went and vetted the whole thing for three days with two of them.
And, you know, Vance is not here with us this morning but let me just tell you something, What a wealth of information from a guy who to his tutelage was under Nelson Nash himself for what, Seth 20 years, yeah, somewhat 20 years.
So this is phenomenal. So anyway, I’m gonna go to some of your questions, and guys are actually, I should say, Seth, I’ll answer a couple of these because they’re, they’re quick and easy, and you’ve already answered them. So someone says, how do you work with people in Europe? Poland has already said that you do that, That he does that, you just gotta get an interest here in the states. He kinda, kinda have already said that, So just listen to the recording and you’ll get it. You probably put the question before he said it’s no big deal.
Um, this one says for my understanding, is that it is not possible to directly transfer crypto funds from our broker or Exchange and RBC. So we’re dealing with after tax dollars. I actually already covered that as well. Listen to what I’ve said to you here, and you’ve got your answer. I realize, from the time-stamp, you put that question in before I got to that part.
So there are lots of solutions.
I just covered one example, get with Seth Advance and let them give you some other options and structures as well.
But guys, again, if you understand what he told you today, there’s things coming that are going to change next year.
I would even bet you, and I don’t know if this has already changed, but if it hasn’t, I would bet you next year, on your application, you’re going to have to say yes or no to a box that says, have you been vaccinated.
And I’m going to tell you something for people that are smart, like an insurance company That’s that’s yeah.
I would I would be getting if I’d be getting myself into this year, that’s all I’m telling you that’s all I’m telling you guys OK.
Yeah. That doesn’t matter what year I think what’s more important than what year was obviously developed. I think what’s more important than that is to understand that these contracts some of them are 200 years old. They have things in place before there was a UCC code book.
That’s what’s more important than when it started.
Ah, go ahead and talk to someone here. That’s not.
So here’s a question from Disco Dave.
Any advice for the little fish in the group with assets? Less than one million are not able to meet the minimum suggested amount to apply to this concept.
Help people to understand, for a minute, Seth, that anybody who can qualify for even a term policy can start their own bank.
They’re just not starting from the perspective of, I just got a windfall, and I want to put it over here.
They’re starting from a perspective of, Hey, I’m working on having a million, but I got a job making $60,000 a year. What do I do? Can you just speak to that for one minute?
Sure enough.
And perhaps, was misspoke or was misinterpreted. Anybody can use this strategy. In fact, some of our most successful clients came to us heavily heavily in debt.
Sinking in depression.
Advanced goes into that and podcast and video section. We’re actually creating an educational platform for folks so that they get the knowledge and resources that they can go over and over it down. But when one of these folks when these families was a chiropractic family, you’re heavily heavily in debt, advance help structure policies where they were putting in.
They had about, I think they started with $45,000 that they scraped together from, like selling cars and liquidating AROs. And within five years, they were totally out of debt. The debt was either approaching a million or over just over a million and he had multiple chiropractic offices. He became a great acquire in the, in the Southern Texas area of Other Chiropractic Office is using this principle.
And became absolutely rockstar. So, if they were heavily heavily in debt on the verge of bankruptcy, they were that was their next office visit. If that’s couldn’t help them structure a way to get out of that debt. And they didn’t make a ton of money.
They’ve made less than $100,000 a year, but they had, you know, 100 plus an obligation. So, it was, it is, it takes some strategy.
But here’s another woman who is in Central Texas, and she started with the $5000 policy a year.
And she was able to acquire five rental properties now that are, have fair market value over a million dollars. She’s got cash flow coming from every one of those, and it all started with $5000 premium.
Now, there is no, there is no minimum, I mean, to start this with, and that’s what I was talking to earlier on the call J about being generous and giving this for advance.
This is never about, you know, big policies and helping the people that have already been successful.
It’s always been about helping the little person who’s helping the single mom and helping the chiropractor in debt, and helping change one family’s life at a time.
The the issue is for us, is that our bandwidth person to person is limited. So we have other agents that generally help to structure policies that are all trained by VADs and understand these concepts that help with smaller policies, because you can only talk to so many people in a day, right.
That’s, that’s just limited by our days in.
In a day, or in hours. In a day, rather.
So there’s no limit on the size of policy that we did.
You should start and that’s, that’s like that’s a that’s a seed gift because there are folks out there IBC practitioners and say we don’t touch anything less than $25,000 annual premium or $50,000 annual premium. Well that’s, that’s not how we do it.
But you may not be able to talk to Vance 14 times a year and take 30 hours of time because it just doesn’t scale for us as in our business.
But we want little people to succeed.
But what I did say was if you’re a foreigner, if you’re if you’re in another country and you want to take advantage of this type of structure and you only have five or $10000 that you want to capitalize your bank with, it doesn’t make sense, because there’s a lot of heavy lifting that goes into structuring a domestic US Entity.
And, you know, either you have an insurable interest in a partner here. You have a good friend, and you have a family member that is a US citizen, or you don’t, or we have to go create that. And you’re not talked about that before J about folks that don’t know each other, in our group, that some may be domestic, and some may be formed. They may consider independently and privately among themselves about forming an LLC and creating insurable interest, and that’s possible. And some in the group are doing that.
But that’s, you know, it’s at a certain threshold that it that you need to capitalize the bank to make it worth the money that it costs to do it. Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
So go on to the next one here.
Please provide a link to state to state breakdown shown on screen. So that link as if you engage with surf and bounce, they make that information available.
On a case by case basis, there’s hundreds of hours that goes into that research to be able to bring that forward. And have literally the listing of each code in the code book for the walls.
So they don’t want, there are hundreds of hours to be diminished by just putting it out there publicly.
So when you engage with them, you’ll have plenty of that and also, the same person’s talking about husbands, wives, children’s guys. I’m gonna answer a bunch of questions at once, right here.
Certainly, if people are qualified, you can get policies on children, grandchildren, wife.
If you can come up with a reason why, probably a sister or a brother.
A partner, like I could, I could take a policy if George was an agreement architect policy out on George and say, hey, he’s a, he’s a $5 million a year producer. And I need to ensure him in case I have to replace him.
He’s not replaceable, by the way. No amount of money.
But anyway, so yes, because a lot of people are asking, well, I’m 62, and I’m not in good health. How do I do this. That’s how you do this, guys. Just get it together with these guys, not answer a bunch of those questions right there.
Just quickly, we have.
Like I said, we’ve got a ton of resources.
I’ve spent a couple of years building resources. We’ve got resources that discuss never too old for IBC. You’re never too old.
There’s people that have started policies late in life and it’s not for the long term retirement benefit. It may be for asset protection purposes, but dislike.
Jay said you take out policies on other people in the family.
If you’re on an insurable or you’ve had some type of, you know, advanced cancer stages or something that makes insurance company not want to insure you, then you you use other familiar relationships.
And any family relationship by blood is insurable or by adoption.
Or business interests creates an insurable interests and the key man. Just like Jay said, George is a key key man and their partnership obviously.
Agreed, George, very, very instrumental in helping lots of people, including including me and just a shout out.
He was helping one of our valued clients recover Bitcoin, no substantial amount of Bitcoin that was lost, Our, could, she couldn’t find it, and she couldn’t, no one else could find that. Sir, George, thank you for for helping them. So, those business interests are another another way to do that, folks.
Mmm hmm.
I think you’re gonna get a kick out of this one.
And you’ll want to add something to it, probably.
This person says, just completed the health test, and had a spectacular blood and urine tests due to you to your, and Ms. Neo health coaching. Thank you.
I think you had something like, that happened to you to give me, Man, J? You? told me, Hey, you gotta, you gotta start drinking celery juice in the morning.
I said, Jay, if there’s one thing that I will never drink And there’s one food that I hate it celery and, I’m not going to be drinking celery juice. I don’t care. If it gives me wings and I can fly, OK, Well, something switched in my brain. I don’t know what you didn’t beat me over the head with it, but I’m like, one day I just told myself, I’m going to do.
So I got the green Star, juicer, which is a slope. Magnetic cold for us, right? And started drinking the celery juice and it wasn’t as bad. as I thought you said, yes, suck this down. Turn out to taste it and I’m like, after a few weeks, actually crave the taste and mom and my body craved it.
That was, I’d say about a year and a half ago and I Added policies to my, to my banking structure.
Pretty much every year and so I’d been in the cellar reducing for maybe 6, 9 months or so.
And I added a policy and then they do some very minor, minor medical, they take your heart rate. It takes about seven minutes or less, Take your heart rate, take your weight, your measure how tall you are, draw a little bit of blood.
Um, and they do blood analysis on that. And I had multiple policies before that test.
Which came back with certain indicators, and it gave me ratings. These insurance companies rate people on, you know, below average average, or standard preferred.
And when this bloodwork came back for me, Vance and I talked about, he’s like, Man, what have you been doing?
You got an ultra preferred rating, which is the highest rating that he has ever seen.
In fact, I’m the only person in our whole basket that’s ever gotten an ultra preferred rating.
And all of my prior test, we’re certainly not ultra preferred. They’re just normal preferred, or not, or just standard. And depending on what the blood work showed in the shot: A thought about those seller reducing is the only thing that I’ve changed. and cleansing my system.
So, yeah, absolutely.
If you guys don’t know about salary juicing, I would look into it. It certainly has made a big difference. And it also shed about Β£25. And that process of JSON in the morning, and I’m I’m still celery juice.
Yes, you are. I’m going on. You’re number five for me.
And it’s just, it’s in my DNA now, like me every morning.
You know, while we’ve been doing this live stream, my wife walked in here instead of glass on my desk, and I’ve already drank it, and I’m back to my lemon water that I was, that I already had on my desk and a cup of coffee.
I drink coffee on Thursday every week. It’s my one day a week that I drink coffee. So when I’m getting to enjoy the live stream with you guys, I’m always enjoy my cup of coffee as well.
So OK, we covered all the different countries.
I applied for 10 million policy and one of the insurance companies wanted a CPA audited financial statement to quote the term policy.
That was no go no-go for me so it was limited to the amount of term I could get OK um.
Can you guys help someone convert an existing term policy into an RBC type policy? I think that depends on what companies with right stuff.
Yeah. It depends on what company it’s with, and it depends on the contract.
The term contract, OK, insurance, guys protected up.
How are insurance companies protected from the bank bailout? Well, because they’re not a bank.
Yeah, they’re not a bank.
Yeah, they’re not regulated by the dodd frank Act, it has no application to a life insurance company.
Those are the life insurance companies and the laws that govern those structures are state by state, that that’s what we were showing you in the 50 state asset protection schedule, that the states have different laws that govern, uh, how, you know, how that applies. There is not a federal legislation, it’s a state legislation.
The only federal legislation that deals with the insurance is the Internal Revenue Code In’s and Out’s 7702 ins and outs and that’s what carves out.
the, the, the taxable, um, effect.
And, just by the way, politicians and dirty Scoundrels and politically, elite.
And the rich and famous have been used to structure for decades, And I’ve been using it since its implementation.
I mean, you’ve got Presidents, Nixon, Kennedy.
You’ve got Ray Croc, Betty Crocker, you’ve got multiple, multiple folks that you would recognize, by name and by company that have used this tool.
In fact, the centralized banks use it, um, to their benefit. like a wizard.
In fact like Wells Fargo has over 20 billion and life insurance, cash value and it’s basically all on their employees. So what they do and this is for, this is kind of another value add for those of you who own businesses.
You can take out life insurance policies on your employees and provide them a benefit. So for example, let’s say you’ve got employees and these are not key employees. These are like bank tellers or you know someone that runs sort of stuff on your farm but it’s a lower level worker. You can say, hey will capitalize this bank policy for you.
And you’re, your company, offers them or gives them $25,000 worth of death benefit when they die for their burial.
But all the meantime, all of the policy proceeds that are being paid in are under the control of the company.
Just like I mentioned with Wells Fargo and they have $20 billion in cash value, on their bank tellers.
By example, I’m just giving you for example there are a lot all on bank tellers.
But that shows you $20 billion in cash value based on insurance policies on bank tellers and bank teller leaves. The employment of Wells Fargo.
They still keep the, the policy in effect, and they still capitalize it every year. And they still have these key features.
The seven pillars of the bank, banking structure, and benefit, the whole time. And then let’s say that bank teller gets into Iraq and dies. Well, and they’ve got a $500,000 death benefit. Well, they peel off 25,000 and they give it to the family. And they keep the other 475,000.
Well, it’s great for them. For sure, it’s not so great, you know, for the family, but the business owner can do whatever they want, obviously, with those and they can make whatever deal or incentive that they want with their employees. But that’s one way that you would, you know, incentivize employees is that you would help help them with that type of value.
Like I said, $20 billion with Wells Fargo or, and all of the five major banks that hold Cash in the United States all have life insurance, assets on their balance sheets, and they disclose them to the SEC on a yearly basis. You can look it up and see it for yourself.
Anyway, just yeah, we’re just going to take a couple more here, and then Georgia now try to hit a few of you guys. Questions that are non IBC related.
And thank you sir, for being here. I wanted us to take our time with this, because, again, when we roll over into 2022, some of the things you would have access to this year, you will not have access to.
next year, including rates, All of the above, …, is probably got as much to do with that as anything. So, just keep in mind, people are dying at record pace, so that changes things in the world of insurance.
Let’s see here. I’m just gonna pick a couple of these.
That when you just, there’s a few here that you guys just need to get in, you know, you need to engage with Seth Advance, and we’ll tell you how to do that in a few minutes.
Ah, no, we’ve already covered that.
I already covered that.
I already covered that. Will this work if you are a legal US resident, but you’re not a US citizen?
So they’re a resident here, but not a citizen. Will that work?
OK, I like the one word answers. that’s beautiful.
If we start now with a smaller policy, can we later go to a larger? That’s actually what we’re suggesting for people still waiting on a windfall.
Seth has come here today to say to you, let’s say you’re a windfall’s coming third week of December between now and then you could get a policy going and lock in a rate, but you don’t have your windfall. But you’ve got enough money to pay a monthly payment for a smaller policy. Absolutely!
Guys, Nelson Nash died with I don’t remember what it was. Was that 80 or 90 banks?
Heated kid gotten setup insurance policies from every member of the family, business partners, whatever wasn’t that about. Right.
Don’t recall the.
Yeah, it’s it’s in the multiple tens, and there’s another gentleman that I’m aware of, that like 130 or 40, all based on business relationships. He would form the business, Jay. And they would have he would take out the insurance policies then he would dissolve the business, so it’s basically just to get the insurance. And he would continue to do that over and over because he had no more ability to capitalize his own bank, meaning his death benefit was in the tens or hundreds of millions, so that the insurance companies were like, you’ve got enough.
No, sir, had to insure other people to, to continue to capitalize his private bank.
And the last I heard, that he, his head, two daughters, and they ran their financing company, and they had $150 million. That’s all they did was write loans.
So, no, It became, it became a private bank, effectively, third party bank, and that’s another discussion.
But that’s, you know, that’s where you go with this.
If you, if you realize that it’s actually more profitable than your typical business, or the business that you run, you think like a banker.
Yeah. This one, I’ll do two more here, guys.
What are the insurance companies investing in to guarantee the 4%?
Well, the first thing I would tell you is, who cares?
The second thing I would tell you is if you get educated about how the world really works, you’ll find out that when an airline needs a loan, they don’t go to a bank.
They’d go to an insurance company.
When an actual bank needs to make an investment, they will go to an insurance company.
If you understand this, you’ll know that the insurance companies is where all of the money is.
And then, the other thing I would tell you is, most insurance companies will not invest in things like equities, more than about three to 10% of their entire portfolio, so most everything they’re doing is hard assets, hard money lending.
And, if you want to add some of that stuff, you can, but, I just wanted to kinda throw that out there for folks.
Well, you remember at the beginning of the call, I mentioned that I worked in a top 150 law firm in the country in Dallas and securing real estate loans.
And one of the things that are, it was a premier real estate firm, and we would work for all the large banks.
And they would do transactions with various entities. And we also work for life insurance companies. Life insurance companies would be the ones that are doing.
And we worked on like the Refinance of the Houston Galleria for $120 million at the time that was 20 years ago. And we worked on the acquisition or the construction of another gallery in Dallas, and $100 million transactions. And these life insurance companies at the time, we’re investing in large real estate projects with very safe and and returns life. Insurance companies are not in retail real estate anymore. That market is, is Crumbling but you can do some Googling and research. What life insurance companies invest in.
but, like I said, also, on the program, it’s a 1 to 1 ratio of what they have to hold and what they lend much, much different than a centralized bank.
And, uh, insurance companies rarely, if ever, fail.
And if they do fail, because if those reserves are because of the, uh, the conservative nature of the policies and the payments, another Β£800 gorilla, Life Insurance Company, acquires the feldblum very quickly and Vance’s.
Past career over this, I don’t believe that there’s been a life insurance company that’s failed, and we certainly select the ones based on, uh, their ratings and their terms.
And we wouldn’t put anybody into a questionable low tier life insurance company that even has a remote possibility of failing.
But like like I mentioned also uh Between 6160 plus years They’ve been paying dividends the companies that we use.
So these are companies that are not going to fail the only issue that you’re going to have and we’ve talked about this as well is the inflationary printing of money and how do you keep up with the rate of inflation?
So They put socking the money away in the private bank, may not keep up with the rate of inflation, but when you pull a policy loan out and you put it into other investments that do, then you’re making Multiple Touch and a multiple return.
That exceeds the rate of inflation, but that’s that’s one of the questions that we’re all going to have to solve now and in the coming years is, how to outperform inflation.
Well, and let’s also remember, I did a talk on this about a week ago, two people and explained to them that you don’t have to if you’ve been in crypto for 3, 4, or five years, and you’d 500 extra money or a thousand extra, all your money, you, you, you did all of the out earning of taxes and inflation that you need to do for your lifetime.
You don’t have to be as proactive, earning 20, or 25%.
Let’s just say you got a 500 X on your money now, 500%, 500 X, your money, while you’re in crypto.
And then you go into something that every 10 years, you earn another hundred percent.
Well, every 10 years, the the ability that you had out earn taxes and inflation for your entire lifetime, to the tune of 500 extra money it doubles every time you get 100%.
So, you don’t have to be as proactive. You don’t have to have the best investment. The people that have to have the best investments are the people who weren’t here in crypto the whole time.
I kick. Your journey is your journey. There’s a lot of people that have been here the whole time.
And, as you guys saw from the poll we put up, there was 13, 14 people, over 100 million, You know, probably 60 people, 50 million to 100 million. Another 60, 70 people, 25 million to 50 million, so those people number it. Well, let’s do this last question.
Is it just a rumor that if you die and have had the jab, that they, meaning the insurance company, or not, aren’t paying out the insurance policy to families?
It’s a great question.
Sir, absolutely not.
Actually not, can they, would they be saying you got the job, and you’re not going to be, and your death benefits not going to be paid? No way.
I don’t know where we’re room or where did that come from. I’d love to know where that came from. I’ve never heard that.
Um, never heard that.
In fact, that would be we fraud effectively.
They’re taking your premium dollars for years and years and years and it’s actually a HIPAA issue. You don’t even have to disclose if you had a vaccination or not.
And then you, you pass away, they don’t pay the death benefit. Now the only reason they don’t pay death benefits is for fraud.
On behalf of the policy holder committing fraud on them there’s exclusions in the policy where they don’t have to pay the death benefit for fraud as if someone faked their death.
And life insurance company discovered it. If you said, no, you know, I’ve never had cancer, I don’t smoke, don’t drink.
I don’t drive NASCAR and adult Parachute, but you do all those things and you end up, you know, dying.
Well, they may exclude it if it’s within a certain time period, which is two years or less.
But, beyond that, even if you do very rare, you’re going to have an exclusion issue, but certainly not related to a vaccination issue.
Perfect. Alright, guys, that concludes our session, was. So, thank you so much for, for being willing to come here. I know I’ve been trying to get you on the program for a couple of weeks now, and just appreciate you making yourself available to answer questions and go through this, and help people be better prepared for change is coming next year.
I think we’ve managed to get you in here kind of just in time, so I would let everybody know how they can get ahold of you guys to get the guitar sessions going with you.
Absolutely. The best way, like I had mentioned, is first to educate yourself on the concept.
You can do that by going to our website, WWW dot private banking strategies dot com. George has it up there and highlighted with this pointer.
And therein, you can put in your e-mail address, and you will be provided with what I call a red Pill book.
The Advance?
And I drafted, and it’s available in written form, which you can download or an audio form if you’re a person on the go or wants to listen to something at the gym, and, uh, therein you’re going to be exposed to issues.
Maybe some of them you’ve heard of, Maybe some you have like compounding interest and the dodd frank Act, and why would you use this strategy?
So, my first suggestion would be go to the bank.
Go to go to the banking strategies dot com website, download the book, or listen to it, Get on our e-mail list, and start to look at those e-mails. See if they resonate.
Listen to some of our podcasts, which you can also find either right on the website, or you can subscribe through any medium that you want to listen to them.
We’re pretty much on every type of option available, and if it resonates with you, and if you’re understanding, Yes, this is something that I want to drill down deeper.
and then schedule a call with, with advance, and he does an exploratory call into your goals, your motivations, your assets, What you need to protect, and how you would structure things in an exploratory call, and that’s how, that’s how the dance starts.
And if you continue to go through that process, we’ll provide an eight year strategy.
It’s a roadmap that tells you how to apply your premium dollars in transactions, how to attack debt, if you’ve got debt, or how it will work for you, and what money will be there for you when you need it.
And an analysis. So.
that’s, that’s how you do it, Jay.
Fantastic. Again, thank you for being here, said. You’re welcome to just hang out here these last 30 minutes with us, if you got time. If you don’t, I wanted to ask you, before we let you go. Can you and I catch up in 32 minutes, from now?
Sure, OK, let’s plan to do that.
And thank you so much for coming. It means the world.
Yeah, thank you, guys, I’ll just mute out.
I’m gonna grab little breakfast J and then I’ll come back and visit. So, if you’ve got people that pop in, and you want to bring me, and I’ll be less than about five minutes again.
Perfect, perfect. George, take it away. My friend, you got some stuff you wanted to cover.
It looks like, I do, I’ll go really kind of quick over some of it.
one thing I wanted to go over was, when I found this out J, I think you kind of found this out, too, but when I sent my ADA to Kevin Brown, to potentially liquidate, and I ended up not doing it.
What I found was OK, it looks like my balance is gone, that there’s nothing there. And I, I brought my Eida back to a separate wallet.
But after investigating, all my wallets finding out where they are, getting prepared for November, December, I found that I still had some rewards in my wallet.
And that they didn’t show up on the first tab under the sand.
It was kind of available to me, but yet, not because it was under the rewards account balance. So if you did, send your ADA, if you send your ADA in the future, just know that when an epoch comes due, you may have some rewards in your wallet that you need to claim.
Now, one other thing to note is that I could not send these rewards out, because I didn’t have any ADA available in this wallet, so that I could do the transaction. So, the process is, go check out your wallet.
See, you’ll, don’t just click on, you know, that when you get in as the, as the available balance, go ahead and click on the staking and see if you have any rewards.
If you have rewards, you’re gonna need to send a little bit of ada back to this wallet so that then you can, um, claim it and then send it out. So that’s something to look at.
The next piece, and I’m going to throw this in, there was a new Leger update.
and the Nano X does have a two firmware release right now, it’s 1.3. So this does have a to point out that if you log in, I’m trying to update all my my ledgers. You know, if there is a two release, it’s kinda weird if you open up Ledger Live.
And if you’re connected, it may not trigger the two release, but it is there. If you close Leger Live and then open it up with your ledger attached, it’ll trigger that. I’m not sure what triggers showing when to update, but you’ll need to download the latest version of ledger Live to get the update for the ledger X I don’t know about the S, if it has an update.
I have not connected and as this morning, but I’ll let you know later on, the just a couple of other things. Let me get my notes.
Yep, ADA.
The next, let’s see, I just found this out, but at X has kinda rebranded a little bit. It’s still 80 X, but it’s …
at X So if you’re looking for 80 X, it’s been rebranded. It looks like a little logo.
And just you don’t have to get confused because, Well, we just talked about it, the people with older Macs.
Well, older max and older mac OS is, if you’re running, Sierra and not High Sierra, if you’re running Sierra, and you update Leger Live, you’re going to run into issues that you’re going to have to update your operating system to use the latest versions of ledger Live.
So, you know, because we’re potentially getting into a crunch, make sure you keep your hardware and software up to date so that you can, you can run the latest.
Um, the other thing that I kinda find interesting and maybe I can go over there, is that a lot of people have been talking about Boba and sending their OMG off, too.
Let me get the IO off to bova to get the airdrop, and just to let you guys know There’s there’s a timing issue there. So, you know, you can try it, if you’d like, but I’m not going to participate in in this airdrop.
The airdrop is November 12th, you have to have your OMG there on the, basically, bridging to a layer two, which means it’s a little. It’s not the norm of just sending your, your coins, but it needs to go from one layer to the next, and getting it to that layer is pretty quick, but getting it off.
Could be a week, or more, because anybody that participated in the flamengo airdrop, There were some bugs in the system and things got hung up, and things didn’t fully function the way we wanted them to. And so I’m not gonna worry about a little bit of airdrop of boba. I’m going to worry about what I want to do with my OMG and not get stressed out, in case something breaks on their side.
You gotta remember, this is beta stuff and that it may not functioned the way they want to write then. Which is OK if you have a longer period of time you’re dealing with but we may not have a long period of time.
So, just, you know, be warned that it may or may not, no function properly, and, you know, really, think about, if it’s worth the airdrop, that, who knows how it’s going to be valued?
If we do see a drop in December, So, that’s really all I had. Oh, and one other thing, since you guys were talking about the IRS, I like it just incredible, but.
We center, we always pay our or submit our taxes late, with an extension, of course, and so we submitted them last month. And we got our paperwork back, or supposedly, a deposit into our checking account. And they forgot to credit us what we had paid earlier in the year.
So for all those people that, you know, check your paperwork, because the IRS doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing, and how we didn’t get a full credit on when they cashed the check. And they put it into our account. And we did not get that credit on our tax return is is beyond me. So I don’t know if their systems are working at all. That’s it. Right now, I was told they are almost completely shut down due to cover.
They probably aren’t because, like, I know, a couple of people are getting audited and the audits are taking for ever, um, so, you know, it’s it’s disappointing.
I did want to make a mention of one of our long-term patron members who I’ve come to know a little bit and enjoy.
Um he says, Jay, I was going over the numbers for your targets. I have not had a massive windfall yet but I know it’s coming.
This has been a phenomenal journey.
I couldn’t help and get teary eyed and gratitude for all you have done for this wonderful group of people.
My heart is full and just wanted to share.
Yeah, my heart is full to guys.
It really is.
So somebody here says that they’re fiance worked for the IRS, and they says tells me information. And yes, she said they will be shutting down for the stimulus sometime in noble There’s I think you maybe put November, I don’t know.
So there you have it, we’re gonna pick and choose a few here guys. We’re not going to stay too late today. Maybe five minutes. By the way did you guys enjoy that? Recess?
I mean, talk about a wealth of information that you have access to.
No, you’re not having to pay $500 an hour.
Yeah, did you guys enjoy that today?
Yes, yes, yes, OK, that’s from Joseph.
Level five Nice, Joey. He says F and loved it.
That was amazing. That’s my favorite or awesome Yes, yes, yes, yes, absolutely level 10, OK, great.
I’m glad that you guys enjoyed that, mostly. I didn’t know it would be as enjoyable as it was. I knew it would be good. It was really better than I expected. But more than anything I want I want you guys to have the ability to prepare.
No downside to being prepared ever.
No downside.
See here. I’m just gonna go to these questions. OK, Now, I’m gonna move on from that one.
Just pay, I mentioned ending doesn’t before last one, chances. Powers that be kept going. We’ve talked about that in many other live streams.
Technical fundamentals and progression your connections, that will questions, possibly keep going.
Go down to that one there with the Banks. I missed all that. Go back, I said. Yeah. Yeah.
Well, as us may cause plants, table that had occurred could anymore, they’re safe to balance.
Yeah. I’m in the process of setting up a private bank with JP Morgan.
And one of the things I’m learning is that there are, there are when you are at a certain level of money, there are banks who have inflect and inflation protection programs.
Um, and again, you’re gonna need $25 million to even be a part of this.
So, I’m talking to those of you that are going to have 25 million, and I’m also looking at some other ones that started about $5 million, but they there are companies that don’t rehab, Partha Kate, your investment.
And they literally deposit it straight into a depository trust account, So it’s called a bank custody account.
And when you have that, if there is a bail in, your funds are still safe.
No problem, just like any other day. So we will talk more about that in the future. Go ahead and go up, George!
Just go right past. That one is too long for me to read right now.
I like these one liners.
That’s been asked 100 times about Australia, and Caleb and Brown gas count brown a fine.
They have people working from the UK, and They have people working from home for over a year. now, have you seen them miss any beats? I don’t think so.
They’re gonna be fine, guys. Stop asking that question about that. Everybody pay attention and stop asking the same question every live stream.
You think Caleb Brown’s going to weather the storm. Where were you last Thursday?
Where are you the Thursday before that? Where are you the Thursday before that?
OK, moving past that, thank you for presenting the beamer to us, J I will try it out tomorrow. Looking forward to you. Don’t try it out for one day.
Go ahead and get on it for 90 days and then stop using it, and you will absolutely Um, he’ll go, Where’s my beamer?
Most, by the way, most things that will improve your health, you need to do them.
A nutraceutical needs to be done more than a day, more than a week, people go, I try that thing, and it doesn’t work like … profaned pill.
Yeah, it’s not a drug. It’s not altering the chemicals in your brain.
It’s making your health better.
Our opinions on C 60. I don’t take it. I would never recommend it to anyone, ever.
Ever. I don’t care that everybody thinks the smartest guy on the planet who has 100 predictions this year and none of them have come to pass. I don’t think that he, I don’t care that he recommends it doesn’t matter to me.
He also is a self proclaimed, um, schizophrenia. Let’s see, What does he say? He is?
With by his own words he says, I am a paranoid schizophrenic. I think, is what he says. I think no one should listen to me, am I getting that right?
I think so. Yeah, it’s entertaining.
I get it, that his brain works in a really smart way, and I’m good, normally, you know, Jay, what do you think, three most important things would be, to change the world, a better place. Keep going.
Make your circle great, guys.
Make your world, great, and you’ll be good, You’ll be good to go, don’t worry about the rest of the world.
Not going to tell you the countries I recommend, I recommend that with the coming things come into Planet Earth. I think you can fare better in the good ol’ United States than just about any other country. There is a mass exodus out of Europe. And there’s going to be a mass exodus out of Switzerland as well.
Mmm hmm. Mmm, kay.
Keep going.
I’ve already covered all that.
Yeah. I think Tesla is still a great investment. I do think it needs to come down for you to invest in it, and I happen to think that coming down, period, you know, how, You know, how they ran?
They did a couple of I want to say a 4% a fork. They did a couple of splits on Amazon, and ran it to $900. So the equivalent of the price was really about 3000.
But then, it went all the way back to five bucks, and everybody, mass exited, the retail mass exited out of Amazon while the big boys were buying it.
And now it’s 3000 plus.
So, I think you’re going to see an event like that with Tesla.
I’m not saying $5, I’m just saying, and really a nice strong pull back in the coming years, and this, that would be, in my opinion, a good time, to buy some Tesla. I would not be buying it at today’s price. And I do still think it can be a great investment.
Keep in mind, if you’re taking money that you’ve earned 500 extra money on, let’s just say your money was a million dollars, and now you’re far less, don’t do that.
Let’s say your money was 100,000, and now you’re at 50 million, 500 times your money.
And you say, I’m gonna take $2 million, That’s up 500 times my money? And put it in Tesla on that $2 million? Keep track of it. Every time you get 100% and Tesla, you went from 500 extra money, 2000 extra money, to 1500 extra money, to 2000 extra money.
So, keep in mind, that’s what you’re doing.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Go down. Bring Dave up to the top.
OK, no, no, I don’t need to mention that.
Yeah guys I have a position in an M I’ve told you that I told you right where to buy it. It’s holding that support zone when the alt coins run, NIM’s gonna run to. I hope every coin we have goes to Target, but whatever targets they make it, too.
As we approach the end of this five wave impulse total, five waves, I think, in Bitcoin, in the you probably 90 to 115,000 range, and then I think you’re all coins will run for 26 to 31 days after that.
In addition to that, they don’t have to, they did in April.
Guys, go back, I’ve already done a video on this.
Look at my video, and I showed you, while we did not get the liquidity swap, we did get the alt coins running for another 26 to 31 days after Bitcoin quit running in April.
I expect that to be the same here, I hope it’s a liquidity swap, where it’s a massive run, and we go all the way to target on everything. I have a sneaky suspicion. That’s what it will be. But let’s see what happens.
Nonetheless, by the second week of December, I plan to be out of all my crypto, unless something new comes on my radar.
But right now, that is my plan.
No matter what.
I’ve already discussed this because you’re asking me Should you contact your bank?
In the last several live streams upset the people, My recommendation to you is to call your bank and tell them what you’re doing, so why are you asking them?
Are you guys not listening to the weekly calls?
You just come in once a month and say, well, this is probably been covered, So if it has, I’m sorry, and you ask your question, just listen to the **** calls every week. What are y’all doing?
Those of you that don’t pay attention, and aren’t listening, you’re signed up for service and you don’t listen, you don’t take notes. You have no freaking clue, what’s happening, cannot just tell you something. you deserve everything you get.
You deserve everything you get when you win, you lose your money, and it’s still encrypted, because you weren’t listening, you deserve it.
Sorry to say that, guys. It’s tough love, but I’m sorry to say that you deserve it.
How can you have money invested in a system? And you go, Well, I’ll catch up on my videos. Next week, I’m busy, I got yoga, and I got book club, and I gotta go over here, and I’m gonna go over there, and oh, my favorite podcast is on, and you got money invested in something, and you don’t listen to the **** video.
How stupid.
And you don’t take, If you do listen, you don’t take any notes, You go, Well, I’ll do that, driving in the car, every week.
And now you ask the same question I covered last week, because you don’t sit there and take any notes and say, Hey, that’s a valid point. That’s a valid point. That’s about zero point. No wonder, but Fox is a multi multi-millionaire today.
He listened, and he took notes, about everything.
The man can tell me, to the date, and minute when I said something, in 20 18.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
And he reviews them all the time.
No wonder is a multi multi-millionaire and crypto. No wonder?
Don’t mean to give away how valuable, but is that? I’m also bragging on him, too.
If you’re going to do last small crypto bar under three K, where would you put your money?
You mentioned, you had Balt T fuel last week. After your last video, would you consider X, L, M two?
Well, you didn’t. Let me answer your question without chastising you.
Not only did I buy it last week, and that’s a clue to your question, but the week before that, I did a video, and I set my number, one play to the end of the year, is this. So if you had 3000 extra, do you want to be in someone’s number one trade, or do you want to be in their number for trade? Which, by the way, was excellent.
Gosh, we, if you just connect those dots, your question was already answered, Wasn’t it?
If the 2022 bear market has extended is, is an extended one, and you have sailed on to paradise with your abroad.
What are the key indicators we should look for that will tell us, the bear is over, and we’re transitioning back to the bull market?
Great question, you should look for an 80 to 85% drop in bitcoin.
And I think it’s the last bear market that bitcoin will have an 80 to 85% drop after that. In the future. If there’s a future in crypto, folks, listen to what I’m telling you.
If there’s a future in crypto, in the future, I don’t think you’ll see bear markets that go 80 to 85% drops. I think we have one more of those left, and that’s it.
After that, it’s going to get a lot tougher to trade cryptocurrency. It won’t be like playing golf with big bertha’s.
Yeah, that same one about money, I use that about health as well. You can use, look, there are fantastic.
If I’m saying something about money, take every area of your life and insert the work.
Health comes to me effortlessly, and in great abundance, just take it and insert whatever you want to. It’s fantastic.
And feel it, man, you gotta feel it, that’s the secret.
When I am, when I am thinking about health, coming to me, I see myself as a, know, when I’m looking upon myself, I see myself as that healthy specimen of a male at every single age.
And when I see that picture, I can’t help but smile.
It’s not conceded, miss, it’s gratitude.
I was, by the way, I was blown away surprised at just how healthy ARR.
Our infamous GA’s, when I first met him, I was like, Man, you’re a picture. I help yourself.
Thank you.
I’ve learned a lot. Less. Don’t go with a clear phone.
You’ve already done all that, man, Um.
Yeah, so what I was talking about is that the bull run as a whole from the beginning to where we’re at now has not felt very euphoric.
I do feel I do, since we’re gonna go into you for a moment because it will come and go so fast. It’ll blow your mind. The real euphoria in 2017 George, back me up in the real euphoria lasted all of about 5 to 7 days like, where people felt where everything felt you for it.
It was exciting for 3 or 4 weeks, but there was a moment where it was unbelievably euphoric.
Like you could almost feel that it was floating through the air, and that lasted for less than a week, 5 to 7 days, I would say.
Yeah. And it felt like it was just going to keep going, and, and everything was going to be great.
Go on. Pass those with Jody? I don’t have any comments there that are, that important for today.
Keep going.
You mentioned people having special gifts, who work for the powers that be kings Leaders Pope’s, can you give an example of what these gifts are?
Yeah, there there are 1000000% psychic and they’ve developed the gift of remote viewing, where they don’t have to go in a room like Dick Argyll does and turn on a red light and get special music going, and then enter into the network.
They literally can close their eyes, tilt their head back, come back to you NaN later, and give you the answer.
It is the most talent on the planet, and, by the way, it’s always been there. Open your Bible and read the Old Testament.
Kings, All of them had a profit.
I can’t believe we demonize them today, by calling them psychics.
Why don’t we go back to romanticizing them and call them prophets?
But their gifts are of the highest level.
Some of them are there against their will, by the way.
Some of them are they’re being paid large amounts of money, and they quite liked their lifestyle.
And they have technology, too, that I’m not going to go into, but they have technology that will blow your mind, blow your ever live in mind.
But I’m not at liberty to talk about that here.
That’s the most as I can say.
Keep going.
The make and model of my massage chair.
Gosh, Oh!
I cannot remember.
It’s it, here’s what you want to do when it comes to massage chairs.
By Japanese, by the top of the line, Japanese massage Chair, the Japanese are the best at a lot of things.
And in fact, they just created a new light.
Like aircraft that can go, it’s got 40% more fuel range and it can go further than a heavy aircraft.
So for example, I ended up not leasing the … 500.
I ended up leasing the challenger 350, and that can get me to Hawaii in one flight, right? So the prater, even though it’s got the range for if you ran into a big headwind, you’d be in Trouble.
But not in trouble in a 350 because I think it goes 3000, 700 nautical miles. So they, the Japanese have just created an aircraft that will go 2700 miles and it’s a light aircraft.
It’s not a heavy aircraft.
They’re the first ones to ever do it, the Japanese.
There’s a lot of things that they, that they manufactured that are absolutely the best and massage chairs is one of the I can’t remember the name, mom, sorry, and it’s not plastered on the side of it so I don’t look at it every day.
But it is, the chairs for $7500 a piece, I got them wholesale for $6000 a piece, I bought two of them.
And then they are fantastic. They are top of the line.
Take you out 10, 15 years. I’ve never had a single problem with them.
I’ve had mine for four years now, not one problem, at all, of any kind.
I don’t know about the 1929 style market crash.
Here’s what I do know, Well, here’s what I know I’ve been told.
2022 is probably the year that everything starts where, whether, Tom, you’re in 20 23, you realize that you’re in a 19 18 depression only. It’s not in one little corner of the world, like the United States. It’s a global depression.
I’m not the only one who’s been told that, by the way.
I’m also, I would also go as far as to say, There are people with gifts talking about that as well.
Did they see that coming for, let’s say, latter part 2022, 2, 2023 timeframe people realizing they’re there in a full-blown global depression.
I haven’t checked up on any targets. I actually plan to do that. That’s one of the things I wanted to do here, over the next week or two.
So, I will, I will get back to you on that.
And, if there are any changes, we can all discuss that together.
I just want to make sure nothing major has changed.
So, I’m not sure whether you’re, Chris, I’m not sure whether you are just quoting what you heard on.
What’s her name is Sarah Westfahl, I’m not sure if you’re just quoting what you heard from Sarah West. All I have, I get to talk to many high level bankers, I cannot verify this information.
It’s kinda like the person earlier going, hey, is this just a rumor? That if you had a, if you got jab, you’re not gonna get paid on your insurance company. This kinda **** goes on all the time. In the worlds of Sarah …, where she comes on and says, Oh, I was talking to a high level banker who said this?
OK, well, I talk to people. At the highest level and banking, I’ve got one contact who sits right next door to Jamie Diamond, and I cannot verify this information, So unless you have verification that this happened, I would love to see it.
I would love to see that.
And so now, if you’re going to talk about it as, if it’s already a fact, provide me with some verification.
Wow, man, you, diep.
The target for track hasn’t changed. If I remember correctly, it was between 4.5 and $6.5. We got in it.
40%, I can’t remember, 28%, 20% 18%, I can’t remember, It was a good target. It was good enough to be in for the tail end of the year where you could get 20, 30, 40 X, whatever it was.
And when you get to the end of a bull market, guys, if you’ve got positions, you can get 10, 15, 20 X.
You’ve done phenomenal because we have already taken 100 X alpha theta.
We’ve already taken 47 X off of Ethereum.
We’ve already taken some profits, own cardona, which were up, Some of those profits were up 157 times our money.
So, if you can find positions to be in where there’s a 20, 30, 40 X run, you’ve done golden and, and not to mention it’s not the brand newest, this 1 goes 100 X, This is the next 100 X coin. I don’t want to be in the next 100 X coin.
I can’t do that with $500. It doesn’t excite me. I want 25 million coins in TIF. You’re going a dollar clip that excites me.
And I can’t do that in the brand new’s latest, greatest. Let’s promote it on YouTube, because I’m the YouTube master.
Doesn’t interest me.
Keep going.
Go all the way to the bottom.
OK, let’s work up a hair, Let’s see.
I’m not answering any target questions, so ridiculous! Do you still think it’s gonna go?
It’s down Will trust, sit and do this **** for three years and all of its comeback to make us a ton of money Quit worrying about your one little coin you went too heavy on.
Diversify your portfolio.
Keep going up.
My personal exit plan on ship is when it starts reaching into Well, let’s just assume it does. It starts reaching into the hundredths of a penny. So, 200 with a penny. seven 100th of a penny. 900th of a penny.
I’m gonna be looking at the momentum there, but my exit plan would probably be to exited in probably three ….
Somewhere in the hundredths of a penny and, by the way, for those of you who have a problem with the market cap.
Many of you need to realize that 50% of the ship coins have been burned and they’ve never been taken off a Coin market cap. The same way that coin market cap actually represents heck’s incorrectly.
If you go by hex, is real market Cap, they’re like the number 2 or 3 coin ever in crypto.
The coin market cap is destroying that for the heck’s hexagons out there. And I think it’s despicable that that’s happening. That they’re not getting an accurate count of the market cap.
And therefore, the rating is to load. Same thing on ship.
If there, I have Wall Street are telling me, this is going to go over a penny.
I’m talking about pretty big people.
I’m not getting in that camp. I’m not going there, guys.
But the only way I see that to be possible and the coin itself doesn’t really, truly go above ethereum’s market cap, is because they, the coin market cap hasn’t taken the fact that 50% of the coins have been burned and they didn’t take them out of the float.
So now if you take a penny and take that number on market cap and cut it in half, you go, oh, that’s not as big as I thought it was.
So, can it do it? It can do it.
It can do it, guys.
Will it do it? I have no idea.
I plan to begin to liquidate.
If we make it into the hundreds of a penny, and I don’t know what number 7, 190, 100, I don’t know. I’m gonna look at the momentum.
I will begin to liquidate, and I will liquidate all the way up to say 2 or 3 or four thousandths of a penny, excuse me, 2 or 3 or four tenths of a penny.
That’s kinda my plan guys. And by the way, I’m glad you brought that up.
Um, I just wanted to fix a rumor that’s going around that’s been sent to my e-mail at least six times.
My former partner, which I’m not proud of, although I did get to meet some amazing people from it, was Jason at four, and he put out a message recently saying that Dick Argo has a psychic.
Has a girl who’s psychic who’s really, really good, and he had talked with her, and she said, Ship was going to go up 100, 100 times the current price?
Um, that’s not true, I talked with Dick yesterday for over two hours, and that’s not true.
What Dick, what actually happened was some person, OK. this is, again, how rumors get going?
A person in their group had a psychic reading and that person’s in their psychic reading, they were told, Oh you have a doggie coin called ship. In crypto. It’s going to lose two zeroes.
Now, the part that can’t be quantified is nobody really knows when that person was told that.
And if it’s true.
So, that’s one of the reasons why we don’t sit here on this particular channel. And I am, as I said, I am a believer man. I believe in profits, I believe, and gifts. I’m a big believer than you could even imagine.
Um, but I’m not sitting here in this channel ongoing. Well, let’s woo every single topic, no, thank you.
Thank you. And by the way, we were all given gifts. Maybe your gift is not prophecy. Maybe your gift is communication. Maybe your gift is, whatever it is. Why would you put one gift over another one? I don’t.
If you don’t, If you have no psychic gifts, but your gift is the gift of being able to love a human being, yours is just as important to me as the one who can give me psychic numbers or whatever.
Go up a little more, or let’s do 1 or 2 more, and then we’re out of here.
Actually, well, maybe we’re definitely not doing that. Not that one mm. Hmm. Good night, folks!
Well, I actually did a video about that Zach this past week, so check that out where I talked about on my video, the fact that, yes, no, there is a chance, that there’s another fifth wave that will come in 20 22.
Here’s what I would say to you, no matter what we think might happen on a chart.
What I need is I need to see that the coast is clear after the first three months of 2022.
And until then I am getting on the sidelines, as I said, by about the second week of December, unless something changes, between now and then, and it could.
And if it does, I will tell you immediately, and I’ve got my plan in place to do that.
That wraps us up for today, gaz, two hours, 24 minutes. By the way, I feel amazing.
I mean, you sound amazing.
Course Seth did, most of the talking. As George did all the working, thank you, George, very much.
Year 21 is your year. George. You got the last word?
Thanks for joining us on this wonderful Thursday, and have an amazing weekend. We’ll see you next week.

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